Cleveland Browns Draft Reset: Day Three

Pat Shurmur, Tom Heckert

After two days, your Cleveland Browns have been among the most active NFL franchises thus far during the NFL Draft. In terms of number of trades, peculiar selections and noteworthy storylines, the Browns have been one of the leading organizations in the past 40 hours. Will that eventually equate to winning football come September? Who knows, but we all at least have one more day in which we can celebrate our favorite past time of the April draft.

Looking forward, here are the remaining picks the Browns have in the third and final day of the draft, which begins at 12 p.m. EST today:

-Round 4, pick 5
-Round 4, pick 25
-Round 5, pick 25
-Round 6, pick 34
-Round 6, pick 35
-Round 7, pick 38
-Round 7, pick 40

Yesterday, the Browns selected OT Mitchell Schwartz and DT John Hughes, both of which were surprising selections to post fans. Obvious needs still remain at the WR, OLB and CB positions. The Browns will likely be looking for depth at those slots and possibly will continue to bundle picks available, although the compensatory selections cannot be traded.

So there are still a number of picks that could be moved, and stay tuned for all of the latest updates from today’s action.

  • Matt D

    I just can’t get over how much paranoia this regime has. Who is whispering there ear that any of these guys were going to get taken before their next pick. Weeden easily couldve been taken at 37, schwartz who?? No way he was going before adams, massie, etc on anyone elses board and then 80’s director john hughes who himself had no idea he would be picked before today. That sure says a lot about his confidence… How the hell do we not address wr at 37 when hill and randle are still available?? Where are these random picks coming from and who is evaluating them to be higher than every other scout?

  • Dee P

    Okay look, I don’t get the Hughes pick – but I am willing to give him a chance.  Obviously the Browns think all the pundits are WAY wrong with this guy… we got him at 4 though, unless they had information that another team was going to “shock the world” and pick him after 87 and before the end of the 4th round.

    I also know we haven’t added any WRs yet, but Richardson, Weeden and Schwartz will make our WRs better…

    1.  Teams will need to put 8 guys in the box to stop Richardson….giving our WRs and TEs more open field to work with which will help a ton.  This didn’t happen last year, we were getting stuffed with 6 or 7 guys. 

    2.  Weeden’s arm strength will force pass coverage to protect deeper down the field.  He can zip the ball on a line 20+ yards.  McCoy can’t do that – he gets it there but it has more loft to it and less zip.  Defenders were jumping McCoy’s passes knowing he couldn’t sling it quick and tight.  This will allow those short west coast underneath routes to be open allowing our WRs room to catch and run with space.  Isn’t that what guys like Little, Cribbs and Norwood excel at?  Running with the ball after the catch?

    In that mold, I’d love to see them add Eric Page from Toledo today.  Fits that “great after the catch” role as well, and could be our next great return guy.  I love Cribbs as much as the next Brownie, but it is time to look for his replacement as a returner….Page would be nice.

  • Dee P

    Also, let’s add some pedigree today….

    Who would be angry with Al Toon’s son, or Frank Minnifield’s kid?

    Both can play, fill a need, and can play ball…

  • DonFelder

    Tom Heckert has to be the worst businessman and poker player in the world. This clown must not have had much decisionmaking power in Philly. Looks like we got the wrong fat, mustached guy there if you know what I mean. 

  • Kris

    you never know how teams have guys rated after the first round. Last year when the browns took jabaal sheard at 37 i thought it was a joke because i had a draft magazine that had him as a 4th round pick. Turns out the kid was the best pick last year for us and a good pass rusher with the instincts to strip the ball. Lets wait until these guys play to make judgements.

    Its not exactly like people were lined up to take stephen hill and reuben randle

  • Scott @ WFNY

    The same Massie who is still on the board? I get the noise about Hughes. Schwartz was the top RT in the draft. Not knowing ones name does not constitute “reaching.”

  • Dee P

    I saw it was Hughes’ birthday yesterday too. Maybe this guy is extremely lucky, and that luck will follow him on the field, too? Grasping at straws here, sorry.

  • Alex Coates

    Reading all the panic in these comments is hilarious. I’m going to compile a revised list of Browns draft picks from the first 2 drafts of H + H regime based on the best player available according to just to show you guys ratings don’t mean jack

  • DonFelder

    What would your point be? Other than Jabaal Sheard, Heckert’s drafting in the 2nd round and on is questionable at best. Don’t throw TJ Ward at me the guy hasn’t even played a season and a half worth of football and was ineffective last year. 

  • Games23

    Everyone puts way too much stock in what mock drafts say. Those guys are the media. They usually aren’t football guys, and if the were you should be wondering why they aren’t anymore. After the decongestant round they all get lazy with their assessment of players because there are hundreds to look at and there is no pressure on them to predict the third round. Things are much different for GMs. Let’s give Hughes a chance.

