Skip Bayless: Take Weeden with the 4th overall pick

The draft season is the way it is because of speculation, but some guys need to resort to shock-jockery to further stick out among the noise. Skip Bayless, apparently, doesn’t feel like he is getting enough attention and thinks the Browns should select Brandon Weeden with the fourth pick.

It is so ridiculous I would normally just ignore it altogether, but I just couldn’t let this ridiculousness slide.

Feed the troll!

  • Mansoor Khan


  • Eli

    Clearly, the Browns should take Aaron Craft at 4

  • dwhit110


    Oh wow, that’s precious.

  • TSR3000

    Skip Bayless represents everything I hate about ESPN.

  • Scott @ WFNY

    I really really really wish they could just be a dot com

  • Billy

    I’m glad somebody said it first. If I thought that he might not be there at 22, I would do it. 

  • Wow

    I’m amazed this show is still on. My personal favorite was him crying about athletes ripping him. He acts like a jerk every day, does he expect them to like him?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Bayless is the biggest sports commentating turd on television.  I thought McShay’s head was going to pop off his shoulders when he heard that “expertise” being given.  Even Urkel I mean Steven A. Smith (the darker version of Bayless) was shocked.  That says it all.

  • Grif_E

    It’s all just shtick. He’s Skip Bayless playing Skip Bayless being an entertainer entertaining talking about entertainment.  Say something absurd; cut to Smith/”Schmoe of the Day” making exasperated facial gestures… rinse repeat.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    There’s only one problem, he’s not an entertainer and what he says isn’t entertaining. 

  • TheRealKnox

    Skip Bayless is on tv saying the things that he says purely to elicit the response that he is getting out of you. All of the sports talk shows need someone to argue for the unpopular opinion otherwise they would be really boring. He probably doesn’t actually believe half of what he says. You are supposed to hate him and thats what makes him good at his job and keeps him on television

  • kjn

    Exactly. He’s basically Macho Man pulling the brass knucks from his trunks or Mr. Fuji using the throwing salt when the ref has his back turned. Everybody goes boo! and gets all upset. It’s a show.

  • MrCleaveland

    Man, getting attention is one thing, but getting attention by completely embarrassing yourself is a whole ‘nother thing.

    It would be nice if he would be held up to universal ridicule for such nonsense.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I usually don’t partake in feeding the troll, but I just had to call it out today for some reason. Felt so egregious in this case to me…

  • Dblitzer

    The fact that he’s still employed just goes to show how ESPN’s idea of “journalism” is more political punditry entertainment than anything of substantial worth 

  • saggy

    i actually kinda enjoy watching him.  don’t agree very much, but enjoy him.  But this comment takes him down a few notches in my book.  

    I think i made this point elsewhere but you can get Weeden in the second round so why would you waste an early pick on him?  He should just say that the Browns should draft Weeden.  But at #4?  that’s just stupid.

  • Steve

    And yet people tuned in and are talking about what happened. And they will again tomorrow.

  • Steve

     I doubt Weeden goes in the second round. Some team who actually needs a quick fix at QB (ie not the Browns) will move up to ensure they get him before then.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    he is a quarterback. hmm….

  • Mpasadyn740

    Two things. Love Skip, and Weeden is far superior to Tannehill. Even at 28. Tanny is the most over rated QB since Leaf, or Vick. You pick. Weeden will be the better pro. I put my word and twitter name on it. @therealMikePjr.

  • Highwaystarzz

    Why does anyone care what sports pundits say?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Not me I hardly ever watched that show and am proud to say I don’t even know when it airs. 

  • Steve

     Either do I. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of people aren’t tuning in to see what Bayless says next. That’s an entertainer.