While We’re Waiting… Cavs year in review, OSU loses a recruit because of a twitter weirdo, Browns QB controversy and grading Boobie Gibson


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The Cavs found Alonzo Gee last year, but I’m not sure any of this D-Leaguer cast are long term pieces. “I applaud the Cavs for getting creative and trying to use the D-League to find players that can potentially help the NBA roster.  It’s been said on Fox Sports Ohio before that the Cavs would like to add one player each year from the D-League that can be a part of their rotation.  This is a great idea, but I don’t think it’s sustainable.  I think it is a perfect tool for a rebuilding team like the Cavs, but once the Cavs roster is built up, I highly doubt they will be still able to find one guy a year that can come into the Cavs’ rotation.

Playoff teams usually reduce their rotation to 8 guys and I am really skeptical that the D-League could produce a player that would be a Top 8 player on a playoff contender.  But for now, I think the Cavs are using the D-League perfectly.” [Cleveland DTR]

This is just a weird, weird story. “Less than two weeks after giving Ohio State an oral commitment, All-State linebacker Alex Anzalone has informed Urban Meyer’s staff that he will not be attending the school.

Anzalone, one of the most sought after football recruits in the nation, de-committed Friday afternoon after disturbing news surfaced that a Buckeyes fan who gained access to players and recruits is a convicted sex offender.

The sex offender, Charles Eric Waugh of Kentucky, has been reaching out to Ohio State players and recruits, personally and via social media.” [Mike Drago / Reading Eagle]

More on Waugh and his tweets here. [Luke Zimmerman / Land Grant Holy Land]

So you’re saying Daniel Gibson is a slightly overpaid role player. “Despite playing some of the most minutes of his career in the past two years, as Daniel Gibson has had to shoulder more of the Cavaliers offensive burden, he’s posted the two worst effective FG percentages of his career. In 2009-2010, when he posted the best EFG% of his career, he was also playing the lowest minutes of his career. Looking at this, it’s not hard to draw the following conclusion, Daniel Gibson should be coming off the bench. The less minutes he plays, the better he shoots.” [Angelo Benedetti / Fear the Sword]

“So why would anyone think there is a quarterback controversy in Cleveland? Maybe it has something to do with the possibility that the team might be carrying four quarterbacks well into training camp and the preseason – Weeden, McCoy, Seneca Wallace, andThad Lewis. In that regard, there might be a quarterback controversy, but it’ll only be for the backup job.

This phantom quarterback dilemma might end up being one of the reasons the team decides to eventually part ways with Colt McCoy. As long as he is on the team, many media members might not be able to resist the urge to write the easy “Who will they choose?” piece, stoking the fire the best they can, knowing that fans love a good quarterback competition.

But at the end of the day, it is Brandon Weeden who will step out onto the field in September, when the games finally begin to count in the standings. And while people in Cleveland aren’t necessarily used to the idea of knowing the starter in April and May, it’s something worth getting accustomed to.” [Steve DiMatteo / Dawg Pound Daily]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Murphy/30101207 Joe Murphy

    As much as it’s the exact opposite of what I’d like, Here’s what I see the Browns doing with Weeden:

    -The Browns will expect him to learn their West Coast Offense (which at this point is either too complicated for current players to understand or too simple for defenses to defend).
    -The Browns will not mold their offense to suit his college experience or comfort level (which is exactly what the Panthers did to help the transition of Cam Newton).
    -The Browns will sense he is lost and start the season with Colt McCoy or Seneca Wallace.
    -The Browns will be put in an akward situation as impatient fans chant Weeden after every sack, punt, fumble, interception, and 3 and out.

    Please avoid this Browns, just get rid of Colt and mold your offense to Weeden day 1.