Sam Amico: Cavs looking to make playoffs, trade into lottery

Take what you will from these tweets by Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico.

Tweet 1:

After Knicks loss, Cavs 2.5 out of final playoff spot. And don’t think they don’t want it or can’t get it. We’re talking about Knicks here.

Tweet 2:

I know all talk in CLE is RG3, but know this much about Cavs: According to latest, they may not need to miss playoffs to get back in lottery

Tweet 3:

Not elaborating on Cavs at moment. But you should be able to figure it out. Working on deal for someone’s lottery pick. That’s all for now.

I like mysteries! And I like pointless speculation! Who might give the Cavaliers a lottery pick?? What would the Cavs have to give up for a lottery pick? Or, more likely, what jerkstore with a terrible contract would the Cavs have to take back?

The first team I thought of was the Washington Wizards. They stink (lotto pick!), they have terrible contracts (paying $30 million Andray Blatche through 2015) and they got knuckleheads (JaVale McGee), so they fit the criteria. But the ‘why’ is bothering me. As in, why would the Wizards, with bunk around John Wall, want to give away lotto picks just to dump salary?

Wait, why would any lotto team give Cleveland a pick just to dump salary?

Sam Drew suggested the Rockets might be Cleveland’s mystery trade partner, as they own New York’s (top-5 protected) first rounder. This makes sense to me. Plus, getting the Knicks pick from Houston dovetails nicely with Amico’s “OMG Cavs might catch the Knicks for the 8th seed!” tweet.

Now, should the Cavs (currently picking 8th) surpass the Knicks for the 8th seed and get New York’s pick from the Rockets, they’d end up drafting 16th (their pick) and around 13th (Knicks pick). If the Cavs were to drop a spot or two and the Knicks made the playoffs, instead of 13 and 16 they’d be picking at 6 and 16 (or something similar).

No matter how the Cavs finish, they’d be doing themselves a huge favor if they could turn either Sessions or Jamison into another first rounder.

  • NBAinsider

    My sources are telling me that the discussed trade is between the Cavs and Trailblazers. It would involve sending Antawn Jamison and Ramon Sessions to Portland for Gerald Wallace, Jamal Crawford, and their first rounder this year (currently the 13th pick),  

  • Jar

    re: Portland deal: I think a Cavs team w/ Wallace and Crawford could make the playoffs if the chips fall right..  been saying.. ANY player is going to experience a career rejuvination playing with Kyrie.. those two replace scoring of Jamison/Sessions, maybe plus some. Know they’re not young, but both have playoff experience.  I would be excited by that team, even if just for this year..

  • CavsFanInLA

    I certainly hope that the Cavs can orchestrate a lottery draft pick in a trade. That would help put the right pieces with Kyrie….

    “NBAinsider”…. I searched sports news, and I saw no other mention of a direct Portland-Cavs trade. Although I hope that your trade rumor is true, but it’s a little suspicious that your rumor is the only Portland-Cavs (excluding a 3-way) trade mentioned on all of the NBA news sites.

  • 6thCity

    My sources inform me NBAinsider is actually Mark Cuban

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I like that deal would mean the Cavaliers could try for a true center in the draft or perhaps couple a player and pick to move up in the draft.

  • porkchpxprss

    The only problem with Houston being that team is that the Jerkstore called and Houston is all out of Jerks (sorry Jerkstore is one of my top 3 Costanza’s)  The only player under contract past next year is Scola, and at 10 mil he’s pricey but not Jerkstore pricey.  I just don’t know what they’d get out of it.

  • bridgecrosser

    Dont trade Andy.  I dont think that’s the case though.  I honestly feel Stern is going to rig the lotto, get us back in the top 3 to amend Dan G. for the Lebracle.

  • Bomberfed

    I’m not going to believe it until it happens. It seems too good.

  • mgbode

    the Rockets are statistic based.  Jamison is not friendly in that space (efficiency).  Rockets don’t need a PG.   I don’t see the mystery team being Houston though I like the story (catch the Knicks to better that pick for us – double bonus)

  • mgbode

    i gave up hoping for G-force a few years ago.  love his style though.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    You all know that the guy who invented the ESPN Trade Machine works for the Rockets now, right?  Just sayin…

  • Harv 21

    don’t get why Portland would do this.  Exactly how does this make Portland better short or long term? Jamison is an expiring, Sessions will be a FA, but you don’t rebuild by giving up quality players and your lotto pick.

  • Roosevelt

    I’m skeptical that after what happened with the Clips last year, there’s a team willing to give up a lottery pick for cap space. Unless maybe the Clips have a lottery pick?

  • saggy

    i actually heard the cavs are going to trade 3 lottery picks and 3 second-rounders for RGIII.