Schefter: Browns Do Not Expect to Trade McCoy

Despite initial reports following the selection of Brandon Weeden in the NFL Draft first round, the Browns now are not expecting to trade Colt McCoy. This comes from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who reported this news Saturday afternoon shortly after the start of day three of the draft:

We’ll keep you updated soon with all of the latest. Certainly, this makes a lot of sense to us, as McCoy seems like a much more feasible backup and/or immediate competitor to Weeden as opposed to returning backup Seneca Wallace.

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  • MrCleaveland

    Of course they’re not going to trade McCoy. They “really like him.”

    Colt, the post office is open ’til 1 o’clock in case you need to get some change-of-address forms.

  • TSR3000

    They told him they were going to bring in someone to compete. He is not going anywhere.

  • Is_this_a_pimple_or_a_boil

    Keeping him makes me feel better…….not better about the pick of Weedon, but better.  It’s nice to have options and Colt is a better option then the 5th round pick we surely would have gotten for him.

  • MrCleaveland

     If that’s true . . . AWK-waarrrd

  • ClemJax


    Over/under halftime of Game 3 vs Buffalo that the crowd boos the starter/chants for the other guy?

  • Dickhamlin

    Has anyone noticed how often schefter is wrong on all his reports about the browns…pretty regularly