Morosi: Cleveland Indians Scouting Matt Garza

There’s still time before the Major League Baseball trade deadline comes, but that’s not stopping teams from trying to make impact moves prior to the All-Star Break. While there’s no doubt the Cleveland Indians could really use a right handed bat, they’ve already seen potential targets such as Kevin Youkilis and Carlose Lee traded to contenders. Does this mean the Indians might turn their focus instead to bolstering the pitching staff?

Perhaps. According to Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi, the Indians were among a handful of teams scouting the Chicago Cubs’ Matt Garza during his last start.

Morosi would go on to tweet that the Tigers have also had discussions with the Cubs and that the Cubs have been seen scouting the Tigers’ AA team for prospects.

For the season, Garza is 4-7 with a 4.32 ERA with an 86/29 K/BB ratio.

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  • Andrew

    Pitching beats hitting once the playoffs begin. Don’t forget that.

  • ZWG

    Yes, true, but in the playoffs our rotation will get shortened to 3-4 pitchers. Right now you have to believe that would be Masty, Ubaldo, and Lowe…I suppose if Garza were to come in and pitch well he would be an asset but don’t miss the fact that he would most likely only get 2, maybe 3 starts throughout the playoffs even if we ran all the way to the WS. Still think a RH bat is the more necessary piece, even if the FO doesn’t agree…

  • Andrew

    I agree, but Lowe has been very bad since he was very good to start. He’s shown himself to be streaky, if nothing else. You can NEVER have enough pitching.

  • Andrew

    Also, Cleveland is 10th in MLB in runs scored and 27th in ERA. It’s evident where we are weakest.

  • architrance

    Yeah, but if he makes 16 starts that help us even MAKE the playoffs, it’s probably worth it.

  • ZWG

    Good point, didn’t think of it from that stand point.

  • Brian J. Ristau

    Coud they be trying to make a package to get Garza and Soriano?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Need at least one sp and one RHB if you ask me. I don’t like the Indians chances given the other teams with supposed interest. All of them have significantly more talent to trade then the Indians.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I see this as a major issue as well… the Tribe just doesn’t have much in the minor leagues to entice a trade.

  • Jason Hurley

    So, I would only support getting Garza if it meant we got Soriano as well. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me, especially considering we would have to give up something of value.

  • Jason Hurley

    And we don’t have a lot of “somethings of value” in the organization.

  • Dee P

    Hate to say it, but it’s a pipe dream at this point. Cubs will want a prospect laden package that we cannot afford. Especially with the talent rich Blue Jays, Cardinals and D-Backs in the mix.

  • Scott @ WFNY

    I can’t imagine the (justified) backlash if Garza ends up in Detroit.

  • jim

    Name me a package of players that would enable the Indians to trade for Garza (or Soriano). The Indians have little quality in the top of their farm system and their best prospect, Francisco Lindor, is all but untouchable.

    Miami had to give up two of its ten best prospects, including its top prospect, for Carlos Lee. Something similar will be needed for the likes of Garza and/or Soriano.

  • mgbode

    ugh. don’t even say it. garza has actually pitched well until his last couple of starts. don’t want to see him in detroit.

  • Give Jon a Dollar

    You can bet on the fact that the Cubs will try to package Soriano with Garza. I wonder what the Indians would give them in return?

  • Kildawg

    The cheap Dolans would have to cough some cash for Garza and Soriano. We can send guys like Kotchman, Hannahan, Damon, Slowey, maybe even Donald or Marson (want to keep those last two) to get the deal done.

  • Steve

    Why would it necessarily be justified?