NFL News: Browns LB Scott Fujita Suspended Three Games

For his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita has been handed a three-game suspension from the National Football League.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King, Fujita, a known philanthropist and well-respected veteran, said that while he contributed money for teammate performance and “big plays,” it was never in attempt to injure the opposition.

Fujita’s former teammate Johnathan Vilma has been suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season. Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith were suspended for eight games and four games, respectively. Usama Young, another former member of the New Orleans Saints, was not punished for his association.

Through two injury-plagued seasons with the Browns, Fujita, 33, has amassed 101 total tackles, four sacks and two interceptions. Having one of the worst run-stopping defenses in the NFL while employing a relatively older linebacking corps, the Browns used multiple 2012 NFL Draft selections on linebackers, James-Michael Johnson out of Nevada and Texas’ Emmanuel Acho.

Though suspended without pay for three games (costing him $644,118), Fujita can participate in offseason and preseason activities, including games, with the Cleveland Browns. The player is expected to appeal.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Thought it would be more but it’s okay because the young LBs drafted will have an opportunity now.  Fujita is on the way out, hopefully.

  • Clown Baby

    Alternative Headline: Fujita’s Inevitable Season-Ending Injury Delayed 3 Games.

  • oribiasi

    I was expecting more, TBH.  I thought 8 games was what was coming down the turnpike, so I guess I’m…happy?  It’s hard to be happy with such a dirty thing, though.

    As an aside:  what haven’t the Saints done? It seems like they will soon be charged with torpedoing the Lusitania.

  • Hetz

    Just fine the guy three weeks pay and let him play.  That way, you just punish him and not the Browns organization, which had nothing to do with this issue.

  • kev

    i think he’s out too, probably his last season with the browns… If the browns had other options at LB they’d probably cut him…

  • bglass02

    Would make sense, but the NFLPA would never let that happen. 

  • Max

    The Saints couldn’t have sunk the Lusitania. Everyone knows the Brits did it to themselves to cajole Uncle Sam into WWI

  • oribiasi


    Fine, the Hindenburg then.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I guess this news is semi-relevant, although Fujita likely was going to get injured at some point and miss at least 3 games anyway.  I would have rather eased JMJ or Acho into a starting role, but it’s certainly nice to have some options at OLB that are more promising than what we had last year.

  • mgbode

    hopefully our 2 LB draft picks are worthy of being those options

  • mgbode

    I like the fact that they know there is a spot up for grabs today.  Between them and Maiava.  Whoever shows the best between now and September gets to start at LBer for the Cleveland Browns.  Go!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    What the Browns did last year makes me think they don’t like Maiava as a strongside LB.  Instead of moving him there when Fujita got hurt, they switched Gocong from weakside to strong side and then started Maiava on the weak side.

  • mgbode

    I guess I am blinded by my want for Gocong to be SOLB, but I am assuming the WOLB spot is what is up for grabs here.

    also, I’m hoping the guys we just drafted are better than Maiava

  • cmm13

    I have a feeling that had Fujita still been in the Saints it would have been more.

    Goodell is stern but I haven’t seen anything from him that is unfair which is why I think he only got 3.