Indians’ starting staff lead the majors in ‘pace’

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Indians starting rotation is the quickest working group in MLB

“The Indians have two of the fastest-working pitchers in baseball, with Derek Lowe (17.1 seconds between pitches) and Justin Masterson (17.2) rating behind only Phillies ace Roy Halladay in pace between pitches. In fact, the slowest member of the Indians rotation—Josh Tomlin (19.2)—is still two seconds faster than the league-average starting pitcher so far in 2012.”

Obviously it is still early, but pitchers tend to have the same pace, or relatively close all season. Lowe and Masterson have always been quick workers. Gomez only had a couple of innings to demonstrate his pace before an early exit sticking up for Choo the other day.

  • Believelander

    At least if we do end up sucking, we won’t have to sit through it as long.

  • MrCleaveland

    Alright, a new stat. I like it. Maybe Lowe and Masterson can work an incentive clause into their contracts if they finish in the top ten in Pace.

  • Natedawg86

    Well, I remember teams complaining about one of the tribe pictures in the playoffs, (rafael betancourt?).   I have never heard batters complain because they are too fast.  I think the Yankees are one of the slowest.

  • mgbode

    the Yankees and Red Sox are both notorious for being slow workers.

    the Braves were very quick workers in their hey-dey (and I believe the Braves as an organization still believe in it – I don’t really follow them or the NL that closely anymore though).

    we have a groundball specialist staff that likes to work quick.  I think that makes sense because we are not really trying to get the hitters to overthink a pitch, we want them to swing and hit it.  just hit it meekly to our IF defense.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yep, it was definitely Raffy Right.  He used to take his hat off, wipe his brow, reposition his hat, grab the rosin bag, take his hat off again, wipe again, reposition, shake his arms, fool with his glove… I mean, it took forever for that guy to stop fidgeting.  If he hadn’t been so dominant, I probably would have been really annoyed with him.

  • Herr Dr.

     Ha! I miss Cleveland…

  • mgbode


  • BIKI024

    seems like your name should be NonBelievelander

  • Kildawg

    Don’t forget the KY ball to 3rd; Dorn fields and throws to first for the out.