Photos: Cavaliers Rock the 80’s Throwbacks…Kind of


The Cleveland Cavaliers recently celebrated 80’s night at Quicken Loans Arena. Given what they have done in the past with various videos and theme-based entertainment, the team’s in-arena staff did not disappoint with their newest digital creations.

While this may not have the same crowd-riling element of a 2009 introduction video set to “Eye of the Tiger,” these photos, complete with absurd gold chains and a few high-top fades, may be worth production costs if for the Semih Erden mock-up alone.  Do enjoy.

And just in case you forgot…

(Huge h/t to Ryan Hollins’ Twitter feed for the photos)

  • Jay

    That video made me both nostalgic & nauseous at the same time.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That is absolutely incredible.  I need a lifesize mural of this on my wall.

  • mgbode

    and introducing Tristan Thompson as John “Hot Rod” Williams