Box Score: Indians 8, Reds 1

Justin Masterson couldn’t possibly be more dialed in right now. The Tribe right-hander has assumed his rightful role as the ace of the staff, throwing his third straight gem as he led the Indians to a 8-1 victory to complete the sweep of the Cincinnati Reds at Progressive Field and split the six games of the Ohio Cup. Masterson went the distance, scattering three hits and one unearned run in the eighth inning while striking out nine. The Indians put a five spot on the board in the fourth with home runs by Johnny Damon and Asdrubal Cabrera. Lonnie Chisenhall added a three-run double for good measure in the bottom of the seventh to put the game out of reach. The Tribe is now 36-32 and currently sits in first place, one game ahead of the Chicago White Sox, pending the outcome of their game tonight. The Tribe is off tomorrow before opening a three-game series in Houston on Friday night. Ubaldo Jimenez will face Lucas Harrell.

Scoring Summary
Bot 4th: Cleveland
– J. Damon homered to deep right, C. Kotchman scored
– A. Cabrera homered to deep right center, L. Chisenhall and S. Choo scored
Bot 7th: Cleveland
– L. Chisenhall doubled to shallow right, C. Santana, C. Kotchman and J. Damon scored
Top 8th: Cincinnati
– W. Harris grounded out to second, J. Bruce scored, T. Frazier to third
Z. Cozart ss400000100.262
C. Heisey cf301000200.265
J. Votto 1b401000101.367
B. Phillips 2b300000001.288
J. Bruce rf310000100.251
S. Rolen 3b300000101.175
T. Frazier lf301000100.265
W. Harris dh300100000.114
R. Hanigan c300000201.288
2B – T Frazier (11, J Masterson).
RBI – W Harris (2).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – R Hanigan 1.
GIDP – J Votto.
Team LOB – 2.
 Base Running
CS – C Heisey (3, 2nd base by J Masterson/L Marson).
E – J Votto (3, throw).
DP – 1 (B Phillips-Z Cozart-J Votto).
S. Choo rf412001202.276
A. Cabrera ss411311002.300
M. Brantley cf501000001.282
C. Santana dh511000104.232
J. Lopez 2b501000102.238
C. Kotchman 1b421000001.228
J. Damon lf222212000.203
    A. Cunningham lf000000000.194
L. Chisenhall 3b312301002.271
L. Marson c300001203.242
2B – S Choo 2 (22, B Arroyo 2); J Lopez (8, A Simon); L Chisenhall (2, A Simon).
HR – A Cabrera (8, 4th inning off B Arroyo 2 on, 2 Out), J Damon (3, 4th inning off B Arroyo 1 on, 1 Out).
RBI – A Cabrera 3 (31), J Damon 2 (13), L Chisenhall 3 (9).
2-out RBI – A Cabrera 3, L Chisenhall 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – S Choo 1, C Santana 1, L Chisenhall 1, L Marson 1.
GIDP – C Santana.
Team LOB – 9.
E – A Cabrera (7, field).
DP – 1 (J Lopez-A Cabrera-C Kotchman).
B. Arroyo (L, 3-5)4.08552221.314.19
A. Simon2.23302201.391.98
J.J. Hoover0.10001101.063.00
L. Ondrusek1.00001101.313.04
J. Masterson (W, 4-6)9.03100901.303.98
HBP – C Heisey (by J Masterson).
Pitches-strikes – B Arroyo 90-57; A Simon 42-26; J Hoover 10-4; L Ondrusek 16-10; J Masterson 110-76.
Ground balls-fly balls – B Arroyo 6-6; A Simon 4-4; J Hoover 0-0; L Ondrusek 1-0; J Masterson 15-3.
Batters faced – B Arroyo 21; A Simon 14; J Hoover 2; L Ondrusek 4; J Masterson 30.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Ron Kulpa. 1B–D.J. Reyburn. 2B–Jim Wolf. 3B–Derryl Cousins.
Weather: 107 degrees, clear.
Wind: 10 mph, out to center.
  • Brantley’s army

    I like the idea of marson catching most days with santana DHing vs righties and playing 1st vs lefties. His def almost cost us the game last night. I know it jeopardizes the DH if marson would get hurt.


    Just noticed the weather in the box score….it’s hot here in cubs, but was it really 107 degrees at game time? If so, I’d say their thermometer was sitting directly in the sun.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    We better hope the AL wins the All-Star Game if we end up facing them in the World Series.


  • FearTheRoo

    Does anyone else understand why Cunningham is still on the team? I understand they like him to play left field for defensive help at the end of games, but we really don’t have any better options? I sure how we trade for a legit LF at the deadline. Someone to share time with Damon. Quentin Soriano or Willingham?

  • FearTheRoo

    *hope we trade

  • Kildawg

    Watching this game, I think most people would’ve confused Nasty Masty with another Justin, one named Verlander (especially in the 9th), but Nasty never topped 96 (that other guy throws 5 MPH faster).

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Ubaldo and Masterson start rolling and this team is dangerous! Lets get it going boys. If we can get offense out of 6 of 9 in the lineup along with some bullpen mafia, we can compete with anyone. Im looking at Chis, Kip, Cabrera, Kotch/Hafner, Santana, Bradley, Choo, and just ONE more…. step up Duncan/Damon!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You might get your wish… Damon seems to be making better contact with his swing the last several games.

  • mgbode

    we were just making it an actual challenge to “keep the cup” :)

  • Steve

    They need a 4th OF who can play CF. Brantley may be playing every day and slapping out some singles, but he hasn’t proven he is an everyday player yet, not with that OBP and injury history.

    And I feel that Damon is starting to heat up. He’s not going to start putting up great numbers, but his BABIP wasn’t going to stay under .200 all season. Just like Kotchman has kicked it up after his poor April start, Damon will too.

  • Harv 21

    a tribe outfielder just ended a 20 game hit streak and hasn’t proven he’s an every day player yet … Wait, Is that you, Mr. Cashman?

  • Harv 21

    Noticed that Astrubal actually ran out of the box when he homered this time rather than imitating Barry Bonds. Probably figured Dusty would place a plunking order if he pulled that 2 days in a row.

  • Steve

    Through those 22 games he had only 6 XBH and 4 BB. Having a bunch of singles fall in over such a short time frame is not a sign that one has figured it out.

    Only played in 114 games last year, his career high. Has had some legitimate injury issues since becoming a major leaguer. He has to get through a season unscathed before I’m willing to pencil him in as an everyday guy.

  • Harv 21

    alas, Steve, the guy who wields the actual pencil will have no such hesitation. Even if a trade brings someone there won’t be two better OFs in Cleveland this year or next. That’s my point, not that Brantley is already a top-line OF. He is only 24, and plenty of guys develop power in their mid/late 20s. I happen to think he’ll be fine.

  • Steve

    I’m not saying you won’t play him if you can. But that you can’t count on him (yet) to not miss extended time. You want a bench OF who can play all 3 positions to begin with, but when your CF is a decent bet to miss time, you definitely need to keep an OF on the bench who can play there.

  • TribeTimeNow

    This was by far their best all around game of the year! Beginning to end.