NFL Draft: Trent Richardson Already Embracing Cleveland Fans

Alabama running back, and potential fourth-overall draft selection, Trent Richardson took to Twitter following his visit with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday, and couldn’t have played his cards any better.

Taking a page out of Joe Haden’s book, Richardson is already embracing fans to which he has no immediate allegiance. An SEC guy, the ‘Bama running back already appears to know the history behind the Dawg Pound. Bonus points for spelling it correctly.

Richardson would not only be a welcomed addition to the Cleveland roster, but is already saying all of the right things to those most impacted by the last 10-plus years of futility.

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  • Heavyj71

    That is hilarious… Not with respect to Richardson, just in general about professional sports… HA HA HA HA. LMAO.

  • Heavyj71

    I’m not so sure… Using comparisons made by insiders, I’d take 6-good years of Adrian Peterson over 10-good years of Patrick Peterson… We run at least 2-CBs out there on every play, plus a few more DBs, but only one starting RB… If he’s as good as expected, he’s worth it to this team. More worth it than a 2nd CB, although I like Claiborne and he would be my alternate pick…

  • oribiasi

    Wait I thought Washington were idiots and they sucked for signing such players for so much money?  I’m so confused…

  • Harv 21

    Let’s not be

    Please, try to leave the site cleaner than you found it. Then it will be a place that people with all kinds of interesting thoughts will want to visit. (Tear slowly rolls down cheek of native American).

  • MadHat

    Im all in on TRich but I wont follow him on Twitter until its official!

  • mgbode

    then we shouldn’t draft ANYONE:

    A groundbreaking study by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Columbus (Ohio) Children’s Hospital said the most common football injury is to knees. The running back and linebacker positions generated the most knee injuries. Those injuries were most likely to occur during running plays.
    The Department of Sports Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh studied 332 players at the 2005 National Football League Combine. More than half had had knee injuries and 86 of the players had had knee surgery.
    The study, the first to compare college and high school players, concluded one-fourth of all college players have had surgery to repair damaged knees.Read more: Football Game Injuries |

  • mgbode

    yeah, I had been waiting for the smoking gun.  well, don’t pick that up because your hand will get burned.

    Gregg Williams might be done in the NFL (not that I’m shocked or naive enough to think other coaches dont’ say similar things, but that the NFL had just told them they were re-opening the bounty case and that speech still gets said, gets taped, and the NFL is going to protect the shield against lawsuits at all costs)

  • CBI

    I did and to be quite honest, I wasn’t surprised.  I believe that though out the history of the NFL there have probably been hundreds of coaches who have used words such as ‘kill’, ‘decapitate’, ‘disfigure’ in an attempt to motivate their players or vent their frustrations.  Yet very few players run around the field like James Harrison trying to actually injury other players.  The NFL is a sport of violence and the bulk of players know the line between hitting someone hard and trying to end a career.  I don’t think a pre-game speech was what made Harrison attempt to separate Massaquoi from his head.  That was all Harrison.

  • steve-o

    Bad teams draft RB’s early, often before the nucleus of a contending team is in place. See Vikings, Rams, Raiders, Dolphins, Bills, Bucs. Good teams draft an o-line that can make a decent RB look like a pro-bowler, and also have enough of a throwing game for teams to believe the run is not eminent. See Packers, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Texans. TRich would be a short cut to a better offense but would not fix the actual problem. By the time the problems are fixed, he will be run into the ground out of necessity. If the FO wants to become a dynasty team by building through the draft, they must stick to a long term plan that makes sense.

  • oribiasi

    Sure, they will pretend outrage and then privately meet with all the coaches or some such nonsense and instill the fear of God in them that this can never happen again and at the very least, this cannot be done in such a way that it can ever be traced back to anyone with authority.

  • mgbode

    Pats, Colts, Steelers all drafted 1st round RBs though.
    Dolphins and Browns have the consensus 2 best LTs in the NFL.
    Rams have drafted several OL in the 1st.

    you become a dynasty by hitting on most of your high picks and/or finding a franchise QB.

