Peter King: Rams GM Les Snead details how trade with Washington went down

Buried at the bottom of a Peter King Monday Morning QB column, (which I never would have seen without Cleveland Frowns’ post today) comes this about the Rams’ trade with Washington-

“But according to Rams GM Les Snead, that’s not the whole story. He confirmed to me Sunday what I’d heard the night the trade broke. Snead said he told all teams interested on March 8 that he was going to have the trade done by the end of that day, and he was going to ask each team to give its best offer for the trade. At that point, he said, after listening to all the proposals, he was going to take the best offer — unless the offer was not anywhere near what the Rams wanted for the pick.

Those were the rules, Snead said Sunday, that he made clear to each team. Snead asked for everyone’s best offer in individual phone calls. It’s unclear what Cleveland’s offer was, but Washington offered three first-round picks and one second-round pick. That offer, Snead said, was better than Cleveland’s offer. So he told Washington officials that they’d won the bidding and told the Browns they’d lost. At that point, Snead said, Cleveland tried to make another offer, and Snead said the window was closed; the Rams were taking Washington’s offer.”

Read the whole piece. It may be a little “he said, she said” but someone is most certainly not being honest about the exchange.

  • mgbode

    I think we are better because we have more proven young starters than we did a year ago.

    and, we know the FO is not trusting Pashos to hold down RT again :)

  • mgbode

    here, I think on this we will agree:

    we are better on defense pre-draft ’12 than ’11.

    we are worse off on offense pre-draft ’12 than ’11.

  • kjn

    This is what happens when there is no MLB and no NFL.  Feb/Mar is like a sports gulag where we fight over scraps of bread.

  • steve-o

    Game theory suggests an auction that was both closed and also secretly open would bring the highest bid. One reason why they called the skins first after the bids were placed could have been to tell them ‘all the data is in and here’s what it will take.’ They were unable to accept Holmgren’s unanticipated counter offer because they were already working behind the scenes with the skins, and didn’t want to be exposed. That’s how it would work in DC. No reason to think Football GM’s are any nobler than our politicians.

  • cmm13

    Who gives a shiz….he’s gone!


  • floydrubino

    So St Louis wants people to believe that they wouldn’t try to maximize the trade. Just a one time bid and no telling people what the other one is offering to try to raise the deal for the Rams. This is what they’re going with. So Cleveland willing to offer a better trade after and the Rams said no because it was the honorable thing to do. So let me see Jeff Fisher is in charge of rules committee or something and he is part of this and hired Gregg Williams as his defensive coordinator. He sounds like a real honorable guy for the nfl. Why isn’t Roger Goodell looking into why Jeff Fisher hired Gregg Williams when he had this reputation. Let me guess Fisher had no idea. Great job nfl.

  • Henry Brown

    Its probably questionable about which the best offer was. If Washington offered 3 firsts and a second, its arguable that our 3 firsts (with 2 being this year, one of them lower than Wash’s and one the next) was just as good if not better than Washington’s even though there was one less pick. STL may have felt differently.

  • Henry Brown

    We have a much better defense

  • Henry Brown

    3 first’s is half hearted?