April 18, 2014

PFT: Mock Draft 2.0 Gives Browns Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden

The bell continues to ring around the country for the Browns to select Trent Richardson in the draft. This is despite the fact that conventional wisdom constantly repeats things like, “you can’t draft running backs that high!” The fact is that the new rookie scale combined with the layer of polish on Trent Richardson seems to be something of a game-changer.

PFT really unleashes a surprise with their selection of Brandon Weeden at #22 though. Their comment?

Weeden won’t struggle to defeat Colt McCoy in a camp battle.

I think that is a little hard to say. Like McCoy or not, there were some mitigating factors for last season that could work to McCoy’s favor coming in this year’s training camp. McCoy has presumably been working toward the singular goal of solidifying his spot with the Browns this season since the last one ended. That includes thinking about the offense and working on getting better at running it. So even if there is some kind of talent gap in Brandon Weeden’s favor and even if he also is more mature than McCoy by some chance, to think that anyone can definitively say McCoy is toast is presumptuous. McCoy should at least have a “first mover advantage” to capitalize on a definition that folks from business school will recognize.

As always, we’ll see. I have my doubts about McCoy too. I might just not be willing to say I don’t have more doubts about the 28-year-old QB from Oklahoma State no matter how good he looks on YouTube.

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  • Vindictive_Pat

    That Weeden comment makes me think that PFT is just trying to light a fire under McCoy’s butt.  It’s too absurd to believe that they actually meant that Weeden will be immediately better.  Even the people who are calling for McCoy’s head have to admit that’s ridiculous.

  • Al DiFranco

    I think the Browns can wait on Weeden until #37, or if they are concerned leverage a few picks to jump up a couple spots and pick him up very late in the first or earlier in the second. I think Richardson-best WR available, hopefully Wright-Weeden would be a great draft for the Browns.

  • http://twitter.com/Pelderskelter Patrick Elder

    Unless it’s a QB with a serious chance at being our long-term franchise QB, I think we just have too many needs to take a player who likely will just be a backup QB in the first round. Or the second. What a waste of a pick.

  • Tim K.

    I’m hoping they take Richardson at #4, and then trade up from #22 to try to nab Michael Floyd.

  • MrCleaveland

    Brandon Weeden, our latest savior.

    If the draft were any later, the experts would eventually get around to anointing Jacory Harris as a must-have can’t-miss first-rounder.

  • Mcarbone59

    Weeden is probably the best suited qb for us in this draft. Good enough from college to make a difference in 2012, and low enough on the draft board that will make him a value pick at 37. Has the ability to beat out McCoy. By the time he beats out McCoy (week 8) he will b ready. I like him as our new qb but only if he’s a value pick.

    Who says we will b able to the Barkley or Jones next year anyway.

  • Garry_Owen

    In Verson 16.3 of my exclusive Draft Mockery (follow the link below), I have Harris as a solid “upper round 2″ draft pick.  The kid’s got a “motor,” and all of the “intangibles” that comprise a future “franchise” QB.  The Browns might have been fooled previously with the Ken Dorsey signing, but they would be FOOLISH to pass up on him with the #37. 

    But, yeah, first round is COMPLETELY ridiculous. 

  • Guest

    I think Weeden has the arm strength and other physical tools that McCoy doesn’t have, and I do think he’d beat McCoy in an open competition.  But I also know that it’s impossible to predict what would happen; QB is simply the hardest position to project from college to the NFL..

  • TSR3000

    I take no offense in the comment that Weeden could beat Colt out for the job.  I just think 22 is way too high to take him and that the Browns would be dumb to waste any 1-3 round picks on a QB.


  • cmm13

    I’m very interested in how Brandon Weeden “has no trouble beating Colt in a camp battle” and then turns the team around in the regular season with the same or less weapons than McCoy had last year?

    It is completely absurd to draft Tannehill or Weeden with either of the top 3 picks.

  • Sam Locations

    Agreed.  Also, Weeden played in a modified spread offense at Ok State that bears no resemblance whatsoever to a pro offense.  He’ll need a year holding the clipboard before he can begin to run a pro offense.  Anyone who thinks he can beat out Colt in camp is an idiot.

  • Ritz

    Taking a QB who will be 29 this season is a waste of a 1st round pick.

    Basically that would mean we passed on Julio Jones to get the type (age range and ability) of QB that could have been had cheap in free agency without spending the 1st rounder (see Jason Campbell, etc.)

    See this is part of the issue with avoiding free agency. Yes, it costs money. But the draft costs valuabe picks, and wasting a 1st round pick on Weeden makes no sense. When we are truly ready to compete down the road he will be too old.

