New ESPN Mock Has Browns Selecting Blackmon, Adams, Weeden

With less than one month remaining until the 2012 NFL Draft, ESPN’s Todd McShay feels that the current aligned stars will land the Cleveland Browns a new wide receiver and offensive tackle once the first round is said and done. Specifically, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon and Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams.

Says McShay:

With the top two quarterbacks on the board already gone, Blackmon’s size, hands and physical style offer the Browns a playmaker who can help current QB Colt McCoy.

Adams is a little risky because of his lack of consistency and killer instinct, but he has the size (6-7¼, 323), agility and long arms that teams look for in left tackles. The Browns have a need at tackle, and Adams has plenty of upside.

The interesting curve ball comes when McShay moves on to the second round, where he has the Browns front office selecting Blackmon’s partner in crime, Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden. Weeden, 28, and Blackmon combined to produce a solid chunk of one of the best offenses in Division I college football last season. While McShay’s note mentions that Blackmon offers a “playmaker for Colt McCoy,” it would appear that the third-year quarterback would be handing over the reigns to a play-caller with whom said playmaker has considerable chemistry.

The Browns have reportedly set up private workouts with both Blackmon and Weeden. The front office was also heavily represented at the Oklahoma State pro day earlier this month.

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  • Brandonthehero

    I am in total agreement with Blackmon and Adams, but I’m not sold on Weeden. I would prefer us grabbing Lamar Miller or Doug Martin with that pick.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I would hope for better with those first three picks especially with regards to Adams.  I also don’t like using the third pick on the QB position.  Understandably a QB will be drafted sometime but for me using one of those first three choices on something other then a starter is a waste.  Of course Weeden could come in and blow away McCoy and be named the starter but I’m talking legitimate starter from the moment the name is announced in NY.

  • TheRobot57

    I think they value David Wilson higher than Miller. He will be visiting in the next couple weeks. 

  • Brandonthehero

    Who would you prefer them to take in with the 22nd pick other than Adams? He has the all of the physical size and strength that you look for, addresses a need, and is a great run blocker.

  • Brandonthehero

    I agree, but I don’t think he will make it out of the first round, and I don’t see them using the 22nd pick on Wilson, even if he is there.

  • Fritzer

    His combine effort was horrific.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think there are better OTs out there then Adams.  I wasn’t all that impressed with him in college but it all depends on what happens at #4.  If they take Blackmon then I’d look at a RB like Wilson (probably won’t be there) and an OT at #37.  If they take Richardson at #4 then I’d look at Floyd, Wright, Jeffrey or kid from Miami at #22 followed by an OT at #37.  Some sort of that combination.

  • Scott @ WFNY

    Adams had a fairly atrocious combine. I’ve been completely turned off at the prospect of selecting him in the first round.

  • David W. Elbrecht

    The Browns would have a tough time selling me on Blackmon-Adams-Weeden with their top-3. Adams just doesn’t have the look of a guy that will be a top-notch NFL OT. As for Weeden, I’ve said several times on this site that my #1 rule when it comes to QBs is if you don’t have enough faith in a guy to take him with your first pick, don’t waste a top-120 pick on him…for every Drew Brees, there are dozens of Charlie Fryes, Jimmy Claussens, etc. QB is such a hit-and-miss position and top-120 picks are too valuable to use on a guy you don’t have 110% confidence in.

    It also bears repeating that historically QBs (and to a lesser extent WRs) that put up huge numbers in pass-happy, defense-optional systems (like the Big XII) have difficulty transitioning to the NFL (Andre Ware, Tim Couch, Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Jason White, Josh Freeman, every QB to come out of Texas Tech, etc.).

    Combined with his age, there are just too many red flags that make me nervous regarding Weeden.

  • eldaveablo

    Normally I try not to put too much stock in combine stats, but Adams’ strength (bench press reps – 19) at the combine is a huge red flag to me. 