  • Alex Coates

    Every player drafted in 2011 still has  a chance to be a major contributor on this team, that is incredible top-to-bottom value. Phil Taylor, Jabaal Sheard, and Greg Little all were hits in the first two rounds. Expecting anything more than a rotation player from the 4th round on is delusional 

  • B Wet

    I love Nick Toon.  

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I thought Reiff was the best RT myself which is why when they took Weeden at #22 and Reiff went the very next pick I was annoyed.  Okay more then annoyed.  I still maintain Weeden was the #37 pick but oh well.

    If they can, wait let me rephrase, if they get a WR coming up then they in fact addressed the most areas of need on offense.  Just not as well as they could but that’s getting nit picky.  I’m hoping they draft 2 more WRs along with a CB and OLB.

  • Alex Coates

    Thank you. Don’t look at mock drafts or rating systems to evaluate our picks. A better indicator that H+H know what they’re doing is by looking at the following picks from other teams. You never want to be at the tail end of a run on a certain position, and leading that run usually means you got great value out of the pick. 

    After we picked Schwartz, 4 out of the next 7 picks were OT or OG. After the Hughes pick, 3 out of the next 6 picks were DL. This regime has a TREMENDOUS feel for the flow of the draft so far and is picking the guy they identify as the best player at his position regardless of ratings or mock drafts. 

    H+H should be commended so far

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I don’t love Chase Minnifield, but I agree would be okay to take him in the 5th or 6th round.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Actually, Little is not a hit yet.  His yardage numbers are due to Shurmur making it a point to target him more.  His yard-after-catch numbers and drops were among the worst in the league for a starting wideout.  He needs to get a lot better this year.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I am getting annoyed with hearing statements like “let’s give Hughes a chance.”  Nobody is going to show up and boycott Hughes.  Nobody is going to sit there and sulk when he takes the field.  We’re all going to give him a chance and root for him because he’s a Cleveland Brown.  That doesn’t mean that the evidence doesn’t point to him being selected way too early.  Personally, I have no problem being disappointed with the Browns for that pick because it really seems like they missed an opportunity to improve a position of need (for pete’s sake, they took a backup defensive tackle when CB Jayron Hosley was taken right behind him, a starting caliber CB).

  • UCBearcat115

    As a University of Cincinnati student and fan I can tell you that Hughes has ability. We may have reached quite a bit for him, but the man is being underrated. He has a lot of potential as a rotational guy on our D-line and I’m eager to see him play this fall. I haven’t lost faith in Heckert yet, I think this draft class could surprise everybody this year.

  • Max

    also, if Phil Taylor is such a hit, then why did we need to get another DT in the third round this year? A rotational guy, sure, I can see that in the 4th round or later, but if Taylor is so good, I don’t see why you have to invest in such a high pick to back him up

  • Alex Coates

    You’re right. Randall Cobb, Austin Pettis, Leonard Hankerson, Vincent Brown, and Jerrel Jernigan all would have been better selections than Little who had the second most rookie receptions and third most 1st-down receptions

    ^ Obvious sarcasm. Btw I listed those players because that is every receiver taken after Little in the 2nd and 3rd rounds

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Depth is always important but I agree with those that don’t get why for the second year it was more important then selecting a player needed immediately elsewhere.  They did the same thing last year when they drafted Cameron.

  • BomberDawg

    Hey Dee P:

    ” I also know we haven’t added any WRs yet, but Richardson, Weeden and Schwartz will make our WRs better…”

    Really?  How’s that?  They will actually catch the frickin ball now when it hits them in the hands since these guys are on the team?  How’s that? 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The guy could always turn into something that always applies but even worse then not selecting a CB is them still not drafting a WR.  It doesn’t make sense that you upgrade the offense by drafting a RB, QB and RT but no WR, yet.  I’m hoping they draft at least one WR otherwise I’ll be even more confused on what they see at that position.  Maybe they think all the problems were McCoy.

  • Max

    maybe then if it’s so tough to find receivers to “hit” on in the draft, maybe we could, oh I dunno, sign a free agent or two?

    If you are going to ignore free agency, you best not miss (to roughly paraphrase Omar)

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Who says we needed to take a receiver then?  Look, I’m not even saying the pick was bad… just correcting you that he wasn’t actually very successful last year and needs to get better.  As I said, Shurmur made it a point to target Little (he said so… made Little a starter and made statements like “we’re going to get him the ball”).  More targets = more yards.

