Box Score: Spurs 125, Cavaliers 90

Another game, another loss. This one in particularly ugly fashion. The Cavaliers played bad offense and even worse defense. There are no moral victories and no rays of sunshine in this loss. Pretty much everyone in the wine and gold played poorly and the score reflects it. You have to accuse a team of quitting, and let’s face it, this roster is not very good at all, but this team just looks like they’ve already cashed out, and that’s the most disappointing thing. I don’t know what it’s going to take, but Coach Scott somehow needs to get this team back up and playing hard again. April is shaping up to be a long month at this rate.

And for those keeping score at home, Toronto is currently beating Charlotte tonight. If that holds up, the Cavaliers will officially be in the 4th spot in the lottery lineup. I thought it would take them all season to fall to 4th, but they’ve pulled it off in two weeks. Not good.

And yes, former Cavalier Danny Green scored 19 points in a starting role for the Spurs. Oops.

San Antonio

D. GreenG25:497-114-61-2+120301201019
T. ParkerG22:409-120-11-1+161351100019
D. BlairC20:403-50-04-4+31311010410
T. DuncanF23:252-60-03-4+20181312017
K. LeonardF18:413-70-22-2+6232011008
Percentages.593.478.857Team Rebounds: 6
B. Diaw24:333-40-10-0+18469110026
P. Mills19:498-114-50-0+180221000120
M. Ginobili18:462-41-12-2+21166120017
T. Splitter17:215-70-01-2+131530010311
J. Anderson14:452-41-30-0+14021100015
G. Neal14:374-81-22-2+71201100011
M. Bonner10:010-10-10-0+16010000010
S. Jackson8:530-10-12-2+11021210012


K. IrvingG29:415-152-71-1-230153001213
A. ParkerG23:224-101-41-1-110130100110
T. ThompsonC28:044-70-02-2-141410102110
A. JamisonF29:415-133-32-3-262411100015
A. GeeF29:412-40-10-0-26154201024
Percentages.415.375.867Team Rebounds: 7
L. Hudson21:535-102-20-0-181323200312
O. Casspi18:193-71-44-4-91310000211
L. Walton18:191-30-10-0-9025100002
D. Sloan14:451-40-10-0-14001000112
S. Erden12:004-70-03-4-83301101111
S. Samuels7:560-10-00-0-13110100000
M. Harris6:190-10-10-0-4000110010
D. GibsonDNP – Coach’s Decision
  • JNeids

    Danny Green, meet Brandon Phillips. Alonzo Gee, not so much…

  • agv

    I’m totally OK with the loses, considering we have D-League players and only draft picks to gain; Let’s just not mess with the Psychological aspect of Kyrie, TT, and Gee and it’s all good.

  • Mapinc

    We are not going to get to the wet dream of having a great team by engineerig another loosing team. This teams deliberate break up by trading sessions is going take much more than a few draft pics to fix. Put that in your hat.

  • Ritz

    The Spurs released Green too before. Remember what team he is playing for and the role he is in there. He is not asked to do much.

  • porckchopexpress

    I’m sure if they could have kept Sessions they would have.  He was leaving after this season, they got just about the best they possibly could for him IMO.  And I agree that they are still a year away from really being competitive, if they nail this draft however they are going to be competitive for a 7th/8th seed, and between next years draft and a pretty loaded (for the Cavs needs anyway) free agency crop I think they can make a serious run in the ’13/’14 season.

  • Eyehle

    I remember liking Danny Green, I alway felt he and Darnell Jackson could have been decent role players with the right development.  I agree he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing had he stayed.  Much like you have to adjust scoring averages for people playing in Mike Dantoni’s system you have to make the same adjustment with the Spurs because of the talent and the system they run.

    The worst part for the Cavs is that they haven’t even hit the rough stretch of this month, and they have bottomed out as far as lottery balls go.  Even if the Cavs lose out (lets not rule it out) the Wiz/NO would have to go on an unbelievable tear of .500 basketball to pass us.  When you look at the Cavs bench though its no wonder they’ve tumbled.  Caspi, 2 d-leaguers, and someone seems to have a running April Fools joke by writing Luke Waltons name in the box every night. 

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Some things on my mind:
    1) This team has become unwatchable.  I know the Spurs are good, but the Cavs are getting blown out by everybody.  The defense is horrific!  Watching the Spurs pick and roll us to death while never missing an open 3-pointer was the fetid icing on a cake of garbage.  Like I said before, I don’t mind losing because it gets us more lottery balls, but at least play with some pride and somebody step up and prove that they want to stay in the NBA.
    2) San Antonio should build a shrine to Pop.  If you watched that game last night, you know that team is not very talented aside from Tony Parker.  Duncan can still rebound, but he can’t really shoot anymore.  Ginobli is a step slower.  Danny Green is the same guy he was in Cleveland, but with more confidence.  Dujuan Blair, Tiago Splitter, Gary Neal, Kawhi Leonard, Boris Diaw?  I mean these guys are all role-players at best, but Pop gets so much out of them.  It made me jealous to watch them shred us with with a flawlessly-executed offense and a competent defense.

  • mgbode

    exactly, and we got Gee from the Spurs dropped list.  I’d take Gee over Green at this point (though I do think we were wrong on the Harris over Green count – barely rotation worthy in either case though)

  • mgbode

    don’t diss on Walton for last night.  he and Diaw were having an epic battle of passing end of bench PFs last night who don’t play defense.

    you win this battle Boris Diaw

  • mgbode

    Pops is the only coach in the NBA that trusts all of his players to make plays and score.  Including end of game situations.  He’s ridiculously good.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    He is one of the best no doubt.  Having intelligent players doesn’t hurt either.  I kind of figured the Spurs would shred the Cavaliers last night but it was uglier then the score.  Hang in there Byron more ammo is hopefully on the way this summer!