Box Score: Indians 4, Royals 3

The Tribe wasted several scoring chances, but still managed to beat the Royals. Lowe got his third win. Perez his seventh save.

 Kansas City
C. Getz 2b512000100.312 
A. Gordon lf400001003.167 
B. Butler dh501100101.284 
E. Hosmer 1b411001102.206 
J. Francoeur rf500000001.227 
M. Moustakas 3b412000200.300 
H. Quintero c402000102.323 
M. Maier cf403200000.267 
A. Escobar ss401000105.306 
2B – C Getz (3, C Perez); H Quintero (5, D Lowe); M Maier (1, V Pestano).
RBI – B Butler (10), M Maier 2 (4).
2-out RBI – M Maier 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – A Gordon 2, A Escobar 4.
Team LOB – 11.
DP – 1 (A Escobar-C Getz-E Hosmer).


J. Kipnis 2b311001113.237 
A. Cabrera ss412001004.302 
S. Choo rf300001203.237 
    J. Donald ph-lf100000103.206 
C. Santana c311101005.245 
T. Hafner dh310002004.333 
S. Duncan lf301100202.273 
    M. Brantley cf000000000.196 
J. Hannahan 3b302201002.364 
C. Kotchman 1b300001102.148 
A. Cunningham cf-lf-rf301001000.200 
2B – A Cabrera (4, J Sanchez); J Hannahan (4, J Sanchez).
SF – C Santana, S Duncan.
RBI – C Santana (10), S Duncan (7), J Hannahan 2 (13).
2-out RBI – J Hannahan 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – C Santana 1, T Hafner 2, S Duncan 1, J Hannahan 1, C Kotchman 1.
GIDP – A Cabrera.
Team LOB – 13.
 Base Running
SB – J Kipnis (3, 2nd base off T Collins/H Quintero).


 Kansas City
J. Sanchez (L, 1-1)4.24447502.026.75 
T. Collins1.11001001.103.60 
K. Herrera1.01000101.294.82 
J. Jeffress0.01001006.000.00 
J. Mijares1.01000101.383.38 
D. Lowe (W, 3-1)6.08111501.673.00 
T. Sipp (H, 5)1.00000101.769.53 
V. Pestano (H, 4)1.02111101.043.12 
C. Perez (S, 7)1.02110001.504.50 
WP – D Lowe.
HBP – J Kipnis (by J Sanchez).
Pitches-strikes – J Sanchez 115-56; T Collins 32-18; K Herrera 17-10; J Jeffress 6-2; J Mijares 21-16; D Lowe 96-59; T Sipp 14-9; V Pestano 30-18; C Perez 15-12.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Sanchez 6-4; T Collins 1-3; K Herrera 2-0; J Jeffress 0-0; J Mijares 0-2; D Lowe 13-3; T Sipp 0-2; V Pestano 3-0; C Perez 3-0.
Batters faced – J Sanchez 25; T Collins 6; K Herrera 4; J Jeffress 2; J Mijares 4; D Lowe 27; T Sipp 3; V Pestano 6; C Perez 5.



  • cmm13


    Also..Paging Mr. LaPorta…..Chris Antonetti is on the line for your final shot at the bigs.

    Kotchman is unbearable right now.

    At this point I’m ready to see LaPorta or find out if Chiz or Damon (when he gets there) can handle first.

    Granted I have no evidence to suggest either can or can’t. I think I’ve read Damon played 3 or 4 games at first once and I don’t think Chiz has ever spent time there.

    I’m just that much over Kotchman to find out.

  • Jack

    Imagine if Pena had been the guy…dude’s rakin’

  • Corychaffee1

    DID WE SET THE RECORD FOR MEN LEFT ON BASE IN ONE GAME. I have been looking it up and the most i found was 22

  • akzipper

    I’d like to see Damon or even Donald try out first. But I think Kotchman will come around. What really bothered me was watching the game on tv to see only a few thousand at the game. Now I live in PA, so there’s no chance I can make these weeknight games, but c’mon  Cleveland! We’re at the top of the division, and all the city can talk about is the pitiful football team’s draft on thursday. I love the Browns, but its time to support the TRIBE! I sure will be making the 3 hour drive to watch the Angels series this weekend!

  • Nobody

     Agree with you on attendance issues…it’s been the norm the past few years.  Though, I probably won’t see a Tribe game live till August (they play out in Anaheim only one series this year:(, and I live in SoCal, so I’m not driving to Cleveland).

  • akzipper

    Yeah that’s rough, people that live in the city take it for granted. Hell, if I lived in Cleveland I’d get season tickets. Hopefully once the weather gets better the crowds will show up….but I thought that would happen last year and it really never did.

  • mgbode

    there’s so much disdain for the team that it is going to take a long time before they are trusted again, if ever.  it’s really a toxic situation on attendance there.

    but, i’m not going to worry about that right now.


  • LaundoMat

     Well, the evidence to suggest that they can’t is that they’ve not done it before, or have hardly ever done it.

  • Natedawg86

    Same thing I saw when I was paying to watch it on !  I thought we were in Seattle still or something.

  • Natedawg86

    If you don’t know Jack, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!


  • cmm13

    I can see that as evidence though that they may, if you’ve never failed at something then aren’t you doing great at it?  😉

  • cmm13

    or the Mets…yeesh.

  • cmm13

    Also add in it was a 40 degree night, in April against the Royals who brought in an eleven game losing streak.

    I beat the drum more than most people in this town on the disgust for the blind faith given to the Browns versus the Tribe but at the end of the day I get it.

    There are 80+ home games a year for the Tribe spread out over 5 months versus 8 home games spread out over 4 months.

    The Browns will always seem like the bigger draw.

  • mgbode

    the Browns will definitely always be the bigger draw and if I thought that the attendance would spike up once it got a bit warmer than I wouldn’t have wrote that.  but, given last year, I have no such faith.

    there’s fault on MLB, the Indians, and yes the fans for that.  but, whatever the issue is, it needs to be fixed.   hopefully, we win enough that it gets fixed (probably the only way).

  • kjn

    85 walks as a team! In 15 games! That’s over five walks a game. The next closest team in MLB is the Padres with 71 in 18 games. That’s a record setting pace.

  • kjn

    According to baseball-alamanac . com, the single season record for men left on base is 20, set by NYY in 1956.

    But technically our team LOB was only 13. Team LOB are always significantly less than the total individual LOBs since just adding them up counts some players get twice or thrice.