  • Denuzio

    I like this grade on Hughes:

    87. John Hughes, DT, Cincinnati: Matt Millen Lonely Night Kielbasa Porn Grade I mocked John Hughes in the seventh round. He wasn’t above No. 249 on any major big board. He doesn’t even fill a need. This is a terrible selection.

  • DonFelder

    Sorry man, but your spouting optimistic platitudes doesn’t necessarily make them so. Calling Taylor a “hit” is questionable at this point. I do LOVE Sheard so far, but I hope he doesn’t plateau like Haden did in his 2nd year. That’s the one pick I love in 2 years (I like Haden, but I need to see him make that jump from solid to very good/elite this year–that means not getting burned on a big play nearly every game, especially when up against a great WR. He hit a plateau early last year imo). Little is certainly not a hit. I can’t fathom how the same fanbase who ran Braylon out of town includes the same people are in love with this guy at all. To be fair to you, you’re not an outlier in loving Little at all. But I don’t get it. He’s got tools, but he better take a big leap this year. 

    As for why guys like Jordan Cameron and Owen Marecic have a “chance to be major contributors on this team,” well… that’s a product of the team they’re on more than their skill at this point. 

    Marecic and Hardesty alone are giant indictments on this regime. Missing on these picks was one thing; every GM misses. But swapping Vickers for Marecic and panicking to move UP for Bustario Hardesty in the SECOND ROUND just bespeaks the whole problem I have with this regime: they panic, overvalue, and reach for guys. There’s no point in having X number of picks if we are going to panic in using them. 

  • Alex Coates

    Similar question for you Max. If Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora and Chris Canty etc. are such hits, why did we need to draft Jason Pierre-Paul and Linvall Joseph with our first two picks in 2010?
    Because you draft players you believe can help your team win. You don’t draft players to cover up a hole for a year or two just to have it exposed again

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Exactly I’m missing something with the rationales.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Massie would be a tremendous value pick coming up in round four UNLESS there is something drastically wrong.  The OL would have some nice depth, depth a word the Browns love it seems.

  • Alex Coates

    I’d love to stick around and quell the backlash with my platitudes (great SAT word DonFelder!), but I’d rather watch the Indians play a live sporting event than piss and moan about players I know NOTHING about. Take care fellas, I’ll be back soon. 

  • Jimbearo669

    Ur all idiots get a life

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Good note, Jim Bear… we’ll look into that.

  • Dee P

     Read the rest of the post.  I explain my opinion there.

  • Hadders

     I agree with Don Felder.  Most of Heckert’s draft picks are reaches.  If he really likes a guy that apparently no other team values as highly, I don’t know why he picks that player as early as he does: eg. Weeden was a 2nd round pick, Schwartz a late 2nd or 3rd round pick and Hughes a 4th-6th round pick. 

    The Weeden pick is very questionable since he’s apparently trying to make McCoy the scapegoat for the team’s bad season by failing to acknowledge that the O line was subpar, the receivers are THE WORST in the league without question and there was no running game.  All of the great QBs have good receivers and running games (eg. Peyton Manning with Marshall Faulk, Eggerin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark etc.).  Heckert et al threw McCoy under the bus without giving him an opportunity to succeed and by drafting the 28 year old Weeden (he’s already older than 21 of the starting QBs in the league), they’re apparently sending the message that it’s not their fault the offense was so bad by not competently acquiring good offensive players, it was all McCoy’s fault.  I guess McCoy was supposed to block for himself, run the ball, throw it and catch it all himself.  I’m not saying McCoy is hall of fame material but give the guy a decent chance to see what he can do with a decent supporting cast before wasting a 1st round pick at a position that’s not a need like WR and OL is.

  • Petefranklin

    Or at leasr a RT! I thought that they could never get a true evaluation on McCoy or anybody else in a skill position w/o one who’s not a turnstyle. The H’s look like their out to prove how much smarter than everyone else they are, and this draft (all the trading) proves that they are’nt.

  • Petefranklin

    Well then how come they didn’t have anyone picked for the 67 slot? They then “reached” at 87. It will determine Heckarts legacy in my book if any of those 20 players turn out better than Hughes, though I dont hate the Hughes pick.

  • Petefranklin

    I see the gimp made it to the keyboard

  • Petefranklin

    These fans wont be happy without a diva WR. Though we could have had one if we had actually looked into a FA   RT.

  • Rciofani

    This comment is inane. Taylor and Rubin were among the league leaders in % of snaps. They were beat into the ground. This isn’t happening on your XBOX…guys…you know…get tired.

  • mgbode

    Reiff drafted to be a LT and the grades between Reiff, Glenn, Schwartz, Osemele all pretty close.  Never got the Massie love and was not surprised to see him drop.

  • mgbode

    good TV station

  • Wheel

    Best post I’ve seen in a while.