NFL Free Agency: Peyton Hillis to visit Chiefs

Finally some Browns free agency news. Oh wait.

Peyton Hillis might be looking to re-unite with the only guy not named Shanahan who made him successful as he’s reportedly set to meet with Brian Daboll’s Kansas City Chiefs.

The Peyton Hillis saga has been a roller coaster for a long time. The Browns have most recently been on record saying they’d be interested in bringing him back despite not getting a deal done before he became an unrestricted free agent.

Hillis is also on record saying he wants to be back in Cleveland. Whether he decides to give the Browns another look after Kansas City remains to be seen.

Hillis might be a nice counter-balance to Jamaal Charles for the Chiefs.

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  • TSR3000

    I am convinced we are taking Richardson at #4 and best WR available at #22.

    I would be fine with that if we can upgrade our OL.

  • cmm13

    Add me to the happy list if our offseason haul looks like this:

    Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb
    Trent Richardson
    Kendall Wright
    Eric Winston

  • Lyon25

    With the way Hillis’ football career has gone (mostly behind another RB), I’d be surprised if he went somewhere where he wouldn’t be the #1.  Don’t see KC working b/c Charles is the man there if he can come back from the injury.

  • Ritz

    It’s one thing not to sign anyone. It’s another not even to talk to any elite or good free agents or have anyone come visit. No apparent interest in Winston, Nicks, etc.

    And yea, it’s still early, but not too early apparently for evey other team with cap space.

  • oribiasi

    How did Richardson do against LSU’s defense, which is the closest thing to an NFL defense in the SEC/college football?

  • mgbode

    he had a pretty TD run on an apparently bum knee.

  • oribiasi

    How did he do for the rest of the game mg?

  • cmm13

    keep digging ori  =)

  • cmm13

    keep digging ori  =)

  • MrCleaveland

     Bum knee, eh? Aw, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

  • Harv 21

    Since Hillis seems primarily interested in his guaranteed money, seems he”ll most likely end up where he can be the starter with a starter-level contract. That’s why I still think he might end up back here after this little recruiting tour, and why a stop in Pitts might be Jimmy Sexton’s attempt to get the Browns nervous.

    Or maybe I’m wrong and teams are willing to risk more on a guy who keeps missing games. Scott Pioli at KC is from the Parcells/Beliichik tree where thay prize guys who can stay on the field.  I certainly wouldn’t risk a lot on Peyton if I were him.