NBA Draft: Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes perform well in workout, Andre Drummond to visit next week

Looks like both Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes performed well for the Cavaliers today.  Jeff Goodman, of CBS Sports, tweets:

From Joe Kotoch at

Cleveland is seriously considering Kidd-Gilchrist, Brad Beal, Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, and Austin Rivers.  Rivers has been a name that is rising on the Cavs board with his creative scoring ability and range.  Rivers is rising up boards and is under consideration by Portland, Toronto, and New Orleans in the top-10.  Cleveland hosted a workout between Beal and Barnes today, according to sources Beal really impressed as a shooter while Barnes showed surprising improvement as a ball handler.  It is very likely the Cavs decision will come down these two players and the Cavs are not in a rush to make a decision.

Austin Rivers? That’s kind of surprising. I can’t imagine the Cavs would take him at four. Now if they would say, trade down with Portland, take Andre Drummond (or another big) at six and Rivers at eleven? Sure. But Rivers at four? That’d be a bigger surprise than Tristan Thompson.

And speaking of Andre Drummond, ProBasketballDraft tweets:


And in case you forgot when Festus Ezeli was coming in for his workout (how dare you!), he’s scheduled to be here Monday, June 18th.

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  • mgbode

    no to drummond.  would be hilarious if reports come out after workout that ezeli schooled him. 

    really wish Barnes v. Beal w/ both knowing #4 draft slot is on the line could make it to youtube. that’s be amazing

  • Harv 21

    now why would one of the few people witnessing a head to head workout between Barnes and Beal risk their job with an anonymousl leak to CBS about who had “the edge”? A Cavs rep has no reason to say anything other than to mislead other teams or prompt trade talks. Or it could be Beal’s agent trying to give his guy’s draft position a goose. An example of where anonymous information is worthless – disregard.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The edge thing is meaningless as is they both did well against each other.  Both are obviously worthy of the #4 overall pick it’ll just be up to the Cavaliers which one is the better fit for whatever strategy they are taking.

    Personally I’d be fine with either because I feel the Cavaliers will need a prominent scorer with the departure of Jamison.  Regardless of who goes at #4 I’d like to see the Cavaliers come away addressing both the backcourt and frontcourt situations.  With four draft picks they should be able to do it unless they can work a trade and possibly draft two or three better guys.

  • Harv 21

    they did well against each other when? If you mean at these private workouts, my point is we have nada trustworthy to verify that. It would be stupid for the cavs to leak their honest appraisal, and the agents present aren’t objective info sources.

  • Hollyw1319

    Trade 24,33,34 picks this year,picks we got from kings and Miami that have lottery potential in future years and lakers first pick.take a bad contract off there books in which they desperately want and also we can give them pf tristian thompson to bobcats for pick 2. Then trade walton,varejae,and gibson 2013 and 2014 first and second round picks to wizards. Wizards give us sf Lewis bad contract they desperately want to get rid of along with there 3 pick. People have traded consecutive year picks away like the lakers for pg ramon sessions and even way back when with magic getting three number one picks and a. Hardaway from magic for chris webber,ect.. Then pick 2,3,and 4 pf Thomas Robinson,Sg Bradley beal,and sf Harrison barnes. Just outline of trades,if you need to mix it up to get it done with players,picks,and bad contracts.