NFL Draft: WR Justin Blackmon Clocks a 4.4 40-Yard Dash

On the notoriously fast track out in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Cowboys wide receiver Justin Blackmon reportedly ran two separate 40-yard dash times, both coming in near 4.4 seconds.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that Blackmon’s first attempt saw him record as low as a 4.45 seconds, with the second attempt improving within the range of 4.41-4.46 seconds. Blackmon, who could be targeted as early as third-overall in the upcoming NFL Draft, opted to not run at the recently conducted NFL Scouting Combine.

Last season’s top wide recevier selection, AJ Green, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds. Sixth-overall selection, Julio Jones, was clocked at 4.34 seconds. Greg Little, who was selected by the Browns in the second round, recorded a time of 4.51 seconds.

Blackmon, who stands at a reported 6-feet even, recorded a vertical jump of 35 inches with a broad jump of 10-feet-4-inches. Scouts in attendance allegedly compared the Oklahoma State product to current NFL receiver Anquan Boldin based on their “similarities in stature.”

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(Source: Josina Anderson)

  • JeBron Lames

    Pair him with Matt Flynn and the Browns are in business.

  • Is_this_a_boil_or_pimple

    Pair him with anyone (even Colt) and it will be an improvement…….Big improvement as long as he can catch the ball…………………….catch the dang ball.

  • Harv 21

    But how genuine was his smile?

  • oribiasi

    Fast kid, good hands.  Love for him to be a Brown.

    Personally, if we stick to 4 and RG3 is gone…I’d take Kalil or Claiborne, in that order.

  • Mansoor Khan

    He can most def catch the ball. He shouldn’t have the drops that our other receivers have. This guy was among the best WRs for the last two years. He’s as proven as you can get at the college level.

  • BenRM

    He’ll be a good player – but I’m not sure he has the physical tools to be an elite #1 

  • BenRM

    He’ll be a good player – but I’m not sure he has the physical tools to be an elite #1 

  • Tim

    Blackmon at 4, RT at 22 or 37, figure out the running back situation, and I think the offense will look a lot better, even if it is with Colt McCoy still.

  • mgbode

    For the win!

  • mgbode

    not quite as big as a Calvin, Andre, or Fitz, no.   He’s about the same size as Hakeem Nicks (but he’s faster).

    And, with as dominant as he was in college, I think he should be a very good WR as long as his head is on straight.   If we sign Flynn and get either Blackmon or Claiborne, then I’ll be happy.

  • floydrubino

    This could not work out better for the Browns. Now St Louis knows Blackmon will not get past the #4 pick in order to get him. Now if someone does something crazy to get RG3 we can dangle that pick and someone will trade up to get Blackmon. Now Cleveland should now broadcast to teams that we want Blackmon whether we want him or not. We might be the ones getting an extra 1st round pick in a trade.

  • steve-o

    That’s good news. The rumors were that he was too slow. Teams interested in Blackmon or Claiborne will have to deal with us. That includes the Rams who may have to take a low ball offer (compared to what the Redskins will offer) to get their guy. At the same time it is also more likely that we could stay at four and be satisfied with what we get.

  • Yeah

    Floyd from ND ran a. 4.4 at the combine. Has better body control than Blackmon too. Just sayin…

  • MrCleaveland

    Was that a “fast” 4.45 or a “slow” 4.45? There’s a big difference.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Blackmon and Floyd cut MoMass!  😉

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    and furthermore, is their track a “long” 40-yards or a “short” 40-yards?