While We’re Waiting… Offseason workouts, terrible basketball and the Anti-Jim Bollman


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From Shurmur’s presser– “(On what the offseason program will give them that they didn’t have last year) — “An offseason program. I don’t mean to be funny, but this is my first offseason program. I think it gives you a little bit of clarity knowing how much work needs to get done on the field in the latter part of May and June. This period here is mostly strength and conditioning and meeting time. I’m looking forward to it. I understand and realize how important these can be so you can get your systems in place or refined. The players have a chance to work together and it starts to develop a winning chemistry. When you get through this body of work, then they have a couple of weeks off then you try to repeat the football part of it in training camp as you prepare for the season.” [Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]


“By the way, I’m just picking on Jamison because he didn’t make a field goal. The best plus/minus of any Cavalier starter was Casspi, who was minus-38. Weird stat of the night: everyone on the Cavs’ bench had a positive plus/minus. I’m pretty sure this is impossible, and I’m not going to stop harassing my friend Dave, a math major, until he convinces me otherwise. I’m prepared to start analyzing NBA games through the lens of Dorothea Lasky poems if he can’t talk me off this “mathematics is a fallacy!” ledge.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]


Johnny Damon, press conference veteran– “Reporter: How important is reaching 3,000 hits to you? Damon: Obviously, I would like to get it. But it’s never been something that I set out for throughout my career. I’ve never bunted with a five-run lead for that extra hit. If I have a chance to walk, I’m going to. Unfortunately, with me, because I’ve played everywhere, people want to just assume how I play. But the track record shows that I an go out and I play hard and I play to win. That’s why I’ve been able to help some teams win championships and help some teams that really weren’t that good become a bit better. Three-thousand would be great, but I’m playing to win. I’m playing for the Tribe fans. I’m playing for the Indians organization.” [Bastian/MLB.com]


Nice. Looking forward to more of this from the Buckeyes this year. Can you imagine Jim Bollman calling this play? “Stoneburner looks SO fast out there in space. He is set to have a big year. FB Zack Boren will also be touching the ball more often. Boren had a few nice runs up the middle and caught a few balls from Miller as well. Boren was on the receiving end of Meyers famous speed option/shovel pass option shown below. This play was a play made famous by Aaron Hernandez and will be a fixture in the OSU offense. Both Stoneburner and Boren will benefit from this play.” [Men of the Scarlet and Gray]


Finally, I don’t even think you can blame these uglies on Nike– [Shutdown Corner]

  • Hatmantc

    .there.ththere.the steelers asked for those unis, they’re to blame not Nike

  • BenRM

    How bad were the Cavs last night…seriously. 

  • Hatmantc

    hmm see what i get for replying on my phone.. 

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    not bad, just better at tanking than Detroit