NFL Draft: Browns Schedule Two-Day Visit for Tannehill

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill will arrive in Cleveland late Saturday night and will not be leaving until Monday as the the Cleveland Browns will play host to the draft hopeful in anticipation of the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

Tannehill is one of the 30 players with whom the Browns selected to meet with face-to-face and this specific meeting will conclude their hosting, having visited with several players at multiple positions over the last week alone. The wide receiver-turned-quarterback started all of 19 games at the collegiate level, but continues to move up the draft board as teams look to lock down the most important position on the field.

The Browns, with several holes to fill via the draft, have said that they will be going forward with Colt McCoy as their quarterback, but continue to undermine their own public comments having attempted to trade up for Baylor’s Robert Griffin III and now setting the stage for a multi-day dalliance with Tannehill. Earlier this week, a report out of Green Bay stated that there are scouts who feel Tannehill could be better than Carolina’s Cam Newton, the first-overall pick in the 2011 Draft.

The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock went as far as to say that Cleveland has to take Tannehill with their first pick.

The OBR has stated that interest in Tannehill is very real and that members of the Browns front office — from Mike Holmgren down to Mark Whipple — are intrigued with the 6-foot-4-inch, 221-pound play-caller, stating “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

It is anticipated that this weekend will be the period wherein the Browns will decide whether they will be slecting a quarterback with the fourth-overall selection or go another route, potentially selecting Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

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  • anonamous

    sigh,idk,with so many needs,why take a quarterback high,fill other spots,then take a late round rider on QB. I like Kellen Moore..i know,i know no size or speed..but accuracy and winning seem like a great combo + u can get him in late rounds. As a Browns fan i have seen them draft for “size and speed” before,and make very bad decisions! really idc if they like another QB late that fine,just not in higher rounds,when they need alot of good players. Btw what round was Tom Brady taken..hmm

  • DontbringLBJback

    Unfortunately, our FO if so inept that I wouldn’t be surprise if they take the bluff all the way to actually drafting Tannehill, and then try to make a quick trade with Miami.  To which Miami says… “Nah, we’ll take Richardson.”  And we’re stuck.

  • A1jk

    catch 22 been on the back o my stool for years…but people will just have to learn to like to eat egyptian cotton..

  • Hendersonl

    PLEASE tell me this is just a smoke-screen attempt to throw people off.  We want TR in our backfield, a receiver and O-line help first.

  • Chucky Brown

    collegiate accuracy and winning have not served our current QB too well

  • Tom Rodano

    Tannehill would be a good pick in the 4th round, not at the #4 pick.

  • Jmgatskiejr

    If the Browns draft Tannehill instead of trading down to 6 or 8 and picking up an extra 3rd rounder while still landing Claiborne or Blackmon and then targeting a back like David Wilson at 22 and using the extra 3rd on a project qb like Osweiler than they should refund the PSL money.