  • jimkanicki

    sounds like three upgrades at three important positions.  what’s the problem?

  • MrCleaveland

    In the dictionary next to “utter pointlessness” is a picture of a mock draft’s second round.  

    Hey, who does McShay have us grabbing with our four compensatory picks?

  • Brandonthehero

    19 reps?? Gee whiz, I can put up 225 for 19 reps. I didn’t realize he had such a weak showing. That’s depressing :(

  • Mike E

    Tim Couch was an SEC QB eh?  But agree with your overall point, no need to take risks on a QB that may or may not pan out.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think he has Buzz Starter as our first compensatory pick.  I hear he’s 35 years old.

  • jimkanicki

    mr.c when your starting point is ‘i cant be any more wrong than kiper, mcshay, et al.’  it’s quite liberating.

    so here’s yer 2012 brownie comp picks!

    prater, cb, iowa
    poole, rb, tenn
    thomas fs ark
    koger te mich

  • JNeids

    So in my dream scenario, we trade down with the Rams so they can take Blackmon, and then trade down with Miami so they can take Tannehill. So the first 6 looks like this: Luck, Griffin, Kalil, Blackmon, Richardson, Tannehill. We settle in at 8 with two extra picks to boot And here’s where my dream turns into a potential nightmare: who do the Jags need/want at 7 that would allow Claiborne to miraculously still be there at 8? At least twice in recent drafts the guy I was hoping to get went the pick immediately before us. I have no clue who/what the Jags are targeting, or who the #8 prospect would even be.

  • David W. Elbrecht

    he was an SEC QB playing in a air raid offense as opposed to the more traditional offenses you find at the SEC power schools

  • TSR3000

    Couch was not an SEC QB. Everyone gets that, right? 

  • TSR3000

    Is Blackmon that much better than Floyd, Wright, Hill and Jeffrey?  I don’t see it. We should go Richardson OR Clairborne at #4 and then best WR at 22.  Richardson is that much better than the next tier of RBs and Clairborne is the best defender in the class. 

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    A lot of people can do a lot of impressive things on the internet 

  • mgbode

    he does claim to be a hero, so maybe there’s some validity in it :)

  • mgbode

    I have no problem taking Weeden at 37.  That’s how old he’ll be after his rookie contract right?

    But, until then, we already have a backup QB (or three) and don’t need to use a 2nd round pick to get another :)

  • TSR3000

    Check out this video of T Rich putting our own RB coach on his back.

  • jimkanicki


    awww… look at em.  theyre buds in orange jerseys!  what could go wrong?

  • Mike E

     I don’t think i get it, Kentucky is in the SEC, Tim Couch played for Kentucky.  Am i missing something here?

  • steve-o

    We should just let previous regimes handle this year’s draft. Here’s how it might look;

    1a)  Q. Coples DE (Butch Davis and Carmen Policy work together on this one)
    1b, 2, 3) R. Tannehill (Phil Savage pulls off a trade to turn around the franchise)
    4-7)  LB, S, LB, CB, LB etc. (Mangini builds up our special teams core)

  • Max

    no long snapper?

  • mgbode

    does that make Coples our new Courtney Brown and Tannehill our new Brady Quinn?

  • Runningbeard

    Tim Couch’s difficulty transitioning to the NFL had more to do with the fact that the Browns threw him to the lions from day one and never let him develop. McCoy hasn’t had any more difficulty transitioning than most QB’s going in to their 3rd season; don’t confuse McCoy’s pedestrian performance with the overall crappyness of the Cleveland Browns.. I mean, who on offense has looked like a world beater?

    Help is coming at OL, WR, and RB through the draft.
    Weeden is a professional, and a solid leader who would not be a serious challenge to McCoy but would be a great replacement for Wallace, and as a backup this year, will be able to develop. Weeden is a very smart move.

  • Runningbeard

    Yes we do.

    Do you really want Wallace back?

