While We’re Waiting… Derek Lowe dealing, real life for McCoy and a little about Weeden


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“Derek Lowe smirked as he leaned against a post near his locker inside the Indians’ clubhouse. A reporter had just mentioned that Angels outfielder Mike Trout was born the same year that Lowe began his professional career. Lowe is never one to miss an opportunity to crack wise with the media.

“You guys said I was going to retire after this year!” Lowe said. “You said this was it!” Another reporter quipped: “No, we said last year was it.”

“Unbelievable,” Lowe said while laughing. “You’re unbelievable.” [Bastian/MLB.com]


Straight talk about Colt McCoy– “The fact is Colt is experiencing what many of us do in the work place…we fight to keep our jobs, the company goes in different directions, life is not easy or fair.” [Pluto/Facebook]


Entrance and at-bat music for the Indians– “Travis Hafner: “Burn It To The Ground” by Nickleback (NOTE: Really, Pronk? Really?), “The Game” by Motorhead, and Brock Lesnar’s intro song from WWE. (Yes, folks, this is the first time Hafner is coming to the plate to anything other than Rammstein).” [Castrovince/MLB.com]


Good breakdown of Weeden’s Gruden appearance– “Weeden isn’t Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, or Robert Griffin III. He isn’t a threat to run the ball at all really, but Oklahoma State was able to run spread option concepts with Weeden as their quarterback. For various reasons, I think Weeden’s option play (“410/Stick”) is a perfect example of how the NFL will continue to “borrow” offensive concepts from college teams.” [Rufio/Dawgs By Nature]


Brandon Weeden’s successor– “Ten years apart. That’s the difference between Oklahoma State’s last quarterback, 28-year-old Brandon Weeden and his successor, 18-year-old Wes Lunt, who was announced as starter Thursday. You’d probably be hard-pressed to find another scenario where two starters were so different in age. The Cowboys go from the wiley veteran to the kid a month and a half removed from his high school graduation, but he must have shown coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator Todd Monken something special to be given the keys to a team that nearly played for a national title last year.” [Watson/Dr. Saturday]


Finally, you may remember all the discussion last weekend about the re-name the Indians contest over at Uni-Watch. Well, they are in the semi-finals. Vote. Or don’t. [Uni-Watch]

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Um DeAngelo Williams was a pretty good RB and Stewart wasn’t shabby.  Both would certainly be the best the Browns have ever had until maybe this season. 

    I don’t know about the OL but with two #1s and a #2 it should.

    As for Smith I’ll disagree.  His numbers dropped off but given he was basically the lone threat at WR for Carolina with Claussen and Moore he was still a Pro-Bowler.  Newton has allowed Smith the ability for bigger plays. 

  • mgbode

    I agree Stewart/DeAngelo are pretty good.  But, if Richardson lives up to the hype he’ll be much better.

  • Fenstemakeram08

    Gruden may talk up their positives, but he nicely dogs a couple of them as well…i.e. saying Kellen Moore would make a great coach in a few years, going after Cousins for his decision making and inability to throw a fade, making fun of Wilson for his height, dogging Tannehill for his effort etc. His dig on Weedon was the offense he was in and the picks under pressure…I think or hope Weedon will see a lot of shotgun formations in year 1 and I believe addressing the RT position in round one was because Weedon has no chance with The RT talent we had last year, protect the guy and give him time and he might be really good, they obviously thought the ceiling was higher in that position with Weedon then Mccoy.

  • Fenstemakeram08

    RT in rd 2…typo