Case McCoy tweets to support his brother, but isn’t really helping

Colt McCoy can’t seem to catch a break. Thrown to the wolves by a lame duck head coach as a 3rd round rookie, the following year he taught himself a new offense because his rookie head coach was without training camps, he nearly gets killed playing behind a mess of an offensive and his reward was to watch the Browns draft Brandon Weeden.

So the writing is on the wall for Colt and he’ll probably get traded or released to make room for Weeden. But Colt’s brother seems to think this is a good thing, as apparently the Browns’ best days are behind them: 

Case went on to delete his tweet, but the damage was done (thanks to Ten Cent Beers for the screen grab).

This isn’t the first time a member of Colt’s family has opened their mouth. His father, Brad McCoy was quite vocal after his son’s concussion versus the Steelers.

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  • Jason Hurley

    I really hope “going downhill” is some backwoods term for “improving.”  

  • Jack

    They’re an unexpectedly dainty bunch. Please get rid of Colt. He lacks NFL talent, and his family his a big distraction. I get his dad standing up for his kid, but enough already. 

  • Jack

    He’s also not as good at football as Seneca Wallace. So this is a pretty easy decision, I think. Also, who signs him? Is not getting to play any football games this season really ‘drawing the lucky straw?’ I have so many questions for “Case.” 

  • Castingcrown40

    Your smoking crack only thing wallace is good at is completely sucking mccoy is way better than him wallace should not of been a brown in the first place

  • oribiasi

    “…should not HAVE been…”  Come on now.

  • saggy

    “YOU’RE smoking…” 
    seeing as though we are getting on this train…

  • DevilDog2006

    So some of his family members are angry at the Browns because they think he got a raw deal? Why is this a story? Even Holmgren seems to admit that the perhaps McCoy got a bit of a raw deal (while defending the Brandon Weedon pick for talent reasons). It shouldn’t be surprising that his family members have feelings about the situation, and that they are pro-Colt, nor should we assume that the brother, or anybody else in the family speaks for Colt. In other words this is stupid, Colt McCoy will make a fine backup quarterback, so quit trying to drum up stories to run him out of town.

  • DevilDog2006

    One last thought… Sennaca Wallace better then McCoy? Get real, Wallace has shown nothing, if not less than McCoy in two years to say he is a better QB then McCoy – they both belong to the same class, but McCoy is a) younger, b) cheaper and c) less of a prima donna. Can you really picture Wallace on any other NFL roster, let alone as a 3rd stringer?

  • Jack

    Seneca Wallace gives you a better chance to win games than Colt McCoy does.

  • Jack

    Thanks for that feedback. Sharp, insightful, enlightening.

  • Jack

    No one is drumming up stories. His family member said the franchise is headed downhill. That’s being reported because it is relevant in several ways. 1) Could be reflective of Colt’s sentiment. 2) It is a distraction to the franchise. 3) It is bad PR for the team/business.

  • Henry Brown

    Yeah he got such a raw deal. over a full season of starts to prove he wasn’t the average, middling QB most of the league thought he was. Paid probably at least a million dollars over the length of his career + endorsement money and a whole lot of love from Cleveland fans that love underdogs disproportionally. Poor kid. 

  • Zonk

     They have the exact same record in game they have started, and more than half of the games for Seneca came on a Seattle team with at least as much talent as this Browns team Colt played with. Colt should be gone but it is not accurate to say Seneca is out and out better.

  • Guest

    The Dad was outta line last winter, and so was the brother (which is why he deleted the tweet).  What’s up with this family anyway?  Seriously, this is ridiculous. 

    Honestly, what’s the big deal about McCoy not getting a fair shake?  It’s also not fair I’m not a world-class athletes, these are the breaks.  Not only is that how life goes, he’s a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER, something for which he gets paid quite handsomely.  McCoy seems to deal with this much better than his family, yet he’s unfairly the one who looks bad in all of this. 

    All the McCoy aplogoists act like supporting Weeden is a personal vendetta against the kid. There’s nothing more I would like than for McCoy to be the Franchise QB and lead us to multiple Super Bowls (same with Weeden).  I would gladly eat the Weeden pick for that to happen.  Unfortuantely, the kid doesn’t have it (whether he got a raw deal or not).

    All this tells me is that the guy should be released.  I do believe he’s slightly/marginally better than Wallace (and would peform better with our upgraded offense), but the circus just isn’t worth it.  If you’re serious about investing in Weeden and don’t want him worrying about getting replaced after his first 2-pick game, then cut McCoy loose and let both parties just move on.

  • dannyczek

    I’m disappointed he deleted the tweet.  Sadly, I think he’s correct.

  • andy890

    McCoy’s family has GOT to shut up.  We get it — they love him.  But the NFL is a place for professionals, not their families.  When the father gets involved, it’s sends the message that you’re dealing with a kid, not an NFL professional.  When the kid brother gets involved, it’s a free-for-all.  When do we hear from his mother and wife?  Can you imagine if a family ever weighed in on a banker’s employers in a public forum?  This is little league behavior and they’re killing Colt.  Unless your name is Archie Manning, we don’t want to hear from the father.  And even then, Archie knows enough to be circumspect.  These are yahoos with very, very modest successes that are acting like the NFL is a backyard pickup game.  SHUT UP.  The fact that Colt can’t control his own family makes me wonder if he can really lead a team.