Cabot: Third Mock NFL Draft Still Has Cleveland Taking Blackmon

Sticking to her guns and not being duped by fake Twitter accounts nor visits by second-tier wide receivers, Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot maintains that the Cleveland team will select Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon with the fourth-overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Hedging her bets, however, Cabot does leave open the possibility of the Browns trading down — potentially to sixth-overall — and selecting a player like Alabama’s Trent Richardson.

Cabot’s colleague Dennis Manoloff has a player-by-player discussion in Sunday’s edition of The Plain Dealer where he intimates that the Browns will likely leave the first round with either Blackmon or Richardson with a trade down being very possible. Both Cabot and Manoloff appear to be leaning against the Browns selecting LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne, citing gaping needs on the offensive side of the ball.

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  • Hendry Joe

    I like the post very much as it contain informative in knowledge.thanks new era

  • Gleebs

    Trade down and grab TRich!

  • oribiasi

    How did this robot get in here?

  • oribiasi

    I wonder how far down we could conceivably go to still bag TRich? 

  • Wow

    How nice of Manoloff to write one of his ten columns per year.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I deleted the spam comment and your reply to it, BTW. Don’t know how it snuck through.

  • Psaid2

    Don’t think he’ll be there at #6.

  • saggy


  • Modellsux

    Claiborne. Cabot is a joke.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I know the first round is all about ‘best player available’, but I just don’t understand the Claiborne camp. The offense last year was borderline unwatchable. I just don’t see how taking top CB’s in the first round in consecutive years makes sense.

    Even if they become the best CB tandem in the league, this team is going nowhere without points. I know it may not seem like it when you see some of the rush defense from last year, but defensively, this team is already good enough to win.

    Please draft offense.

  • Brandon

    What if they trade down to the rams at 6 and pick up their second round pick? They would grab Claiborne at 6, and with picks 22, 37 and either 33 or 39 we can get a RT WR and RB. That would be a significant upgrade to our offense in addition to having the best CB duo.

  • porckchopexpress

    I’m going to vote for any candidate that will put forth a Constitutional Amendment that limits each news organization to 1 singular mock draft between the end of the SuperBowl and the draft itself.  Reading these things is like listening to two creepy old men in a bar discuss which order they would “do” the girl barstaff.  Its all wild speculation with no accountability at best, and at worst it is people in the news business taking payola to tout specific clients in order to attempt to boost their value. 
    Does everyone have an idea of what they’d like the Browns to do? good
    Does anyone think that what Mary Cabot, Dennis Manloff, Tony Grossi, Heir Kiper,etc. says will happen influences either your thought process or the personel working for the Browns?  noooo
    So if our minds won’t change and neither their opinions or ours will effect the front office opinions why do we care in the least? 

  • oribiasi

    Yeah I was wondering how that happened. 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think Richardson could be there at #6 but it’s a gamble.  I’d make the Rams pony up for #4 and the opportunity to select Blackmon.  I think Caliborne makes sense for TB at #5.

  • Bobby

     Its just for entertainment for fans to discuss. Whether you like it or not many fans “live” for the draft. If you dont like mocks just steer clear.

  • Bobby

     Its just for entertainment for fans to discuss. Whether you like it or not many fans “live” for the draft. If you dont like mocks just steer clear.

  • porckchopexpress

    Its not the fans discussing who should be taken, I love seeing other people’s ideas on how our mess of a team can be fixed. My problem is with the absolute lazy journalism involved in churning mock drafts out 1-2 times a week.  To me Kiper is the Jerry Springer of sports journalism and just like every other daytime talk show other writers have followed him down the sewer.  Instead of a mindless mock draft telling us the Browns are taking Blackmon I would like to see Cabot spend a few hours on the phone talking with people who have seen his private workouts for other teams.  How have they gone, what impressions did people in St. Louis, Washington, Jacksonville etc. come away with? 

    If you as a fan, for instance, want to know the viability of trading down to 6,7, or 8 and still having a shot a T Richardson, don’t you want to have all the information you can get on what Tampa thinks of him?
    Just saying there are better uses of journalistic time than mocking.

  • steve-o

    It depends who we take. If it’s Blackmon, the rest of the draft could look like this:

    5) Tampa – Claiborne CB (E. Wright is currently their #1CB)
    6) Rams – Floyd WR (already have Sjax and really need a #1WR)
    7) Jaguars – Ingram DE (they have MJD)
    8) Miami – Tannehill QB (Sherman’s guy)
    9) Panthers – Kuechly LB  (have Williams, Tolbert)
    10)  Bills – Rieff OT (F. Jackson, Spiller)
    11) KC – Poe NT (Hillis, J. Charles)
    12) Seattle – Coples DE (skittles)
    13) Az – DeCastro G (Wells, Williams)
    14) Dal – Barron SS (Jones, Murray)
    15) Phili – Cox DT (L. McCoy)
    16) NYJ – Upshaw OLB (might take Trich instead)
    17) Cin – TRICH

    I guess we’d trade up from 22 with our buddies in Phili in this scenario.