Mock NBA Draft: Chad Ford Has Cavs Addressing Wing

Though he estimates that the top six could go any of ten different ways, ESPN’s Chad Ford sticks to his guns this week by saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers will select shooting guard Bradley Beal with the fourth-overall selection. With the Florida product having made his way to Cleveland to show what he has, Ford thinks that his performance may have solidified his selection if he finds a way to make it to the No. 4 pick.

“The Cavs had Beal and Barnes in for a head-to-head workout on Saturday,” writes Ford. “While both played well, the word out of Cleveland is that Beal was a little better. That could seal the deal for Beal at No. 4 if he falls this far. But remember that workouts are just one small part of a much bigger process. The Cavs have been very interested in Barnes for the past year and could decide they prefer his size.”

Four inches of added height and a historical bout of romance dating back to last summer’s draft are certainly in Barnes’ corner, but there is increasing speculation that he could be had as low as sixth-overall. Would the Cavaliers be willing to reach beyond the opinions of the pundits? How about a trade down? Other teams are certianly interested in Beal, so a deal could be done if the price was right.

Addressing the shooting guard slot early, Ford has the Cavaliers focusing on the small forard spot later in the first round. Their means? The 6-foot-10-inch small forward out of Baylor, Quincy Miller.

“If the Cavs add Beal, they could try to swing for the fences with Miller,” says Ford. “There are a lot of concerns about his knee and what position he’ll play in the pros. But his upside is so high that it might be worth taking a gamble this low in the draft. There’s very little risk and a lot of potential reward here.”

Ford’s last mock draft had the Cavaliers selecting center Fab Melo with the 24th-overall selection. This week’s has Melo’s name flying off of the board with the 18th-overall pick. Notables like Perry Jones III (19), Jared Sullinger (20) and Andrew Nicholson (21) pepper the latter half of the first-round.

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  • AS

    I’d like that 1st round. Beal would be great if he’s there at #4, and if Miller really does pan out to be a poor man’s Durant, there’s our championship contender. Kyrie, Beal, Miller, TT, and Andy (or whoever we plug in at center) sounds really good with Gee and other draft picks off the bench.

  • mgbode

    if we’re going to get a tall lanky tweener SF/PF from Baylor, then I would hope we find a way to trade up the 5-6 picks that Ford thinks are necessary in his mock to get PJIII.

  • dwhit110

    Here was a thought… Ford said in this mock that the #5 pick is up for bids if someone offers a good veteran… I love AV, but is it completely crazy to think about trading him and going Beal at #4 and Barnes at #5 if the draft were to fall as Ford suggests? Certainly would solve the “no shooters” problem… Of course we’d really need to address the frontcourt later in the draft.

  • MSkog

    I’m pretty intrigued by PJIII as well. I like him as a ‘value’ pick later in the first if he starts to drop. I’d make that trade up. He has some talent if the Cavs can bring it out of him.

  • Harv 21

    so Ford poaches someone else’s anonymous, unreliable rumor from a private workout (characterizing it as a more reliable-sounding “word out of Cleveland”) to make this prediction. Honestly, wrap this opinion in fish paper, or whatever the digital equivalent is.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    How dare you! Everything Chad Ford says is Gospel… that is until he proclaims the new Gospel in next week’s mock draft.

  • Jon

    I highly doubt Perry Jones drops to #19. He has a ways to go, and who knows if he’ll ever find the aggressiveness he needs, but he has the talent and physical tools to be a superstar and probably the second or third highest upside in the class.

  • ND

    Very interesting. I like this thought, but I think it would take more than AV straight-up for the 5th pick. We’d probably have to throw in the 24th or one of our second rounders (if not both). Still, I’d offer this up in a heartbeat. Our frontcourt would be thin as you aptly pointed out, but I feel like that could be addressed either with one of our remaining picks or though free agency (much like how the Thunder signed veterans to short-term contracts to solve short-term needs).

  • mgbode

    i’d do that trade for the 10th/11th, let alone the 5th. Kings would have to be crazy (but, they are the Kings)

  • Dwhite

    I think, if we were to trade av for the 5th pick, we woulf have to take beal(or barnes) at #4 and take a chance on drummond at #4, assuming hes still there

  • Dwhite


  • woofersus

    PJIII scares me to death. I watched him a few times last season, and while his physical talents are not insignificant, he seems largely uninterested about 60% of the time. Maybe a good coach could light a fire under him, but if being a contender in the NCAA tournament doesn’t get you a little motivated I can’t imagine the NBA ends up being a better environment. I realize the late 1st round is where you make gambles on upside, but it seems like there may be better gambles available.

  • saggy

    i may be reaching but i feel that PJIII looked disinterested this season because he was supposed to be in the NBA, not the NCAA. But, probably due to the impending lockout drama, he opted to stay in school. Methinks he improves his concentration this year.

  • mgbode

    PJIII – he had plenty of off-court drama in his family life this past year.
    that said, his disinterested play is a real concern (like with Drummond). i wouldn’t take either at #4. i would take either at #10/11 as a 2nd talent gamble (i’d take J.Lamb first if he dropped of course)