    Whoever is the backup on this team will see some action. Very few starting QB’s are under center on every single play of a season. Why not get a guy who has the tools, the professionalism, the positive attitude, and a desire to play, even though he’ll be 29 this season? I think his age, if anything, is a benefit at QB.

  • Woods

    If I were to guess, Heckert is trying to bluff Miami into trading up to the 3rd spot to draft Tannehill.  Minnesota would have to settle for Reiff and a few extra picks.

    The Browns would then ransom Kalil to the Rams or take him as the new RT and as an insurance policy for an injury to Thomas.

    Will it work?  Probably not, but every GM is lying at this point.

    To further speculate, the first couple picks could be: 
    4) Richardson;
    22) Hill; 
    37) Harrison Smith (S) or Chase Minniefield (CB);
    68) Massie RT or Schwartz (RT).

    The above can change if Goodell suspends Fujita.  I can see the second round pick then being changed to a linebacker like Lewis, Brown, David or Irvin. 

  • mgbode

    wait, so you are arguing that it’s good policy to use your 2nd round draft pick on a QB you expect to only be your backup (not just this season but going forward too?)

  • saggy

    just so you know- lifting for reps is considered endurance, not strength.  i would be more interested in his 1-rep max, and more specifically, in a power-repeat drill, which is more like what linemen actually do.  

    that being said – don’t take him anyways.

  • saggy

    by the way – saw that Richardson workout.  man is he a freaking specimen.  Love him.  Just not at #4.

  • Mark

    I love that you have an answer Jim.

  • Scott @ WFNY

    You’re not getting him any lower than that. TB will take him at No. 5, if not trade ahead of CLE and take him at No. 3. 

  • porckchopexpress

    If we’re bringing in guys in their late 20s to play QB why don’t not waste the pick and give Shane Falco or Johnny Utah a shot?  Utah had that knee injury but either one would be as capable as Weeden

  • David W. Elbrecht

    Using a top-40 pick on a 28 year old that you expect to be no better than a backup QB would be the biggest waste of a pick in franchise history. That pick is way too valuable to use on someone you don’t expect to even compete for a starting gig. Picks in the first two rounds need to be guys you can expect to be contributors from day 1 and eventually starters (TJ Ward, Jabaal Sheard), especially when an organization intends to build almost entirely through the draft.

  • theOtherJimBrown

    I’ve got Jeffery rated as a better WCO option than Blackmon and we could get him with the 37.
    As far as RB is concerned, I also Have Chris Polk rated, not as a better talent mind you, but, a far superior fit for the WCO than Richardson.
     The WCO does not call for a premier feature back of which Richardson is. Think in our system Richardson’s production will be no better than Mark Ingram’s down in NOLA. That is not what you spend a #4 on. 
     Polk reminds me so much of Roger Craig it is sickening. As we all know, Craig is, and probably always will be the mold that all WCO- built RB’s will be compoared to.
     Polk has phenomenal hands and is a willing blocker. Also is a workhorse. He has exceptonal field vision and timing when hitting the hole and possesses that one- cut- and- gone ability once he reaches the second level. Think he’ll fall to our #67. If NOT, we could work a trade back up into the second to get him.
     Doug Martin is the other candidate. Has no weaknesses, nor does he haveanything special about him. Fans would adore him for his blue- collar work ethic and production.

  • theOtherJimBrown

    He’s also said to have extremely short arms and bad work ethic.

  • theOtherJimBrown

    It’s time that we better researched bloggers start to point out the similarities between Blackmon and Michael Crabtree. Both are from the same conference, school and system. That system is very basic and doesn’t allow for WCO- style progression reads. Don’t think Balckmon’s bright enough to be an all out WCO option. Both also have a phenomenal hype machine going and both are known to have the dropsies. I view Blackmon’s pro upside as somewhere between Crabtree and Braylon Edwards.

  • Patrick444

    I would like to see the Browns get Bernie Kosar…..just saying