  • BrentBuck22

    The Browns have to take a Wide Receiver with te

  • BrentBuck22

    Whoops, didn’t mean to hit post.  The Browns have to take a Wide Receiver with either the first two picks of this draft.  It’s a must.  A lot of comparisons have been made with Trent Richardson in that he is so much like Adrian Peterson.  A family friend who was a former NFL scout for the Browns and a couple of other teams and has relayed that Trent can be the next AP.  He’s so similar to an MJD and AP mix that he’s almost a must draft type of prospect.  Going along with what another blogger wrote on this site I believe the Browns should (and probably won’t because I don’t think Heckert is very good at his job) get the best WR available and trade up to get Michael Floyd since Blackmon will be gone to the Rams at #6.  BTW – The Rams are geniuses for what they did with Washington to get to this draft position.  That’s a blue-print that Heckert and Holmgren should pay close attention to.  Sam Bradford, Justin Blackmon and Steven Jackson along-side a slightly above average O-Line is a recipe for explosiveness.  Give Colt a legitimate weapon in Floyd with a pass catcher out of the backfield in Richardson and some interesting things can happen.  I think we can get Weeden in the third round and have an interesting QB controversy.  Don’t quit on Colt yet folks.  We just haven’t seen enough, but I have to say Weeden/Tannenhill could be interesting.  Bottom line is the Browns have to go “all in” and draft weapons on offense to become a contender.  Steelers, Ravens, and Cincy are all legitimate playoff contenders and the Browns simply aren’t.  Holmgren isn’t getting any younger and he’s got something to prove come April 26th.  I know I’m going to be on the edge of my seat come draft day………

  • Dfulcher5

     I think the Browns would be making a big mistake not to grab Weedon in the first round he may not make it to the 2nd round and he would start game one and not wait he is far better then Colt. Take a read of this from the Dolphin friendly blog.  http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports/columnists/hyde/blog/2012/04/draft_winds_breaking_down_bran_1.html

    He has always taken any team he has played for to a higher level. In 2010 Oklahoma State was not even ranked and was not thought to have a winning team they finished 11-2 first 11 win season in school history this past year ranked 8th finished 3rd 12-1 first 12 win season in school history.

    Take a look at Tannehill, A&M was a #7 ranked team at the start of the season what were they at the end? 7-6 .
    You can make what ever you want to about his age but I am telling you he will make the Browns a winning team, maybe he will only give you 6-8 years but isn’t that enough time to turn this team around and train up his replacement when the time comes…..

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

     And Colt McCoy is the winning-est quarterback in NCAA history.

  • Dfulcher5

     He isn’t the winning-est quarterback in NCAA football and he took over a national champ team. That had been one of the top teams year after year for a long time not the same thing, he’s not a NFL quarterback to small not enough arm.

  • Ritz

    6-8 years of Weeden? In 8 years he will start the season at age 36… So no way.

  • brntchrm

    Pat, sorry, but you have no clue if you really think thats’ absurd….Colt started in his first yr, and hes not a typical NFL QB. Hate to admit that he was a great college QB though, as he played for the hated short horns( or maybe thats short bus?). But if other QBs can start right away, Weedon can, only knock I have against the guy, is that he tries to imitate Bret Favre too much with his belief that he can throw the ball anywhere anytime, he can almost do it, but sometimes he forces the issue too much as he takes on the idea he has to do it all himself. He didn’t get to play against Mcoy, but he has beaten all of the so called best out there going ahead of him.

  • Ehejduk

    How about we draft a starting right Tackle. We only have a left Tackle Joe Thomas and a a backup swing tackle Oneils Cousins on our current roster. Our needs are Rt, Rb, Wr, then maybe a second or third rd. pick on a Qb. Without a solid O-line any Qb and Rb will struggle.

  • Jim Brown

    Mike Holmgren claims that Colt McCoy is his guy, I believe him as much
    as people believed John Elway when he stated, matter of factly, that Tim
    Tebow was his guy and he was going to stick with him…lol.   Colt
    McCoy is what the Cleveland Browns are stuck with, until the Browns
    management is able to get an NFL caliber quarterback for their team. 
    What do you get when you put the best NFL line and the best receiving
    corps together with Colt McCoy, that’s easy…a losing NFL football
    team.  It’s not rocket science, and no matter what spin Mike Holmgren
    puts on it, when he tells himself the truth, he knows that currently the
    Cleveland Browns don’t have a single NFL caliber quarterback on their
    team and he knows it.

    To give you a perspective here, Tim Tebow is a 5 times better NFL
    caliber quarterback than any quarterback currently on the Cleveland
    Browns roster!!!!  That fact is pretty sad when you sit down and think
    about it, and it clearly shows how bad the Cleveland management has done
    the past several years! 

  • ricktenny

    Now it’s Nov, 2012 and no one had the full picture of what having Pat Shumer pulling the strings of fate as regards these two QBs. Now that we have some hindsight the picture is a little clearer.
    No player stands a chance if Shumer has a whim to do something. With the results of this man out there for the world to see it should be remembered that this is the guy who said “I have seen all I need to make a decision on Colt McCoy as our QB.” I have to wonder, given the training camp Shumer ran and the coaching ability he has thus far displayed, would that comment meet with the same acceptance it did last year. Given that McCoy compiled a better QB rating than Weeden with a team that was far worse than the team Weeden has to work with, Doesn’t it make you wonder?
    I would love to see McCoy get the opportunity that has been given Weeden with this team.
    I also wonder if McCoy has had any reps with the first team this season. Watching Shumer in action you have to wonder.