NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Among Teams Interested in Alonzo Gee

Multiple reports have circulated regarding the Phoenix Suns’ desire to acquire the services of Cavaliers free agent small forward Alonzo Gee.

Late last week, Fox 8’s John Telich reported that “at least three teams” were interested in Gee with the Suns being joined by the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons. Brendan Bowers of Stepien Rules followed this up by reporting that the Suns were in fact in the lead for Gee’s services, set to offer the athletic wing approximately $4 million per year with the length of the deal unknown.

Gee, who saw his game drastically improve between the 2010-11 season and this past year, started in 31 contests and averaged 10.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. His energyoff of the bench played a large role in the team’s early-season success.

The Suns current general manager is Lance Blanks, formerly of the Cleveland Cavaliers front office under Danny Ferry. Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant has stated that the team expects to make Gee a part of their future with many in the Cleveland media expecting a multi-year offer with at least a qualifying offer being made. A restricted free agent, the Cavaliers would have the right to match any offer Gee receives in the offseason.

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  • Gleeby G bees

    I dont get it… Shouldnt we sign this dood?

  • 216in614

    Pretty sure we will unless some other team way over pays for him and we decide not to match.

  • Damage

    I like Gee and I love his progression, but $4 mill/year for a role player? 

  • AlexMathews

    We definitely will be re-signing him, unless we happen to find a better small forward (at a better value!) through free agency or the draft. No doubt the interest in other teams will raise his price a bit, but unless we have a replacement going forward it makes no sense to lose him for nothing.

  • dwhit110

    We’re spending about $4.4M on Gibson, that sounds about right.

  • Harv 21

    wow, if Suns are really offering $4m x multiple years that’s almost a poison pill, paying an undrafted, still-developing player like the #1 overall draft pick.

    And he’d have to be a very special kid to continue working hard on his development once he gets that kind of money, and not relax after barely hanging on to rosters the last few years. Tough decision for Grant.

  • Oppie00

    I’d hate

  • pete

    That’s actually pretty reasonable for a very good wing defender and a still-developing complementary scorer.

  • oppie00

    It’s amazing to see the progress Gee has made just in this season alone, I’d hate to see him go to another team. I think he’ll be a key to our future success and you have to open up the checkbook as long as the asking price isn’t something absolutely absurd.

  • mgbode

    I think we re-sign him regardless.   $4mil/year is still a good deal for the 6th/7th man, which is what Gee would be even if we get a SG and SF to replace him in the starting lineup in the draft (and I doubt we could fill both – at least as starters right away)

    PHX can give him a $4mil/year 3yr deal and let us match.  Hopefully, he does this early as a favor to us (and we can return the favor for a player later).  Fair deal for the player and get away from the uncertainty early in the offseason.

  • mgbode

    I hope the above is posted in sarcasm.  I always have a tough time telling with you as you are dry (I like it, but just a tough time deciphering some times).   $4mil / year is bench money.  We likely start Gee.  He is worth that amount and has nothing to do with the rookie wage scale.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Gee needs to be resigned I don’t want another Browns type scenario where you have to draft someone to fill a departing players spot.  That and I think Gee has upside.  Like dwhit said if they can waste I mean pay Gibson $4.4M for producing next to nothing then they can most assuredly resign Gee.

  • dwhit110

    As I mentioned above Boobie freaking Gibson makes $4.4 million a year. That seems about right for someone like Gee.

  • oribiasi

    I agree; Gee has a lot of upside and I think he is well worth $4M per year. 

    Depending on our draft, he will likely start.  He posts good numbers and he earned a contract, hopefully from us.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I would love a draft that would send Gee to the bench but I don’t see it happening largely because of the need for so many positions.  As much as I’d love a dynamic wing scorer I lust for a big man who can produce.  The Cavaliers haven’t had a scoring big man since Daugherty.  That’s where my fondness for Zeller comes in during discussions.

    My dream scenario would be MKG/Zeller but that has an even lesser chance then the Cavaliers ending up with the #1 pick again.  Although if that happened you’d get that guy in the middle for sure in Davis.

  • mgbode

    if we ended up with the #1 overall pick and the Blazers ended up with the #2 overall pick (and they have another pick in the top11), then there would be a way to get MKG+Zeller:
    trade Anthony Davis for #2 + Blazers 2nd pick.

    That would be one heck of a gutsy call if Chris Grant decided to do it.  If he did, then at that point you try to move up from #23 with the other 3 picks because you want to go “all-in” on this draft class (maybe get up to the very late lottery to get Terrence Ross).

    just for fun:

    PG:  Irving (Sloan?)
    SG:  T.Ross (Harris?)
    SF:  MKG + Gee
    PF:  AV + TT
    C:  T.Zeller  (Erden/Samuel)

  • Kildawg

    There’s always the sign-and-trade. We’re waiting for a pick next year to finalize the most recent and stinging one we’ve had…

  • Captain Kidd

    I dont think the Cavs will draft based on if Gee leaves or not.  He is a rotation player and whether he is here or not wouldn’t affect what direction they go in the draft.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    That’s the kind of proactive moves I’m talking about…don’t go getting me all excited I’ve been down that road to many times with Browns drafts!  😉

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    What I meant was if he left that would create another area of need which would in turn need to be addressed by either a draft pick or free agent signing.

  • mgbode

    of course, that relies on 3 things that very well may not happen (Cavs getting #1 overall pick, Blazers getting #2 overall, and T.Zeller lasting until the Blazers 2nd pick).

    I am not sure how I feel about the trade even with that though.  Davis is the BPA in this draft.  MKG is “among” the next tier vying for 2nd best (considered 2nd best by most though).  

    likely won’t have to consider it though.

  • gren

    I agree with this 100% 

    I love how much Gee has developed his game and would absolutely hate to see him become a starter / borderline all-star some day for someone else. Even a solid 6th man would drive me insane (as we probably won’t have one that can score if he leaves).Keep him, draft a SG and a Big and see what he does next year and so on. If he falls off, then we can fill that hole, don’t create a hole that wasn’t there before!

  • cleveland__rocks

    too bad, we aren’t letting him get away.

  • Jaker

    5 years for 20mil would sound about right. Jamison is coming off the books and Walton/Gibson/Casspi are entering their final year so it won’t hurt our chance to sign the young guys longterm. More importantly, the FO must realize that this year’s draft is absolutely crucial in adding 2 players to help this team for the long haul. Hopefully this will be the last time in the lottery because this team is poised to start making playoff runs if the draft choices are done right. So if next year’s first rounder won’t be nearly as high, we should try to trade back into this year’s extremely deep draft by using those future picks that are getting worse while we get better. But it starts with adding the glue guys like Gee

  • woofersus

    That’s funny, for a second I thought you had Erden on that depth chart…


  • mgbode

    someone has to wave the towel at the end of the bench :)

  • Jamir Moore

     U forget about Z? His good years were limited due to injury, but he was a great scorer.

  • Steve

     5 years? What? You don’t need to give more than 2+option to sign Gee.