Pick #160: Browns Select OG Ryan Miller

The Browns went big on the offensive line again, using their only fifth round pick on Ryan Miller, a 6-feet-7-inches offensive guard from Colorado. He started all but three games during his college career, including every single one since returning in 2009 following a broken fibula injury the previous season.

Many outlets report that Miller projects to be a right tackle down the road, but ESPN said he is listed as having too short of arms, despite his height, for that position. ESPN ranked his pass protection, run blocking, awareness and toughness as average across the board, placing him at No. 214 among all prospects. Their scouting report said he is quick with his large frame, but can lack a killer instinct.

For Colorado, he was a two-time all-Big 12 honorable mention player. He is mentioned as being a guy with great intangibles who is heavily involved in community service, and should help to shore up the offensive line that has struggled in years past. Combining Miller with Cleveland’s second round selection of OT Mitchell Schwartz presents a significant boost for Trent Richardson and company for 2012.

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  • TSR3000

    Love this pick and do does T Rich aka “The Kraken.”

  • gren

    I would go with Mighty Mouse.

  • Fenstemakeram08

    like the OL, but a lot of reports had this guy as a FA…they are practically running to turn in their draft card so the Browns must be sure…they better be right on most of these overdraft picks or the pitchfork and torch sectors of the Ohio economy will see a boost a few years from now…if they are taking FA prospects in rounds 3 and 5 who will they be taking in 6-7? Heckert is channeling Savage…

  • Kildawg

    Good pick to help push guys like Pink, Lauvao, and the Schwartz. Also nice to add O-Line depth. 

  • Dee P

    It’s just funny to me how one report from ESPN says a guy “lacks a killer instinct”….then another report says “Plays with a mean streak and is tough to disengage from once he gets his hands on you.” 

    Who really knows until the kids get to play in the league?

  • Tearoy0

    I like this pick.  I saw him on some mocks in the 4th and another projected him 7th.  Shows you the crap shoot on Day 3.  He should be able to play 3 positions LG, RG, or RT, so he gives flexible options when one of our OLs go down.  

  • Jvalentine

    practice squad

  • Dinom33

    Continue filling needs. Maybe I’m one of the few… But I like this draft. Only time will tell whether the players will be successes or not.

  • MrCleaveland

    Wow. Here’s another guy who didn’t even make Draft Scout’s top 300.

    (Heckert defenders, please hold your abuse until the entire draft is over. Thank you.)

  • Tim K.

    I like it too. Going in, I only expected them to get starters with their first 3 picks, with the possibility of trading up to get another in the 2nd. Didn’t quite pan out that way, but they now have a starting RB, QB, and RT. Would it have been nice to get a starting WR? Yes. But they only had so many picks and opportunities to grab an impact WR and it seems like the one they really wanted (Wright) was gone. I don’t have a problem with them getting the depth guys they love with the 4th-7th round picks.

    I do still kind of find that John Hughes pick a little confounding though…but hey who knows.

  • porckchopexpress

    Whether or not this guy is good we won’t know for a couple of years.  To me this strategy is how you build a long lasting winner.  Taking project O and D linemen (Hughes had better be more than a “project” but still) to add depth.  That way when something happens like Steinbach goes down, you aren’t crippled because you have a guy on your roster that has been with the team for 3 years who steps in and plays.  I don’t think people understand how completely bereft of talent this franchise has been since Mangini started house cleaning and then H&H cleaned the bare cupboards Mangini left behind.

  • Steve

     Well I guess we should just turn in the Draft Scout’s top 300 as an autodraft and go have some beers.

  • Craig


  • Craig

    That Hughes pick was the only one that I will question… just because it’s so far off from what anyone projected.

  • MrCleaveland

     Hmmm. Nah, I don’t think that would be a very good idea. The autodraft, that is. I’m down for some beers.

  • mgbode

    OL depth was a need.   I doubt he starts, but I hope we don’t need him to.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Scott @ WFNY

    NFL.com’s report of him had him going in the second round. Cherry pick much?