John Hughes Didn’t Initially Invite Family for Friday Night

Yeah, the selection of John Hughes surprised a lot of Cleveland Browns fans at No. 87 in the third round. But, wouldn’t you know it, the announcement also surprised Hughes himself.

The University of Cincinnati defensive tackle said he initially decided against inviting his family over Friday night, since he had presumed he’d be taken in the fourth round or later. After the call came from the Browns however, the Hughes family started to gather up again.

According to a conference call late Friday night after the selection, the not-well-regarded prospect said he was taken aback by the selection:

“I really had no idea,” Hughes said on a conference call with the Cleveland media late Friday night. “I don’t think anyone has a good idea of where they’re going, but I thought the Browns were for sure, the Saints maybe, the Bears. There were a lot of teams out there. My family’s still going to come over, so we’re going to have a nice cookout or something here to celebrate.”

I’m positive this will be a conversation topic for the rest of the weekend for the next few weeks as the Browns explain this selection. For a back-up position, this was an awful high slot, and we’ll see if the Browns can fill some other more immediate needs in the next few rounds.

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  • huh?

    Seems the two people on the planet nervous that john would be gone are named Tom and pat. Listen, everyone is allowed their own little universe. This is almost cruel to do to a kid. For the next few months everyone will ask if he can perform given he is such a reach. For his, and our, sake he best succeed. This type of pick (see Owen and releasing vickers) suggests that Tom thinks he is smarter than the world. 4-12. It is a process. Next step is 2-14 so we can get barkley and a wr. Then we will be better closer for Holmgren’s fourth first year.

  • MrCleaveland

     Translation: “The Browns drafted me WHERE??? Are they nuts?”

  • Curveball21

    I don’t understand spending the third pick in the draft on a guy you have marked as a backup.  Especially since it seems at least 30 other teams had him as a potential training camp body.  Seems to me this is still the place to reach for a potential starter, especially on a team like the Browns.  It’s pretty arrogant to be going for depth in the third round when you haven’t had a winning season in sooo long.  Still, best of luck to John Hughes, hopefully he can be more than we all expect.  

  • Ritz

    What a joke