Box Score: Indians 8, Red Sox 3

The Indians jumped all over Josh Beckett, chasing him in the third inning after plating seven. Derek Lowe earned his fifth win, which must be killing the faithful in Bawston. Kipnis hit his sixth home run, and Jack Hannahan hit one of his own. Pestano made things interesting by loading the bases, but got out of the eighth without surrendering a run.


J. Damon lf501000104.171
    A. Cunningham lf000000000.227
J. Kipnis 2b522110003.270
A. Cabrera ss412000011.343
T. Hafner dh410001003.245
C. Santana c400100202.255
S. Choo rf321102100.239
M. Brantley cf514200002.256
C. Kotchman 1b200100001.194
J. Hannahan 3b412210102.300
2B – A Cabrera (11, J Beckett); S Choo (6, J Beckett); M Brantley 2 (10, J Beckett 2).
HR – J Kipnis (6, 3rd inning off J Beckett 0 on, 0 Out), J Hannahan (3, 2nd inning off J Beckett 1 on, 2 Out).
SF – C Santana, C Kotchman.
RBI – J Kipnis (21), C Santana (16), S Choo (12), M Brantley 2 (11), C Kotchman (9), J Hannahan 2 (18).
2-out RBI – J Hannahan 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Damon 1, J Kipnis 1, T Hafner 1, M Brantley 1, J Hannahan 1.
GIDP – A Cabrera.
Team LOB – 8.
 Base Running
SB – A Cabrera (2, 3rd base off J Beckett/K Shoppach).
DP – 1 (J Kipnis-A Cabrera-C Kotchman).


R. Sweeney rf-cf401001004.351
D. Pedroia 2b511110003.303
D. Ortiz dh501000000.352
A. Gonzalez 1b522000102.283
W. Middlebrooks 3b501000201.323
D. Nava lf201102000.500
M. Aviles ss401100104.265
M. Byrd cf301000101.281
    N. Punto ph000001000.138
    D. McDonald rf000000000.182
K. Shoppach c201000000.250
    J. Saltalamacchia ph100000102.236
2B – A Gonzalez (9, D Lowe); D Nava (1, D Lowe).
HR – D Pedroia (5, 7th inning off T Sipp 0 on, 0 Out).
RBI – D Pedroia (14), D Nava (1), M Aviles (20).
2-out RBI – D Nava, M Aviles.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – R Sweeney 2, D Pedroia 2, A Gonzalez 1, M Aviles 2.
GIDP – R Sweeney.
Team LOB – 11.
DP – 1 (M Aviles-D Pedroia-A Gonzalez).


D. Lowe (W, 5-1)6.09221301.512.47
T. Sipp0.21110011.768.38
J. Smith0.10000101.282.87
V. Pestano1.00003101.071.93
N. Hagadone1.00000100.480.87
J. Beckett (L, 2-4)2.17772221.385.97
A. Miller1.21000100.300.00
R. Hill1.00000101.061.59
S. Atchison2.02000100.911.23
F. Morales1.01000001.504.50
A. Aceves1.01111001.586.39
WP – A Aceves.
HBP – K Shoppach (by D Lowe); A Cabrera (by A Aceves); C Kotchman (by F Morales).
Pitches-strikes – D Lowe 107-62; T Sipp 12-8; J Smith 5-3; V Pestano 41-22; N Hagadone 9-5; J Beckett 56-34; A Miller 16-11; R Hill 10-7; S Atchison 29-19; F Morales 19-10; A Aceves 19-12.
Ground balls-fly balls – D Lowe 18-4; T Sipp 1-1; J Smith 0-0; V Pestano 0-2; N Hagadone 1-0; J Beckett 2-6; A Miller 2-2; R Hill 0-2; S Atchison 3-0; F Morales 1-2; A Aceves 1-1.
Batters faced – D Lowe 28; T Sipp 3; J Smith 1; V Pestano 6; N Hagadone 3; J Beckett 16; A Miller 5; R Hill 3; S Atchison 8; F Morales 5; A Aceves 6.



  • BIKI024

    Great to see Brantley come back strong after a rough 5 game stretch where he went 3-19 and 0 for last 7 and that drop the other night..  offensive MVP tonight and brought his average up to .256.  let’s get that up to .280 sonny!  

  • akzipper

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but after walking off the mound in the 1st, Beckett appeared to be yelling something at the Indians dugout. We turned around and scored 7. Not sure what he said, but sure did provide a spark!!

    It was only a matter of time until Brantley started to get hits. He has had quality at bats for the longest time, just seemed to run into bad luck. Hafner and Santana didn’t play all that well, but the rest of the team stepped up.

  • mgbode

    Derek Lowe is the anti-Masterson.  We just seem to lift him up and get him wins (whereas how many QS have we let Masterson get a ND on the last 2 years?)