While We’re Waiting… So long Ryan Hollins, tell-all books and crushing on Donald Sloan?


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Ryan Hollins’ no-good, awful, very bad day. Or how it could have went. “Ryan Hollins wiped the sleep from his eyes; slapped the alarm clock against the wall, shattering it; and rose from his bed. Ugh, I hate Mondays, Hollins thought. He did not know he was channeling Garfield. He ambled into his bathroom, which had tile made of Venetian marble. The tiles were very expensive, but Ryan Hollins was able to purchase them with a portion of the millions of dollars he had made playing professional basketball. These were the type of tiles a very rich man bought for his bathroom.

Ryan Hollins stepped into his shower, adjusted his faucet to a temperature that was either way too hot or way too cold, and began his daily ritual of dropping the soap an impossible number of times. As he sort of feebly pinned the soap—which looked like a large pill in comparison to his gigantic frame—between his right wrist and his bellybutton, it occurred to him that he, like all primates, possessed thumbs. Ryan Hollins had no clue what to do with this revelation, but it caused him to drop the soap again. He resolved, as he did every day, that he was “clean enough.” He reached for a towel, and the towel disintegrated.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]


Trying to make the case for Tebow to Cleveland- “3. There is no downside other than wasting a 4th rounder. Let’s say Tebow comes in here and straight sucks (very possible by the way). The Browns will still have plugged numerous holes, and be near the top of next years draft. We will have used this draft to really attack the skill positions, setting up it very nicely for a rookie Quarterback the following season. Yes, I am talking about Matt Barkley. Be honest, you don’t think that Colt McCoy is good. If we had a game to win tomorrow, who are you taking? McCoy or the guy who beat the Steelers last season? I know it doesn’t boil down that easily, but it plays a role. Guys will follow a winner. So what he does it ugly as sin? The last time the Browns beat the Steelers it was about as ugly as a win gets, but it was awesome. We know that McCoy isn’t the answer, and we know that Tebow probably isn’t either. But isn’t the reward worth the risk?” [Dawgs by Nature]


Maurice Clarett’s former agent dishes on the ex-Buckeye- “I prepped Jack, the Shriner, the best I could for what he was going to see – the guard with the guns, maybe helicopters, foreign models parading around in almost nothing, the alleged Israeli mobster (I called him a “real estate investor”), an oceanfront palace. We walked in, sat down, and waited until they ushered Maurice in as if he were royalty. Jack made his earnest pitch: the history of the game, the hospitals, the good work the Shriners do for kids, their role in the community, the photo ops, how well it reflects on the players, some of the high draft choices who’ve played.

Maurice listened and then asked what other big-name players were committed to being in the game. The answer was, so far, none. There were a lot of good prospects but it was too early to send out invites. Maurice asked Jack to give him the phone numbers of the players he wanted so Maurice could call them and convince them to play. Jack couldn’t do that, and said so. It would break every rule of confidentiality. He offered to show Maurice some of the names but not their personal contact information. This didn’t sit well with Maurice.” [Luchs/Rivals.com]


Wow. Brendan found his new crush? “Donald Sloan is the Cavaliers back-up PG of the future: Yes I said that after 21 minutes and 21 seconds of combined playing time in two games as a Cleveland Cavalier, I’ve seen enough from Donald Sloan already. He can and should be the back-up PG for the Cavaliers next season, and I believe Chris Grant and company quietly replaced Ramon Sessions with a younger, more inexpensive version of a back-up PG who may be just as productive moving forward while nobody was looking last week. I thought he’d play about 15 minutes last night heading into the game, he ended up playing 20 after Daniel Gibson got hurt, and he was huge for all twenty of those minutes.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


Interview with former Cavalier/King, JJ Hickson- “CK: At what point did you feel like it wasn’t working out for you in Sacramento? (Brief pause before he answers) Hickson: You know, I think from the get-go. I didn’t get off to a good start. We didn’t get off to a good start, you know, as a team. My shooting percentage was down. Most of it is on me, but I think me and the organization, we just didn’t see eye-to-eye on a couple things. And like I said, it’s no love lost. It was the best decision for me and my situation and for that team.

CK: What were some of the things that you didn’t see eye-to-eye on with the organization? Was it your role or how you were being utilized? What exactly was it? Hickson: It was a combination of things. It wasn’t one thing exactly. But, I’d rather not get into those things. I’d rather just (move on).” [Santiago/Cowbell Kingdom]

  • mgbode

    ah Tebow talk:  he maybe a cruddy QB but he’s a different cruddy QB than the one we have.

