NFL Draft: Grossi’s mock nabs Browns Richardson, Hill and shows lots of movement

The Cleveland Browns are getting closer to draft day and so are the pundits who are attaching their names to mock drafts. Tony Grossi is going all out this season at his new home at WKNR and honestly I am buying a lot of his logic. In this latest version the Browns get Trent Richardson at #4 and Stephen Hill at #22. While those are certainly interesting notes for Browns fans, what is also interesting is what happens to a couple names that have been linked to the Browns like Justin Blackmon and Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill will “drop” to Miami at #8 and Justin Blackmon drops all the way to Buffalo at #10.

It all sounds pretty feasible really. Then again with so many variables moving around in my head anything sounds feasible to me right about now. Not a single guy rumored to be a first rounder feels like a bust with ten days to go, yet we know there will be more than one for sure.

Imagine what that draft would feel like for Bills fans. They keep Stevie Johnson in free agency, add Mario Williams on defense and then get the draft’s highest rated wide receiver all the way down at #10? That, my friends is an exciting off-season. I guess Phil Savage was right when he said to root for Buffalo.

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  • MrCleaveland

    It’s interesting that Grossi’s first round includes three guys from Stanford, two from Baylor, and two from South Carolina. The entire Big Twen, meanwhile, has a grand total of three players, none higher than 24th.

    Looking for Urban Meyer to improve our draft contribution.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Grossi takes alot of heat on here from viewers but I like the guy.  I like his mock except for Weeden in the second round.  The problem is I doubt this happens.  It’s painfully obvious to everyone but probably the most important people, the Browns, that the offense needs a serious infusion of playmakers.  RB and WR are needed which means they’ll probably draft elsewhere after of course trading down.

    I’d be shocked if Blackmon lasted past St. Louis and fell all the way to #10. 

  • Ron

    I could live with this outcome for sure.

  • Guest

    Note that Riley Reiff didn’t get picked…

  • mgbode

    I wonder if Blackmon can play LT for the Bills.  I could see this happening just because of how Buddy Nix loves to ignore OL no matter how many times his poor OL hurts the team.

  • Ike

    Richardson at 4 and Hill at 22 is absolute best case scenario, in my opinion.  I imagine McCoy (provided a QB wasn’t selected at 37) would be happy as well.

  • Andersonbeer

    agree Richardson, Hill, RT.  then BPA