While We’re Waiting… Colt McCoy’s Weird Offseason, NBA Pie Charts and Venn Diagrams, and Ohio wins fourth straight Big 33


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I wonder if being tone deaf runs in the family? (ZING)”And for a brief moment on Friday night—during a Braid Paisely concert—it even seemed like McCoy was the team’s starting quarterback again. McCoy came out on to the stage to sing the song “I’m Still a Guy” with the country star—being serenaded by the chant of “Here We Go Brownies” by the crowd.

But being on top of the world did not last long for McCoy, as the team reportedly put him on the trade block yesterday before the concert. After attempting to trade him during the draft, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com reported, “A conditional late-round pick would probably get it done…The Browns are trying to do McCoy a favor, but it doesn’t do the 2012 Browns much of a favor to have this story drag out through August.””[Bob Evans/NFL Authority]

I’ll be honest, until it came on following Saturday’s Indians-Pirates game, I had no idea this game even existed. “The Ohio all-stars made history Saturday night with an unprecedented fourth straight win over the Pennsylvania all-stars in the 55th annual Big 33 Football Classic at Hershey, Pa.

Ohio rallied from down 21-7 in the second half to force overtime. Ohio’s Tyler Grassman booted the game-winning 39-yard field goal and Ohio’s Nana Kyeremeh intercepted a tipped pass moments later to give the Ohio team an improbable 24-21 win.

No team or state has ever won the Big 33 in four consecutive years until tonight.

Four future Ohio State players were on the Ohio squad, including Steubenville DB Najee Murray, Cleveland Glenville DB Devan Bogard, Upper Arlington WR Frank Epitropoulos and Columbus DeSales RB Warren Ball. Epitropoulos missed the game due to a hamstring injury.[Steve Helwagen/Bucknuts.com]

I really enjoyed these NBA Finals Pie Charts. I also found these NBA draft prospect Venn diagrams pretty interesting.

Happy father’s day to my old man and the rest of you dads out there. “Some of my first childhood memories are of running around the yard with my black, plastic wiffle ball bat, pretending I was Candy Maldonado, even though my pasty white skin was nowhere close to Maldonado’s complexion. Once I graduated from hitting off a tee, the fenced-in side yard no longer contained the balls I hit. It must have been at that point that I developed a distaste for hitting because I always had to go chase the ball. Even as a child, I found it made more sense to be chasing the ball when it was hit to you, not after you hit it.

My dad kept playing softball and I gravitated toward hockey. He was a goaltender in high school, so playing hockey was just fine with him. We went to more Cleveland Lumberjacks games than Cleveland Indians games. My uncle was a season ticket holder up in Section 554 at Jacobs Field and the nights I would get to go with my dad were a lot of fun. We didn’t go very often because he worked a lot and preferred to watch on television instead of in person. He was able to get his brother’s tickets for the 1997 Home Run Derby, which was a thrill for both of us, even though his favorite player, Jim Thome put up a zero.”[Adam Burke/The Cleveland Fan]

I thoroughly enjoyed this Jason Whitlock podcast with Isiah Thomas. Thomas’s insights (especially on the thinking aspects of basketbal) were fascinating (some NSFW language).

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Big 33 Classic replays alot on cable I’ve seen it more then a few times.  Ohio represents!

  • Garry_Owen

    Here in PA, the Big 33 is a big deal.  A really big deal.  It’s huge.  A few years ago, co-workers used to taunt me about it.  I was vaguely aware of it, and remembered something of it from when I was in high school – but my impression had always been that Ohio really didn’t always send its best players, necessarily.  I explained that to my co-workers, but they were incredulous.  In the same way the they can’t fathom that Penn State is more or less just another Big 10 school to Buckeyes, they can’t fathom that our consciousness of PA HS football doesn’t match their disdain for us.

    They’ve been strangely quiet the last few years. 

    (I caught the end of the game on TV, and it looked like fun – and actually a pretty good win for the good guys.  Maybe I’ll go next year, as the field is only about 20 minutes from home.)