Report: Cavs offered entire 2012 draft for No. 1 pick

According to multiple reports on Twitter, seemingly all pointing back to ESPN’s Chad Ford, the Cleveland Cavaliers got aggressive in pursuit of the first-overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. It is being said that the Cavaliers offered four picks in total (Nos. 4, 24, 33, 34) for the lottery ticket that New Orleans and their new ownership currently hold in their possession. The Hornets reportedly declined.

Of course, everyone remembers that the Hornets were possessed by the NBA prior to New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson purchasing the team for $338 million. Everyone also (probably) remembers that league commissioner David Stern nixed a trade of Chris Paul prior to last season before allowing a second attempt to go through.

Has to make you wonder if the offer might have had a better chance before the Hornets were purchased by a real live owner.

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  • Natedawg86

    Does this mean they declined?

  • JeBron_Lames

    That’s very interesting, heck I’d do that for the No. 2 pick.

  • EyesAbove

    I would take that deal if I were the Hornets, call me crazy.

  • mgbode

    why would it have a better chance if Stern was still in control? (he technically still is in control of the franchise until July, but I assume – as you did here – that Benson gets to make decisions albeit unofficially)

    in the NBA, a star is much more important than several players of decreasing skill.  a 2nd rounder might as well be a powerball ticket.   Anthony Davis is considered the “next young star” right now and I would be hesitant to believe anyone would trade that (from a marketing standpoint to sell season tickets to the actual on-court competitive issues long-term as well)

  • mmonast

    you’re crazy; the league didn’t fix the draft just so NO would give the pick to Cleveland.

    Now, if it was say the 2 1s this yr and a future 1 then that might make em think about it

  • BenRM

    I’m inclined to agree with you here. 

  • mgbode

    also, if Stern was acting as owner, then didn’t he act in the best interests of the team by declining the Laker/Rockets trade?

    scenario1:  NO gets Odom, Scola, Martin, Dragic(UFA), #24 pick (Lakers)
    scenario2:  NO gets Gordon(RFA), Kaman(UFA), Aminu, #10 pick (Twolves)

    I’ll take my chances on Gordon being healthy enough and the #10 pick (not to mention the team being bad enough to have the 4th best odds at getting the #1 overall pick – yes, that plays into it) over the scuttlebutt of veteran middling players they got in the first offering.

    I thought they got the better offer then, and after seeing them get the #1 overall + #10 overall through it, I still believe they took the better offer.  Stern acted as an owner and got a better deal.  One of the few instances he shouldn’t be lambasted (now, if you go over the situation he put himself in to be that presiding owner, yeah that should be lambasted).

  • EyesAbove

    Is Anthony Davis really that good? I admit I dont watch a great deal of college basketball, but from what Ive seen I think he’s closer to Emeka Okafor than Tim Duncan. Is Davis’ ceiling really that high? 

  • Tron

    I completely agree with this. NO would get murdered by their fans if this happened. No way a brand new owner trades the #1 draft for the next “it” player. 

  • mgbode

    short answer:  yes, he is that good and, yes, his ceilling is that high.

  • RGB

    Assuming the same picks, if NY, or LA, or BOS had made an offer like this, methinks it would have been accepted. 😉

  • BrownsFanSF

    They’d be crazy to accept that.  I’d have to imagine they declined

  • cleveland__rocks

    worth a try 

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Throw in next years 1 as well.  I mean Hell if you are going for it I say go for it!

  • BrownsFanSF

    With Davis, Gordon (assuming he stays and stays healthy), Landry, Jack and who-ever they pick up at the ten – That may be a pretty good start to a basketball team.  They were starting to play halfway decent when Gordon got healthy anyway.

    (and I totally agree that as a rebuilding franchise that was the better offer)

  • maxfnmloans

    thumbs up for the effort, that’s for sure. Like Spike Nolan (John Candy) said in Brewster’s Millions, “If you don’t make any calls, you can’t make any sales”

  • Phil Smith

    Throw in next years unprotected #1 and take back Okafor’s abomination of a contract and you might get them to listen…..

  • Harv 21

    How it all went down:

    Chris Grant: “Hey, Dave, you got Benson on skype yet?”

    Dave Griffin: “Yeah, but …”

    CG: “Just scoot out of the way … wait, what’s he doing? An umbrella dance? HEY MR. BENSON! CHRIS GRANT HERE!! MR. BENSON!  He can’t hear me.”

    DG:”That’s definitely his Anthony Davis I Win I Win I Win dance.

    CG: “Probably doesn’t matter what I offer.”

    DG: “Nope.” 

  • Andrew B.

    It’s cool that the Cavs front office is running the team like I do in NBA2K12 (which is trade most or all picks for first overall every year). They always want Tristan Thompson or Kyrie though. Maybe see if they bite on Thompson?

    I’m joking of course, just stay at 4 or if you must move up, trade all picks for #2.

  • TSR3000

     U kraZy!

  • dwhit110

    Completely agree. Not sure about the dig on Benson/Stern in the article, and I feel like any owner would have been somewhat crazy to make that deal. The #4, the #24, and next year’s Cavs first rounder with Top 3 protection… maybe. Not that I advocate making that deal on the Cavs end…

  • oribiasi

    I know it doesn’t quite translate, but think of the reaction here if the Browns gave up something similarly silly for RG3 or Andrew Luck?

  • EyesAbove

    Camby is a better comparison. I dont know, maybe I just havent seen him play enough, but I dont see him as a “franchise” type player. We’ll see though. 

  • mgbode

    it doesn’t translate at all because a top tier NBA talent trumps an otherwise mediocre supporting cast.   i.e. Miami Heat

  • mgbode

    it doesn’t translate at all because a top tier NBA talent trumps an otherwise mediocre supporting cast.   i.e. Miami Heat

  • Eugene Woodland

    New Orleans would be fools to take that deal. I don’t know why the Cavs even insulted them with that offer, to take a franchise changing caliber player from their grasp. They’d be the new Trailblazers who took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and injury prone Greg Oden over Kevin Durant who has his team in the Finals.

  • aaron

    Call me crazy but I’d offer Tristan, #4 and #24 for the rights to draft Davis..

  • saggy

    that’s not crazy.  tristan ain’t gonna be that much better than he already is.  i don’t think NO takes that deal.

  • Sda4124

    Now if we can only get Gilbert to buy the Indians and Browns !!!!!!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Camby is the perfect example with the addition of more of an offensive game namely a nice mid-range jumper.

  • Henryoctavia

    We could never give up our first round are you crazy, I would think so.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Davis is a perfect fit for the Hornets unfortunately I can’t see any way in which they’d trade the right to draft him #1 overall.  I actually liked Eric Gordon as a FA but he’s restricted and would cost a ton.

  • The Other Tim

    What if we throw in Casspi?

  • BrownsFanSF

    I disagree that Tristan is at his ceiling.  But I agree that NO still wouldn’t touch it.  TT’s ceiling is a good player who sneaks into an all-star game or two, Davis’s ceiling is all-nba, game changing talent.  #1 pick is pretty much untouchable