Buster Olney: Indians “Not Expecting Anything” from Grady Sizemore in 2012

— ESPN’s Buster Olney provides the latest update on Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore’s ongoing health issues. Just back on July 3, general manager Chris Antonetti shared that Sizemore was hitting and throwing, but had yet to run. It appears that is still an issue, per the latest from Olney. It now appears doubtful that the Indians will get much at all from their $5 million offseason investment.

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  • zonk

    I personally love the opinion regarding baseball executives that: “if you make a decision like a fan, you will be sitting with them”. Because all of these “professionals” know so much more than the fans do…I don’t know one Indians fan who said “oh good, we brought Grady back after 104 games played the last 2 seasons for only $5 million guaranteed”. Meanwhile, guys who many fans were interested in like Josh Willingham get deals for 3 yrs at $7 mil per yr. JW hit 29 home runs for Oakland, with absolutely no one protecting him in that lineup playing in a pitcher’s stadium. Don’t worry though, I am sure we can get Grady back next year at closer to $4.75 million based on his current year production….

  • Matt Underwood

    I think every single person in America knew this was going to happen except the Indians.

    Great f-ing move tribe.

  • Rizzle

    They probably had insurance. I cant bang on them for taking a risk you can’t get much for 5 mil in free agency.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    They could have done something with that $5 M remember you are talking about the blue light special KMart Indians it’s not like they can afford to just throw away $5m let alone $1M. Could have given Willingham the third year he wanted or could have signed Cody Ross heck a couple Cody Ross’s even.

  • cmm13

    For anyone wanting to claim Carlos Santana is having the most disappointing season….I give you Grady Sizemore.

    The single most frustrating offseason move just keeps on keeping’ on.