While We’re Waiting… ‘Hard Knocks’ Possibility, Francisco Lindor’s Potential, Chuck Booms’ Past


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How would you react to the Brownies being on “Hard Knocks”? Seems far-fetched, but it’s fun to consider: “Now, the Cleveland Browns don’t appear to be anywhere on HBO’s radar, but if they were, what would that show look like? For starters, the first thing on everyone’s mind would be two ugly words:  ‘quarterback’ and ‘controversy.’ … Mike Holmgren’s Browns are also far more insular than those teams of the boisterous Ryan, Harbaugh, and Irsay clans, and if a public relations rebuilding effort is underway in Berea, perhaps they’d prefer to control the message a little more for the time being.” [Jimmy Weinland/Dawg Pound Daily]

Some intriguing ideas in this post about bringing a more connected atmosphere to NFL stadiums: “The hot topic around Cleveland the last few weeks has been the Indians poor attendance despite playing winning baseball. Meanwhile, the Browns have had relatively full houses in the fall despite playing losing football. … So, is the ability to have access to a wi-fi network really going to help Browns’ fans with their in-game engagement?” [Don Delco/Orange & Brown Report]

Always nice to see a young Brownie gettin’ some love: “The focus of this Secret Superstar installment is another recent Cleveland draft pick, third-year Safety T.J. Ward (+5.6) who, despite finishing the season on injured reserve, has given Browns fans further hope that the franchise is turning around. … We’ve seen some impressive play from a number of safeties in the past two seasons and stepping up into that class has to be the goal for Ward.” [Gordon McGuinness/Pro Football Focus]

I’m only a bit interested in Kentucky’s Doron Lamb, but this was a nice read anyway: “Lamb currently falls towards the late-first round or early second round in mock drafts and may intrigue the Cavs at 24; especially if they nab a non-shooter in the top three.  … Lamb finished the season strong, averaging 15.3 points on 65% true shooting through the SEC and NCAA tournaments.  An exciting draft day scenario involves pairing Kyrie with Doron Lamb and both players’ former teammate: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.” [Kevin Hetrick/Cavs: The Blog]

Presenting some good vibes from Zach McAllister’s monthlong stint with the Tribe: “McAllister, 24, has been impressive in his four starts for the Indians this season, and looks like a more confident and relaxed pitcher than the one that pitched for them last season and went 0-1 with a 6.11 ERA in four starts. … Having a capable sixth starter stuck in Triple-A is a good problem to have, and is exactly the situation that right-hander Jeanmar Gomez was in last season. Gomez came up at various times last season to fill starting pitching needs and bounced back and forth between Cleveland and Columbus.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

Top prospect Francisco Lindor has been stellar for Lake County this season, with a current line of .290/.340/.435. This Sunday morning article showed how he’s one of the top projects in baseball: “Lindor has actually slumped DOWN to those numbers, going just 3 for 25 in his last 6 games. In addition to his excellent numbers at the plate, Lindor projects to be a Gold Glove caliber shortstop, something that can be said about only 3 or 4 players in all of minor league baseball right now. ESPN’s Keith Law ranked Lindor as the 35th prospect in baseball before the season started, and in his updated top-25, Lindor moved all the way up to 17.” [Al Ciammaichella/The DiaTribe]

And, finally, this is a PHENOMENAL read about Chuck Booms. While we may all have our own personal views about his style on the radio for 92.3 The Fan, you can’t help but like him a little bit more after reading this: “If you only know Chuck Booms as the loudmouth on Sports Radio 92.3 The Fan’s morning talk show, don’t tell him. The Euclid native was a rising comic in the ’90s who counts Jerry Seinfeld and Brad Garrett among his early mentors. He was a frontrunner for David Letterman’s job at NBC and has appeared on national television more than 300 times. And yet, you still can’t place him. That’s part of the story, too.” [Andy Netzel/Cleveland Magazine]

  • Humboldt

    If the attempt in that Scene article was to humanize Chuck Booms, then FAIL. He seems no different than his blowhard radio persona would suggest. Perhaps his abrasiveness and lack of subtlety is a reason why his career never peaked. 

  • ClevelandFrowns

    Cleveland Magazine, not Scene.

    As I understand it, the author might have gotten some more useful perspective in that article if he’d have spoken with some former interns at 1100 who were there at the same time Booms was.

  • mgbode

    there is a typo in the Doron Lamb piece.  They state the Cavs might be interested at 24, when obviously they meant 34 :)