While We’re Waiting…Bullpen use, World Peace fights back and draft ineptitude


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On the use of the bullpen- “However, while expectations of performance vary wildly for relievers, what we’re seeing so far for the Indians is a HEAVY usage of the bullpen due to extra inning games and starters not going very deep into games. As much as the 2011 was an unquestioned strength of the team, most were hopeful (if not convinced) that the bullpen could remain that “strength”, only made skeptical mainly because of the volatility of relievers as a whole. The concern here is that the volatility is only going to rise as they throw more innings or as they’re leaned on more heavily if the starters are not able to extend their starts into the 6th or 7th innings. It was a fear that this could happen as I wrote this prior to the season, “the bullpen is going to be leaned on too heavily early on because of uncertainty in the rotation (and particularly in the back-end) which could cause the bullpen to falter down the stretch”. Though we’re still talking about the team being in April and any intimation that the bullpen WILL “falter down the stretch” is just guessing, the amount that they’ve been used is throwing up some red flags.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]


How the NFL has hijacked the American Sports Scene. Some good stuff here. “The NFL has changed the game drastically over the last ten years. No one knows what’s pass interference, what’s a legal hit, or what the purpose of wearing a helmet is. A league that used to pride itself on big hits, massive collisions, and punishing tackles has turned into a league that draws at least one “JUST PUT THE RED JERSEY ON HIM AND MAKE IT TWO-HAND TOUCH FOR GOD’S SAKE” at least once per game, per stadium. I’m not saying that the NFL is wrong for this; player safety is a major issue and the health of former players is something that is just hard to watch reports of. But it’s not the only problem: I genuinely do not know how it’s possible that 90% of pass interference calls are against the defense, or something like that. The rules have changed to the point that every team’s fan base will eventually see a play that makes them just shake their head and say “I know that’s getting called on us, but I just cannot figure out how that’s illegal.” It gets to the point that you wonder about whether or not the league wants these guys to even play football.” [Nye/Dawg Pound Daily]


“World Peace ejected, possibly suspended for flagrant elbow to the head.” See how dumb that sounds Ron? [Ball Don't Lie]


Thoughts on the Spring Game- “Starting the event with the old Hoot and Holler drill was a stroke of genius. Clearly, UFM is hell bent on creating constant intensity on the field and apparently, even in the stands. I guess it shouldn’t have been too shocking to see this since practice often starts with the same drill but to pull that out to ignite the fans (and players) was fun to watch. And how about those matchups? Simon vs. Mewhort, Shazier owning Sabino, Stoney vs. Boren, then when you think you’ve had your fill coach pits Braxton against Kenny G? If Tress were running that drill, he’d wrap Braxton in bubble wrap and ship him to Dayton first (not hatin’, just sayin’). Also, that drill alone showed why Coombs was an insanely awesome hire. ” [Chris/Eleven Warriors]


“Cleveland’s lineup for the Sunday day game hardly struck fear into the hearts of men. Cleanup-hitting catcher Carlos Santana was given the day off (day game after night game) and slumping first baseman Casey Kotchman (0-for-16 spell) was out as well. Left fielder Shelley Duncan was also on the bench, and shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera remained out of town and on the bereavement list. That resulted in four bench players in the starting lineup. There have been three games this season where the Indians have had at least three of their regular players out of the starting lineup at the same time. Not surprisingly, the offensive production in those games has been: one run on four hits (Sunday at A’s), one run on four hits (Wednesday at Seattle) and two runs on five hits (April 9 vs. White S0x). All three were losses.” [Bastian/]


It’s Math! Charting the Browns’ reason for losing. []

  • Natedawg86

    Gotta be better about resting guys.  Can’t lay down 3 time already in 14 games.  You give 1 or 2 starters days off and we win one of those 3, we are sitting at 9-5 instead of 8-6. 

    Huge series against KC here.  12-6 against them last year.  Need to take this series if not sweep. 

  • Harv 21

    looking at that lineup yesterday made me wonder how many guys from this squad were even on the team a few years ago. From the 2008 team looks like we only have Astrubal, Raffy Perez, Choo, Roberto/Fausto, Sizemore and Hafner. That’s a pretty impressive 80% roster turnover over 4 years.

  • Steve

    Which game do we win? The Indians have only thrown out the B lineup just twice intentionally. 4/18 against Seattle had Cabrera out and Hannahan suspended. Cunningham went 1/3 against a LHP, probably better than we should have expected out of Brantley. Last night Cabrera was again out, and Santana is never almost never going to catch a day game after a night game, even with the other 7 starters, that lineup isn’t going to look great.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That World Peace elbow was cowardly… I would love to see him suspended for the rest of the season, but I know that probably won’t happen even with Stern at the helm.  Dan Patrick’s comments this morning really made me think about how intentional it was… he bumps into a blue jersey (whether he knows it’s Harden or not is moot) then swings his elbow in the direction of that person’s head.  He doesn’t turn around to see who he hit and he doesn’t try to offer an apology to Harden when he finally turns around and sees him on the floor.  Instead he looks more interested in scrapping with Ibaka and Durant.  I would have been okay with Artest squaring up with Harden and having a go at him, but to throw an elbow at a guy without giving him a chance to defend himself is cowardly.

  • Natedawg86

    Need to find a way to get Santana into that lineup.  Either as DH or 1B, especially if we have a day off the following day (today).  Or have Marson catch two nights ago and santana catch yesterday.  Cunningham has to go.  He has shown me nothing. I know his time is limited once Damon makes it up.  Lopez has not impressed me to this point either.

  • Natedawg86

    Agree.  Needs to be out at a minimum of a playoff series.  And if Harden spends time out, suspend him additionally the time that Harden is out.

  • Steve

     Breaking news: Bench players aren’t impressive.

    Also, I’d much rather play Santana against their ace and then Marson against their #5, but that’s just me.

  • Natedawg86

    Impressing me as a bench player is being servicable and helping the club (as big or small as that may be).  Lopez and Cunningham hurt the club.

  • Jaker

    I solved it!!! Play the starters and we win!

  • Markn95

    Cunningham, Lopez, and Marson should never be in the same lineup.  Especially when you’ve already swapped in Donald for Cabrera.  Fortunately, the latter is temporary and Damon will take Lopez/Cunningham’s roster spot sooner rather than later.