Delonte West Offers Delonte West-like Quotes at Dallas Zoo

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard and fan favorite Delonte West was the recent subject of a trip to the Dallas zoo.  West, along with teammate Lamar Odom, sat with area students during a 30-minute program in which zoo specialists brought out various animals such as penguins, alligators and a boa constrictor.

The highlight, per usual, was the on-the-record discussion with the eccentric West.

West seemed to thoroughly enjoy his first visit to the Dallas Zoo. His right hand was free of a bandage. The ring finger he gruesomely fractured Feb. 15 and needed surgery on a few days later remains a bit swollen and stiff, but he was more than ready to interact with the students and, well, the animals for that matter.

“Well, I think they noticed as soon as I came into the zoo my natural animal instinct, you know what I mean?” Delonte said, speaking of the actual animals. “I got a chance to eat with the lions, you know? They had Lamar playing with the penguins, but they needed me for the more animalistic-type of things, carnivore-type of things. So, I also had a chance to give birth to a baby cheetah today and I’m just overwhelmed with the experience to be amongst my own and my peers.”


West, who grew up in Washington D.C., was asked if he spent much time at the zoo as a youngster.

“I just ran out in the woods, whatever I could find take it home as a pet,” West said, again stretching the boundaries of fact into pure fiction. “I had a pet raccoon once. No, I took my few field trips to the zoo, but like I said, I think we’re getting ready to go see some of the lions and gorillas, my own kind and hopefully we can have a nice bonding experience and they will accept me as the pack leader.”

Hot sauce is most certainly still in his bag. Literary gold, Delonte West. Literary gold.

  • jimkanicki

    he’s the best.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    Bugs Bunny is a G.

  • edpro1979

    I see hes off the meds again,LOL

  • Lisa C

    Love him!! Can’t wait till he’s playing again! :)

  • the_spivack

    boy do i miss him

  • mgbode

    still can’t believe Odom and West are on the same team.  crazy chemical imbalance issues mixing?

  • porkchopexpress

    What school official thought it would be a good idea to let students interact with a manic deppressive reality TV star and a bi-polar man with felony gun charges on his record who does not like to take his meds?  Where’s next months trip,  the Jerry Sandusky sleepover camp?

    Probably causing irreparable harm to children aside I love Delonte, I would never miss a show if  you just put cameras on him and followed him around for a few months.

  • Hetz

    “I also had a chance to give birth to a baby cheetah today”

    That had to hurt.

  • JM

    Love it.

  • Harv 21

    please WFNY, Delonte updates are too painful. Every time I think I’m out you pull me back in again.

    Btw, tell me the Cavs couldn’t use him in the rotation right now. You feeling me, Chris Grant?