NFL Trade Rumor: Browns seeking Houston’s RB Ben Tate

Business might have just picked up in Berea. After being relatively quiet all day, Twitter has burst with reports that the Browns are engaging the Texans to get Ben Tate. While there isn’t a lot of activity around this rumor just yet, it fits perfectly with Tom Heckert and the Browns’ M.O.

From Auburn, Ben Tate is 23. He is 5’11” tall and 219 pounds. Most importantly he is on a four-year $3.337 million contract that won’t see him hitting free agency until 2014.

In 2011 he carried the ball 175 times for 942 yards behind a stout Texans line. Unless you think all that production is tied directly to Lawrence Vickers, (I kid!) this is exactly the kind of move you’d like to see the Browns make. Tate would come in and provide an option that would keep the Browns away from Trent Richardson in the draft and allow them to take the best player available without worrying about a gaping hole in the backfield behind the QB.

No word yet on what the Texans might be seeking in return.

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  • gren

    Wow… I did not see this one coming. I love the move if we can make it.

  • Kunal

    I really like Ben Tate, I would be very happy with this trade

  • Kunal

     Although of course it depends on what we have to give up in return

  • Jaker

    I like the idea, but Im afraid that Houston’s asking price would be too greedy. They’ll ask for draft picks, which we should be careful trading(shocker there). But hey Houston, if you want Sheldon Brown, Marcus Benard or Scott Fujita, have at it!

  • Al

    I am ok with giving up a second rounder for Tate, given that is where he was drafted and he has been a good pro to this point. I would imagine that’s what Houston’s asking price will be.

  • Garry_Owen

    Finally, a rumor.  Can we step back from the ledge now?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    More like a tease I can’t imagine Houston giving away Tate.  They have a great thing going with the two-headed RB.

  • BrownsFan99

    Why the joke on Vickers? Peyton Hillis had a 1200+ year behind the previous year, and he was considered for the Pro Bowl. The guy can obviosly play if three different running backs behind him have gotten over or close to 1,000 yards. He’s much better than Owen Marecic

  • stin4u

    Lurrrrve Ben Tate. I watched this guy at Auburn and he was a beast and it’s obviously translated. I’d do it for a 3rd round or lower, not sure I’d give away anything of great value for him.

  • Garry_Owen

    Man, I’m going to need an outrage key.  I propose the following:

    Rumors, hints (and allegations), whispers = Remain calm
    Teases, innuendos, insinuations  = Continue grabbing pitchfork

  • Tim K.

    It would be nifty if Cleveland could trade back with say…The Rams at #6 for at least a second rounder. The they could package said second rounder and shoot it to Houston for Ben Tate. I think picking up a Ben Tate would be worth dropping back to Pick #6 for the Browns

  • Guest

     ‘Sources’ say we are giving up Joe Thomas, Joe Haden and the #22 pick

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I would certainly give up our 2nd rounder for a young player of Tate’s caliber with a year of experience under his belt.  Then, as you mention, try to trade down a few spots to get back into the early 2nd round. 

  • gren

    Do it !

    #Tank4Barkley [/sarcasm]

  • B-bo

    I don’t believe a word of this, but it would make me happy.

  • mgbode

    I think it was aimed at a couple of ill-advised comments about how well Vickers did in Houston (w/o the commentor realizing that Vickers started only 2 games and only because Casey was hurt)

  • Guest

    And here I thought it was just some joker on bleacher report playing out a hypothetical

  • mgbode

    not sure what Houston’s motivation would be unless Tate is getting really, really frustrated sitting behind Arian.   they invested a 2nd round pick, so w/ years left and solid efforts on the field that is the “starting point” of negotiations.

    maybe we could pickup Vickers and Ward too and have an all ex-Texans backfield (with Oggy)?

  • BenRM

    I’d love it! I forgot all about Tate.

  • cmm13



  • erchoov

    I like Ben Tate but I get the feeling that anyone can run for 100+ yards behind that Texans line.  I would trade a 3rd rounder or lower in a heartbeat but nothing higher than that. 

  • Mark

    What would Houston’s motivation be? Tate can’t be making that much money?

  • dan

    I’m having a hard time imagining the Browns matching what I would expect the Texans to want in exchange for Tate, but at least the rumor gives us something to talk about. Maybe we should just start spreading new rumors we make up ourselves for the entertainment value. I’ll happily invent a completely fictitious rumor. How about “Browns in discussion with Titans regarding trading for Jake Locker if Manning signs with Tennessee”? I’ll start the argument and say that the #22 pick would be too much to give up for a guy who was a reach last year. But I might be willing to give up the #37 pick. Anyone want to challenge me?

  • exit322

    Clearly, if the Browns don’t make this trade, trade both 22 and 37 for Locker (HE WAS A FIRST ROUND PICK LAST YEAR!!!111), plus a couple 5s, if they don’t do this they’re clearly not committed to winning.

  • dan

    Two fifth round picks? I am appalled! Maybe 22 and 37, I can see that for a QB drafted in the top ten, but to include two fifth round picks — almost certain starters, don’t you know — would be absurd! There are too many holes on this team to give up four players for a QB!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL nah it’s all good I already gave up what little hope I had that the Browns would be relevant this free agent period so I’ll just wait to see what (little) they end up doing.  I don’t care enough anymore to be outraged.

  • Luke McLaughlin

    man, some of these comments on these recent posts are really embarrassing… now i see why browns FANS can have a bad reputation.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Hey…you take that back mister I will not be called a Browns fan and just take it!!!  😉

  • steve-o

    I’d give up our third and two fifths from the 2010 draft. It’s ironic that we traded up for Hardesty in desperation after the guy we supposedly really wanted (Tate) was just taken, and now we are trying to trade for him again. I’d prefer signing a back in FA and keeping all our draft picks but that is probably out of the question.

  • Hypno_Toad

    Can we trade for him and cut Brandon Jackson please? 

  • Davedibin

    and was cut yesterday

  • Alleycats2004

    As a Houston fan, I can tell you that Tate truely is a beast! We would happily support a Thomas, Haden, and the # 22 pick offer. While it is true Tate was a second round pick, he has developed into a 1st round talent…especially in this woefully weak draft and free agent class. It also does not hurt that Tate comes on the cheap for through the 2014 season! We’ll give him to ya… but we gotta make it hurt!

  • mgbode

    but he’s a RB.  i agree he’s a beast, but he also was on IR in 2010 and had some dings through the year last year too.

    he won’t garner greater than a 2nd from another team, but Houston I think would want a 2nd + more.  so, i don’t think we’ll find a trade.

  • Armandhillsix

    I’m with ya, take Tate and give us All that other stuff as a Texans fan… We are building thru the draft and will have a monster draft. My only concern is that Foster is trying to get on the Madden cover. o_O