While We’re Waiting… Crickets chirp in Berea, revisiting ‘The OKC model’ and Kyrie’s Kryptonite


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Taking a deeper look at ‘The Oklahoma City Model’ “So after all of this, GM Sam Presti was seen as a genius for turning a bunch of enormous contracts into a bajillion first and second round draft picks plus a ton of cap space.Those picks turned into Jeff Green, Russel Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Carl Landry, DJ White, James Harden, Rodrigue Beaubois, and Bryon Mullens (to name a few). A handful of draft-day trades have happened since (Mullens to Charlotte, Landry to Houston, Beaubois to Dallas), but this is where SEA/OKC began to assemble the core you see today.

I believe Presti absolutely did a great job in turning some stagnating assets into lots of cap space and draft picks. Before him, Seattle’s history was basically a championship in the 1970s, a few deep playoff runs (including a Finals appearance in the 1990s), and lots of fans devoted to a fun-yet-average team. And luckily for Presti, he was able to prey on teams like Cleveland, Boston, Orlando, and Phoenix who were willing to give up those things in exchange for title contention. So far, it looks like only Boston has been able to say their trade paid dividends.” [Vafa/Hardwood Paroxysm]


Sad trombone for you- “The Raptors are Kyriptonite. (I’m so sorry for that one, you guys.) He was thoroughly outplayed by Jerryd Bayless—who seemed to relish the challenge—and shot a paltry 5-for-17 from the field. Irving did some good things. He had seven assists, seven boards, and only one turnover. I think the way the Raptors defend the paint—they’re a very long, athletic team along their frontline—is one of the reasons Irving struggles so much against the Raptors. He had a number of shots blocked and altered when he entered the paint. Or maybe Irving is just trying to improve his friendship with Tristan Thompson by taking it easy on TT’s boyhood team. There has to be an explanation why he plays his worst basketball against one of the worst teams in the East.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]


Love the last line- “In all, they used the disabled list 22 times. Sizemore is already hurt and will miss Opening Day 2012. Hafner has difficulty playing an entire season, but when healthy does perform. Both players will continue to be question marks throughout the year and would consider any decent performance a plus. If the Indians can keep the core of Brantley, Choo, Kipnis and Santana healthy, the team should be able to improve on the ninth best offense in the American League. Backups Donald, Lou Marson, Duncan, and Hannahan are not long-term offensive options but can contribute in short bursts if needed. Head trainer Lonnie Soloff and his staff are going to be the most import cog in the Indians’ offense.” [Kovach/Hardball Times]


Here’s a nice free agency tracker- [Orange and Brown Report]


Tonight at 5:00 on the MLB Network it is the Indians turn in their 30 clubs in 30 days series. It’s an hour long, and former Tribe GM John Hart is one of the panelists. A few quotes from the show- “Manny Acta on Ubaldo Jimenez: “What I got to take is his word. He said that he’s healthy, he feels better than last year. He feels that he hurt himself in Spring Training and was never able to catch up. Still, if you look at his numbers and put together those innings from Colorado and the innings in Cleveland, he led our staff in strikeouts, so it’s still there and time will tell if we gave up too much.”

John Hart on prospect Francisco Lindor: “I had Omar Vizquel for a number of years. This kid’s got a little bit of similarity there with Omar Vizquel. A projection for me: it’s going to be three or four years, but I see this guy as a future number two hitter with All-Star ability. I really like him.”


Finally, this killed me when I saw it. Best create-a-caption ever. [Ball Don’t Lie]

  • Max

    its not like I expected a Redskin type cavalcade of free agent signings..but NOTHING? No meetings? No whispers? Nothing at all?  

  • Boomhauertjs

    I’m a big fan of Lindor. He’s a big reason why I wouldn’t give Asdrubal a long-term contract, along with Asdrubal having a tendency to get lazy.

  • mgbode

    missed the game, but I assume Toronto stayed in a zone much of the time and confused Kyrie with their length in the lane.  just like the first 2 times except they had a better on-ball defender this time (Bayless D > Calderon D — ok, my defense might be better too)

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Lindor is still 3-4 years away though, which leaves room for a lot of things to happen if we sign A-Cab long term.  When Lindor comes up, Cabrera can move to 2nd base (probably a good move for him at that age as he seems to be putting on weight) and Kipnis can move to 1st (I think he’s going to develop the kind of power that you want at 1B) or DH… maybe even move to the outfield.

  • Roosevelt

    Personally, when I say the OKC model, what I mean is don’t be mediocre. If you’re not good, then suck. Do what the Cavs did last year, losing 26 straight and trading one of their “best” assets for a draft pick. Don’t, for the love of god, make the playoffs this year as the eighth seed. 
    OKC may have done this the most purely, but Miami did it pretty well to get Wade, and then again to get Beasley. Teams that don’t do it and will never win anything – The Rockets, Bucks,  76ers, Jazz, etc. 
    It shouldn’t take that long in hell to come back as a decent team. If the Cavs miss the playoffs this year and get a top 10 pick, they’ll be about halfway there. Then they’ll need to get creative, because they’ve already hung on to Jamison and Varejao for too long. 

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ WFNYRick

     They were altering shots left and right. Kyrie definitely didn’t look comfortable, and missed some shots that usually go in for him.

  • mgbode