NBA Draft Rumors: Reports On Cavs Trading Up For Charlotte’s No. 2 Pick Continue To Surface

There are only four and half more days of smokescreens, and then David Stern will have to start calling names in New York. The one bit of speculation that continues to gain traction in NBA circles is that the Cavaliers will try to put together a package for the Charlotte Bobcats and move into the No. 2 slot.

The Cavs and Bobcats have been bandied about as potential trade partners since the lottery. Sam Amick again reported late Thursday night that executives felt the Cavs would likely approach Charlotte in an effort to move ahead of the Wizards and take Brad Beal. Rick Bonnell weighed in this morning on the Charlotte side of the things and after speaking to his sources, and he’s hearing more on the potential swap in the top four:

After calling some sources with lottery picks Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Bobcats and Cleveland Cavaliers swap draft picks in Thursday’s draft. In that sort of a deal, the Bobcats would pick fourth and 24th and the Cavs would move up to No. 2.

From the day he became part of this front office, general manager Rich Cho has talked about gathering extra assets, and that generally means extra first-round picks.

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  • Bob O’Brien

    I don’t really get this move. If the only sure thing in the draft is Davis, why sacrifice for one of three players who will be there anyway? (Beal, Barnes, MKG). If the Cavs are absolutely sure of a guy they want who likely wouldn’t be there at 4 (Like Beal) then I suppose it is more understandable. As a fan, however, I just can’t see a major gap between any of the three aforementioned players.

  • Jay

    Charlotte is trying to get Washington to outbid the Cavs. I don’t think there is a big difference in talent from 2-4 this year.

  • Mike Francischiello

    Totally agree, the #24 is way too steep a price to move up 2 spots. The #24 pick is a valuable assest, not one to be just given away. The Cavs will be a better team picking 2 players at #4 & #24 than they would just picking a player at #2.

  • wend28

    This would be a great deal for Charlotte if it happens.

  • zonk

    Called a smokescreen as Charlotte is not getting anywhere near the offers they want for #2. Cavs are more likely to trade down from 4 to 5 then they are to trade up to 2. As of now, I see them having the choice of MKG or Barnes at 4.

  • Charlie R

    Washington and Cleveland bidding on the same pick/player? This sounds familiar

  • jayb

    I will be pissed if we trade are 24 just to get beal, when mkg and barnes are just as valuable

  • Jack

    Good thing we have someone posting on WFNY who has seen all the workouts and scoured the footage and has the perspective to evaluate/project potential NBA talents…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This is all part of drafting regardless of the sport. When there is really only one franchise changing player in the draft (Davis) there is tons of room for speculation and decisions. The Cavaliers hit the jackpot last year so I’ll give Grant and his staff the benefit of the doubt. I wanted Derrick Williams and I was wrong, gladly.

  • Anon

    I’m completely fine with this deal if it happened. MKG is there at four, but if we are that high on Beal…I trust Dan Gilbert enough.

  • 1017smb

    all of you are saying the trade isnt worth it, but none of you have the inside sources of the GMs, trainers, & owners. so how can you call the trade stupid if you arent educated enough to make a proper decision on who to select?