While We’re Waiting… Rock and Roll closer, remembering the spitball and buy or sell?


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A good read on Perez from Tom Withers– “Sure enough, the next time Perez pitched he was greeted by a standing ovation, a moment he called “humbling.” He wasn’t sure what to expect but was glad Cleveland, a place he seems to embody, had his back. “I bring it every day,” he said. “I got hurt in spring training and worked hard to get ready for opening day, and that didn’t go very well, but I got back to the grindstone and that’s what Cleveland is. My job isn’t easy, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.” [Withers/Tribune]


I really don’t need an excuse to link an article with a Major League clip do I?– “Did Valverde use the spitball technique? Maybe he did. But maybe he didn’t. But who cares? I might have a bias for the boys on the mound since my own short career was one of doing everything I could to survive out there, but it’s not like “putting a little something extra” on a pitch is a new thing. It’s not even something to get upset about, even if we knew for absolute certain it was a cheating tactic.

Most of the time, pitchers try to keep the ball clean so we can control what it’s doing better from a default setting. That’s the thing about throwing doctored pitches: They’re advanced forms of the art. I respect a guy who can make a ball dance when it’s got a foreign element on it. Goodness knows it’s hard enough to make it do what you want when all conditions are perfect, but it’s flat out masterful when you can make it dance covered in Vagisil or Crisco.” [Hayhurst/Big League Stew]


Really interesting comparison charts on NBA prospects. [Hardwood Paroxysm]


Here’s a big reason why Richardson and Weeden haven’t been able to sign yet– “The main reason for the unsigned picks at the top of the process was and continues to be an obscure question regarding whether and to what extent a player will receive the balance of his fully-guaranteed salary even if he’s cut before the four-year contract ends and he signs with a new team.” [Florio/Pro Football Talk]


Um. No. Holy cow. Really Jacksonville? Never in a million years would something like this fly in Cleveland. [MJD/Shutdown Corner]


Finally, will the Tribe be buyers at the deadline? -“With the exception of perhaps the Indians and Blue Jays, these teams all began the year with strong playoff aspirations, and since they entered the season in win-now mode, they’re unlikely to shift gears based on what has happened to date. The Tigers struggles have opened the door for Cleveland to make a run at the AL Central division, while the Blue Jays have played well enough to give them a chance in the highly competitive AL East. It’s hard to see any of these 10 teams deciding to just sell off talent in July, but they’re also all vulnerable to a significant slump that could cause them to stay in the holder category all year long. You can sum up these teams position by saying that they’re probably buyers, probably not sellers, but could end up as neither depending on how they play over their next 30 to 40 games. ” [Cameron/Fangraphs]

  • JNeids

    Jaguaring looks more like a distant cousin of Thriller-ing than Tebowing, but sounds like a distant cousin of cougaring.

  • mgbode

    with how well Wallace is playing for the Astros, I’d imagine they might sell Carlos Lee pretty cheap and pretty early once he recovers.

  • Harv 21

    word is that the Astros will consider dumping almost everyone. But Lee’s final contract year pays him $18.5m after the bonus, and guessing that if the Astros pick up any of the $10M or so remaining they will probably want decent prospects in return. Don’t see tribe paying $10m for a half-year rental.