Report: Peyton Manning Negotiating with Denver Broncos

Is the Tim Tebow era over in Denver? It appears that the former Florida Gator’s last win as a Denver Bronco will have been the overtime playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen andAdam Schefter report that Peyton Manning has begun negotiations with John Elway in the Mile High city.

This marriage, and potentially subsequent divorce, combines two of the biggest storylines to exist within the 2011 NFL season. Manning’s injury-plagued season and inherent what-ifs surrounding his future clashed with the Tebowmania that lit up the land as the quarterback of questionable skill set took the Broncos to the playoffs on the shoulders of several wins hinged on late-game heroics.

The Broncos will reportedly shop Tebow, a former first-round draft pick, in attempt to not only clear space for the arriving Manning but to sell high on the surprisingly successful season.

This move all but removes the chances of a Matt Hasselbeck arrival in Cleveland with the Tennessee Titans falling in line as a runner-up in the Manning sweepstakes — the quarterback made personal phonecalls to Tennessee and San Francisco to make them aware of his decision. Knowing that the Cleveland Browns are in the market for an accurate, high-volume passer, is assumed that Tebow’s availibility does not move the needle in Berea.

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(Source: ESPN)

  • oribiasi

    Watch the Browns go after Tebow.  Yikes.

  • Jaker

    yikes yikes yikes

  • 216in614

    Dear Browns Please do not go any where near Tebow. I’m sure they wont. 

  • Nobody

    For some reason, I still imagine Tebow stats in Denver and learns from Manning, who’ll almost certainly be missing time during the season due to injury. If not, they’ll be screwed by about week 7.

  • MrCleaveland

    When one door of idle speculation closes, another door of idle speculation opens. 

  • Tommy

    Tebow to Miami guys. Think about it. He’s a celebrity that puts butts in seats. He’s love in Florida. Tebow mania will be out of control.

    I actually like Timmy, and he is better than Choke Mccoy. If you’re willing to design an offense around him, he can have success. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the orange and brown. What the hell do we have to lose? You act like we’re winning.

  • Natedawg86

    I will quit the Browns if this happens

  • Harv 21

    Adam Schefter just tweeted that the Redskins are hot after Tebow, ignoring the Commissioner’s warning that the league has not yet determined how much God will count against the cap of any acquiring team.  

    O NFL, thou pure evil genius, perfect American magic mixture of gladiator violence, ferocious speed and athleticism, and cool young people/loveable animals in slick beer commercials. Playoffs through January, combine in February, and we’re all rabidly following contract talks in March like Matt Flynn or even Peyton Manning alter the balance of league power.

    Feeling a little like a beer can collector living in Mom’s basement obsessing about the can that got away. Wake me up on draft day, which we all recognize as the very lifeblood of every team and totally the year’s bestest sports day.

  • BenRM

    It finally makes sense – the Browns parted ways with Peyton Hillis so that Tim Tebow could be their new white running back. 

  • BenRM

    Choke Mccoy – GOOD ONE!!!

  • BuckeyeDawg

    If we don’t want Tebow, I wonder what they would want for their back-up QB?  He was chosen in the first round, and I hear he’s totally dreamy…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Maybe the Browns can trade them another DL!

  • Max

    didn’t BQ sign with KC?

  • erchoov

    I remember telling people last year that I was so happy Tebow was not a Brown.  I thought that having a QB who the fans love, but you know will never win you anything is a terrible spot to be in.  Now, if the Browns landed Tebow I would still not be happy about it, but I’d be more inclined to watch or go to a game.  If you could get Tebow for the 2nd round pick, that would be better than using a 1st on Tanneyhill or Weeden in my opinion.

  • BenRM

    At least we know Tebow doesn’t need anyone to throw the ball too :)

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    If the Browns get Tebow then they will only be one 4th round draft choice away from drafting Kellen Moore and thus completing their dream of having 3 og the best/most winningest COLLEGE QBs of the later 2000’s and early 2010’s on their roster AT THE SAME TIME!  Think about it!  

  • swig

    Ironically, the first round was the second time he was chosen.

  • swig

    People who are ok with Tebow seem to be missing two important facts.

    1)  John Fox adjusted his strategy to his players.  The Browns are trying to find players to fit a system.  Tim Tebow does not fit this system.

    2)  Tebow was only marginally responsible for winning games last season.  Typically it fell on the defense and luck, with Tebow at best a distant third.

    On the other hand, if you believe in divine intervention, it is the most likely way this team will be decent in the near future.

  • Hetz

    Don’t worry about it, this is not a front office that would ever make any move not completely in line with conventional league wisdom.

  • Tommy

    lol Thanks. Seriously though: If you were to get Tebow, Draft Richardson, Stephen Hill, ROT & RG. We’re in business. A stout run defense and run the freaking wishbone. A much better chance of winning. That’s all fantasy of course, will never happen. But I like to theorycraft.

    Heck we can go out and get Barry Switzer to coach the team lol.

  • Tommy

    ^ This is winning in my opinion

  • Roosevelt

    Also won’t make a move that is completely in line with conventional league wisdom.