Jared Sullinger turning pro after sophomore season

After a move the surprised a few people in returning to Ohio State for his sophomore season, Jared Sullinger has decided to make himself available in the NBA draft.

Sullinger and Buckeyes coach Thad Matta are expected to appear at a news conference at 2:15 p.m. ET Wednesday at Value City Arena, on the Ohio State campus.

Short of winning the whole thing, it is hard to argue with Sullinger’s resumé for the NBA. Sullinger nearly averaged a double double in back-to-back years for Ohio State while playing over 30 minutes per game.

What remains to be seen is what path Sullinger’s NBA career will take as a 6’9″ power forward who seems somewhat undersized at times. When WFNY has discussed the topic, scenarios from LSU’s Glen Davis, to Duke’s Elton Brand and Carlos Boozer have all come up as potential NBA ceilings. There is little doubt though that Sullinger probably would have gone higher in last year’s draft than he will in the upcoming one, but we’ll see.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Makes sense his stock decreased somewhat from a year ago but he kind of reminds me of an Elton Brand definitely more talented then Glen Davis.  Top 10 pick easy.

  • mgbode

    not sure about that “easy” portion.  he could just as easily slide into the mid-teens.

  • BenRM

    He goes in the category of “frustrating to watch” for me. I don’t care as much when guys are inconsistent talents, but Sully’s inconsistent effort drove me crazy. 

  • BrownsFanSF

    Agreed, and as polished as his post game is, he did seem to get swallowed up occasionally by tough, physical defenders.  Compared to College, the whole NBA is tough physical defenders (except maybe Antawn Jamison)

  • http://twitter.com/PEngle39 Phil Smith

    The good news here is that it clears the way for big time recruit, Tony Parker, to commit and step into the starting line-up. He’s gonna be better than Sully…..just watch.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Have some faith he’ll be top 10 watch.

  • mgbode

    he’s hurt by the fact that he won’t go top5 and then the teams at the bottom half of the top10 likely won’t go PF unless it’s undoubtedly the BPA.

    Sacramento – Thompson/Cousins
    Jazz – Jefferson/Millsap/Favors
    Portland – 2 possible picks in this range and have Aldridge who is stuck at ‘4’

    Detroit and New Orleans ‘might’ reach for Sullinger in the top10.  But, Detroit would be taking an awfully big gamble since they already have an offense-first frontcourt player to pair him with (Monroe).   NO makes some sense.  I could see them. 

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    Im looking forward to watching that Amir Williams kid get to play.  6’11 and an athlete  

  • JM

    I don’t know, after that awful game maybe he should have stuck around for one more year. He is still way too inconsistent. 

  • Natedawg86

    Agreed.  He made a lot of improvement from last year to this year, but the consistency is not there.  He also needs to work against guys bigger than him…then again money talks.