  • swig

    Who would ever have expected a well run franchise to have a replacement in line for a player they were trading.  THEY STILL SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MORE FOR SESSIONS WE GOT TOTALLY HOSED!!!

  • swig


  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    so on tebow, consider the possibilities if you grab him and tannehill.

    you could have three ‘slash’ QBs breaking the huddle — cribbs (WR/QB), tannehill (QB/WR), tebow (QB/RB).  plus little is a slash too, WR/RB.

    defense would not be able to get a personnel package out because the defense on the field would dictate whether tannehill or tebow (and sometimes cribbs) took snap.  

    i dunno.. a creative coach could have a lot of fun with this.

  • Natedawg86

    All we would need is an monkey riding an elephant and we could go on tour…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL please jim you are talking about the Browns…oh wait I just read your last line…Tebow should end up in Florida somewhere.

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    hey:  now youd have THREE people to throw 3yd-check-down-underneath routes!   !!

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ WFNYRick

     But if Cribbs is throwing, who catches the 3 yard pass?

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    why the 6-5 WR-by-trade ryan tannehill of course!

  • Garry_Owen

    On a note wholly unrelated to anything at all, look at Hillis’s wee beedy eyes staring at us in the “While We’re Waiting” graphic.  It’s like he’s taunting us with the lure of nostalgia, beckoning us to drop our Browns allegiances and once again cheer for the juggernaut that is, was, and will be “Lunch Counter” Crennel, “Secret Play Book” Daboll, “Dreamboat” Quinn, and Sir Streps-a-Lot himself.   

  • Jay

    I’m already sick of the ‘ Draft Matt Barkley’ talk. When was the last time a QB from SoCal panned out in the NFL?

  • mgbode

    it’s more a college offense idea, but I’ve always thought a team should take a bunch of these QB/RB guys and line them up in the old wing-T set.   defenses would have to account for each of them being able to throw, run or receive.  you could do counters, reverses, dives, and it would drive DCs batty.

    Tebow is the perfect FB for such an offense (big enough for the dive), Cribbs is the perfect for one of the HB slots.   You could keep Colt or Seneca at QB (both mobile enough and smaller stature okay as they will get hit the least).  The other HB slot is open right now.  If Little is capable of throwing the ball, maybe him.  Crucial portion would be getting Blackmon, K. Wright or Stephen Hill to go deep.

    If we get Tannehill, then sure, he could QB as well and be a little bigger than the Colt/Seneca option.

    Paul Brown dominated because he “changed the game” and introduced passing into the NFL.  To do the absolute best sometimes you have to break the trend.

    I like the idea :)

  • eldaveablo

    Tebow would be the last straw for me. As a Browns fan, I can delude myself to believe in progress, no matter how slight it might be, or how much imagination it would take. Tebow would be a quantum leap backward that would take years to recover from. On top of that, the years would be filled with arguments from idiot football fans that think he is actually good, and feel good stories telling me what a great guy he is and how we should all root for him, no matter how much he sucks. 

    I live in Denver, and just experiencing this as a Bronco hater in unbearable. As a Browns fan, it would really be the last straw. 

  • CavsFanInLA

    Ramom was leaving at the end of the year (he wanted to be a starting PG), and other GMs in the league knew this and we’re not going to offer us much for him. Grant had to work hard to convince the Lakers to part with their #1 pick. The Lakers have it to us at the 11th hour because they need a PG this year to compete on the playoffs, and their other big trades fell through

  • steve-o

    A message to all NBA teams… our backup PG can beat up your backup PG!

  • mgbode

    Carson Palmer before Pitt put a bounty on him #topical

  • BrownsFanSF

    Grant also weaseled that pick swap thing out of them next year.  Unless they make a major upgrade in the off season, I see a step back for them.  We may have gained 8 or nine spots with that pick.  I think he did a great job under the circumstances.

    So far Grant has robbed the Clips, picked ESPNs (see insider article today) top 2 draft picks, pulled the wool over Sacramento’s eyes by getting the pick in the JJ for Omri swap and got us a future asset and a half in a swap for 0 future assets.  As Ash would say… “hail to the king, baby”

  • Hlhent

    Given a chance Donald Sloan will be a productive pro!