While We’re Waiting… Concussion discussion, second round options and right handed bats


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“For the first time since the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, there’s a serious, sweeping debate over the prospect that football is simply too dangerous to subsist in a civilized society. You can no longer have a sophisticated discussion about the NFL without considering the reality of concussions. The New Orleans Saints “bounty” scandal dominated the news cycle for two weeks and will not go away. After Junior Seau’s recent suicide, the first question everyone asked was, “Are they going to check his brain?” I constantly meet parents who (a) love Friday Night Lights but (b) don’t want their kid playing any game with a helmet.1 Talking intellectually about football now means talking about whether football should even exist; in my lifetime, the game has never been so contentious.

It’s also (obviously) never been more popular.” [Klosterman/Grantland]


Some second round possibilities for the Cavs? “Kyle O’Quinn of Norfolk State entered the national spotlight in a big way, exploding for a 26 & 14 in an NCAA tournament upset of second-seed Missouri. As the MVP at Portsmouth, thanks to weekly averages of nearly 12 rebounds and 4 blocks a game, his 7’ – 5” wingspan and quality leaping wowed scouts. Turning 22 this year, he accumulated 16 points, 10 rebounds and almost 3 blocks per outing, leading to dual honors of MEAC Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. Offensively, he’s quite limited, both near the basket and on the perimeter, primarily utilizing his impressive size & strength to overmatch inferior opponents; of 345 Division One teams, Norfolk State played the 38th easiest schedule. His post repertoire relies too much on finesse, and he takes too many ill advised jump shots, including making only 19% of his three this year. On the bright side, he converted 70% of his free throws. At Portsmouth, his speed and agility tested well below-average, which confirms scouting reports on his play. These attributes, combined with an often non-revving motor, don’t allow him to maximize the formidable gifts that could otherwise make him an NBA defensive force.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog]


“On Sunday, Acta had six righties (Cabrera, Lopez, Duncan, Marson, Cunningham and Matt LaPorta) in the lineup to counter Twins lefty Scott Diamond. That group went 4-for-17 against Diamond with an RBI apiece for Lopez, Duncan and Marson. To be fair, it was better production than the season showing as a whole. Heading into Sunday’s action, the Indians ranked last (30th) in MLB with a .212 average against lefties and 29th (14th in the American League) with a .630 OPS vs. lefties. Cleveland’s 10 homers off southpaws were tied for 12th in the AL. All of this while leading the AL with 613 at-bats against left-handers.

The Indians’ right-handed hitters as a group were hitting .231 (11th in the AL) with a .639 OPS (12th) and seven home runs (14th). Cleveland is now 4-12 vs. lefty starters this season.” [Bastian/MLB]


In case you missed it, Craig’s take on baseball economics, the Dolans, and fans- “So, what’s the conclusion? The Dolans overall haven’t deficit-spent. They’ve made moves to try to keep pace like starting Sports Time Ohio. Ultimately though as teams like the San Diego Padres are signing TV deals worth up to $75 million per year for multiple decades 4 , it seems like the Indians better be poised to score a much bigger TV deal. The next TV deal is the single biggest opportunity for the Indians in terms of expanding team revenue. Right now the Dolan family reportedly pays about $30 million annually for TV rights. In a situation where the team and TV station have a common owner, the deal is scrutinized by Major League Baseball to make sure it is a fair deal.” [Craig/WFNY]

  • mgbode

    nice change of pace with the new logo.  adds some color to the place :)

  • JNeids

    Carter Beauford was wearing a jersey that said “Spiders” on the front last night. It was pretty generic and a football jersey to boot, but I like to think it was a nice homage. I got a decent pic, but don’t know how to post…

  • Chris M

    “Duncan, Marson, Cunningham and Matt LaPorta

    The collective WAR for these guys has to be subterranean. I’m not sure how someone would expect the Indians to beat anybody with the 4 of these guys in the lineup at the same time.

  • Natedawg86

    Beats the newspaper with Clevelands newest Stud Peyton Hillis

  • mgbode

    Duncan and LaPorta are 0.0 WAR
    Marson and Cunningham are -0.1 WAR (each)


    sadly, they are all better than:  Damon, Diaz, Donald, and Kotchman (-1.9 WAR total)

  • mgbode

    well, Peyton Hillis does need to be beat with a newspaper

  • Chris M

    LaPorta only has 4 at bats. Give him time to match his career -0.9 level. Also, isn’t Donald in Columbus?

  • oribiasi

    Yes, Donald is in Cbus where he is somewhat hitting but committing more errors than at bats, it seems.

  • mgbode

    yes, was just using the current Tribe stats; small sample sizes and all.  

  • Scott @ WFNY

    I saw that too — was great. send it to our tips address and we’ll get it up here or at the Tumblr site.

  • Natedawg86

    I will supply the newspaper if you supply the beating…

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    That looks like the 1970s era wallpaper in our kitchen that my wife hates but that I love because I don’t want to strip it off and put up new stuff. But now that you’re using it, I can tell her that this design pattern has made it all the way back to retro stylish, and we would be foolish to change it. Good job, guys.

    And except for the Chief, that clock looks exactly like our kitchen clock too. I feel at home here.

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    that’s fine.  he’d probably injure himself if he tries to fight back anyways.

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    /Mr. Stickler