  • Jaker

    agreed. this draft is too deep at RB to reach for one at 4. Rather get a starter in the 3rd and Blackmon in the 1st

  • floydrubino

    I have been saying this over and over again. Don’t miss on your early picks and if guys are going to be available in the 3rd round that are just as good in the 1st round at certain positions then make sure you pick correctly. There are not a lot of good db’s past the 2nd round it looks like. Past the 3rd round the o-linemen really drop off. You can find rb’s and wr’s past the 3rd round that might be just as good as the picks in the 1st round. I don’t care if we pick Reiff at #4 if Kalil is gone or Claiborne still looks pretty good but even if Richardson turns out to be just as good as Peterson the Vikings aren’t winning divisions.
    There is no rule on where teams should pick rb’s because each teams needs are different obviously. Cleveland needs so much work on the offensive line that it would be foolish to take Richardson or Blackmon. I think teams want Reiff more than they want Blackmon or Richardson. Kiper and McShay and scouts like this have no clue what teams really want to do and they push these guys draft stocks really high because they are the best at their position. Cleveland should broadcast they are going to take Reiff(if Kalil is gone) or Claiborne because this is what teams really want.
    All these teams you mentioned like Pats, Colts, Steelers never really had success drafting their rb’s high. Look at where Lesean McCoy, Arian Foster, MJD, Ray Rice, Matt Forte and Jamaal Charles went in their draft picks and probably a handful more. This list of running backs is proof to not draft a running back high unless he is all world can’t miss home run material.

  • John Keefe

    Actions speak louder than words.  Look at this insanity.  Please pick this guy.  How can Tannehill even be in the same conversation?: 

  • gren

    I hate how excited I get at Youtube highlights. They don’t show when the player fails and how high of a percentage that might be for those youtube plays.

    I’m officially in the ‘we didn’t get RG3, just don’t trade down and draft a playmaker at 4!’ camp. Claiborne, Richardson, or Blackmon, all would make me happy.

  • cmm13

    Clear thread jack homie.

    You must wait for the article. 😉

  • Joe Murphy

    This is the first I’m hearing about Holmgren disliking Cleveland. What signals are you drawing that from?

  • Joe Murphy

     Actually, the more I think about, from the way he conducted his ‘coaching search’ to not hiring an offensive coordinator in year one to then hiring Brad ‘how much more proof do we need that your vanilla offenses are terrible’ Childress as the guy… It’s safe to say Holmgren is not cut out for his role and fair to wonder how compelled he is to put together a winner here.

  • Griffy360

    This is a fake account btw.

  • Old coach

     BUT… good will the ‘Skins be next year when they have to release a bunch of guys to get under the cap after having $30 million taken off their cap space by the league?  You can bet that lots of veterans and overpaid players whose contracts are up for renewal will be gone.

  • Old coach

     BUT… good will the ‘Skins be next year when they have to release a bunch of guys to get under the cap after having $30 million taken off their cap space by the league?  You can bet that lots of veterans and overpaid players whose contracts are up for renewal will be gone.

  • Old coach

     CHEER UP!!   Remember this……The Browns are on the rise, young players with nowhere to go but up, plenty of cap room.  The Steelers are on the downswing, old players with nowhere to go but down, major problems with cap room.

    Go Browns.

  • Rhc396

    You can not believe anything that Browns officials or coachs say as this franchise is best known for having the biggest liars and footballs most inaccuarte talent evaluators of any sports team in any sport. We need to trade for a new front office and coach

  • SamK

    From that video my reaction is “good, not great”. If we take an RB at 4 he better be a monster like A.P. Watch college highlights of the two side by side and there’s no comparison.
    Richardson is good at everything but not elite at anything. Doesn’t have great burst, great speed, great power, just very good all of the above. Hey, if we traded down to like #16 and he’s there, great, grab him, but he’s not top 10 caliber at all.