NBA Trade Rumor: Cavs Discussing Trade to Land Andrew Bynum in Magic-Lakers Deal

HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy dropped a bombshell on Twitter about an hour ago with this nugget of information:

Kennedy later expanded on that initial tease, posting an article with more details. In a possible trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers would end up with Andrew Bynum, and the Orlando Magic would receive a number of picks and prospects. There were no further specifics about what the Cavaliers would give up in such a deal.

Kennedy cites sources close to the situation, but also says “while no trade is imminent, the talks are ongoing.” Kennedy is the only individual currently reporting discussions between the three teams.

In other well-circulated Howard-to-LA reports, David Pingalore (a former Cleveland reporter) of WKMG-TV in Orlando also cited sources Friday night that said the All-Star center will likely end up in Los Angeles. Pingalore’s sources appeared to be fairly adamant in saying that just “some crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s is only left” for Howard to land in LA with Kobe Bryant. Pingalore didn’t mention any possible trade partners for the two teams in his article.

7:33 p.m. Updates: Both ProBasketballDraft and Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico have confirmed through sources that trade discussions are taking place between Orlando, Cleveland and the Lakers. Let’s start first with the new information from ProBasketballDraft:

This account also said the Cavs are looking for some type of confirmation that Bynum would extend. It also said that Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson and LA’s Darius Morris would be two key prospects that could go to Orlando.

Later, Amico confirmed through his sources that a deal is being discussed. These sources also reiterated Cleveland’s emphasis to make sure Bynum would extend with the team. One of Amico’s folks also said that “Cavs, as usual, being a big pain” in their trade dealings, as he reported earlier in the week about the possible Brooklyn Nets situation.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This would be something I wonder where the Cavaliers are with the reported Scola interest. I would think that would make alot more sense if Thompson & Varejao are both part of this three team trade with Orlando and Los Angeles. If they could add Scola and get Bynum to agree to sign an extended contract then I wouldn’t have a problem with moving two players and perhaps a pick. Really tho LA should be giving up more since they are getting the best player in the deal & the guy they wanted in Howard. I’d like to see the Cavaliers retain their pick and at least one other first rounder.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m a Zeller fan but he’s not in Bynum’s league and may never be that being said he’d be a nice back-up. Heck the Cavaliers could always play him and Bynum together if it warranted which would give them a whole different dynamic.

  • Dinner

    That would be awesome if we can get Bynum AND KEEP Kyrie, Dion, Tyler, and especially TT. I would personally fund a project to make a Chris Grant statue in front of The Q made out of Diamonds if I had the money for one. Lol!

  • Lunch

    I want to see what Byron Scott does with Zeller a few years from now before I can agree with yor statement.

  • Pat

    if we do this do we give you our pick next year or the Sacramento pick? Which would you rather keep?

  • thenoclist

    I hope you’re right because he could definitely be a game changer

  • Nutrichecker Friend

    Its so funny how Cleveland fans keep talking about Kyrie , don’t get me wrong hes a stud ,but players will come to Cleveland because of Byron Scott . Second best coach behind Popavich . I’m a Laker fan and Byron Scott is the real deal .. All of you in Cleveland need to give props to Scott

  • Carter

    Hey, remember that time that we kept JJ Hickson when we could have gotten Stoudemire (unless that wasn’t actually a done deal). Seems like keeping TT instead of getting Bynum could be a repeat of that.

    (I don’t know if I actually support the move or not – I don’t think my opinion matters though)

  • Kizo

    I’m extremely reserved about this. When judged purely on his talent, Bynum would make an amazing addition to the Cavs. That said, I can’t suddenly ignore the negative opinion I have of him from watching his petulant behavior. If this happens and we get one of the top 3 centers in the NBA, great. If this happens and we get the idiot who committed embarrassing, cynical fouls on Barea and Beasley, I’ll be quite disappointed to lose Andy, TT, and/or anything else we give up.

  • Brick

    Reports on Twitter that Kyrie is in a cast. Mercy…. hoping for the best.

  • mgbode

    yeah, Zeller doesn’t have the physical tools of Bynum. cannot believe people are wanting to keep Zeller over the BEST offensive C in the NBA. that’s crazy. and i’m as high on Zeller as anybody (so I thought)
    the only pause on a deal like this is if Bynum leaves in a year and we get nothing for him. that would suck.

  • mgbode

    Kerr has stated a bunch of times. PHX is the one that wouldn’t pull the trigger.

  • mgbode

    fantastic point. Scola would be a great PnR partner with Irving with Bynum in the paint as well.

  • mgbode

    we’d get both. hopefully, as he matures, the stupid stuff goes away (but probably not totally)

  • mgbode

    why am i seeing that Irving’s hand is in a cast?

  • RuhspecT

    bynum and irving would b perfect to build around

  • Dinner

    Heh! New reports are saying the latest talks are dead. TT remains a cav for the foreseeable future. Guess the haters will have to deal with TT for a little bit longer. Maybe long enough for him to possibly become a 20/10 player. :)

  • King Me

    You also can’t ignore Byron Scott’s own ability to help players mature. However, this is a more legitimate concern to me than “Tristan MIGHT be a 20/10 player sometime in the future!”

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The frontcourt would have more talent then it has had in years that’s for sure. Definitely an entirely new look and dynamic.

  • Kobe laker fan

    Lakers pulling another great trade

  • FearTheRoo

    Yeah they’ve said this trade isn’t happening. I’ve heard a few sources say the Cavs were the team to pull away from it, other reports say it was nothing more than a rumor. If the Cavs had a chance at this and blew it, I will be very angry. It would be the second time already this offseason they didn’t jump at the opportunity to get an established contributor. Frustrating!

  • TSR3000

    If “blew it” it means we didn’t want him without an extension than I am cool with it.

  • ron f

    Although I believe Bynum is a better Center than Supermn Jr., and I am a Laker fan, I think Superman, Jr is a better fit with Kobe than Bynum. I’m all for it but the Lakers must get a Scola to make all well in Laker town.

  • urmomsbf

    if its kobe nash andd howard i call a championship run

  • robertf

    some teams naturally like to be screwed. many GM’s did not want Brooklyn to get a big three, but the Lakers, Celtics and the others that for decades have been on top can continue to have their super teams. I would be nice to see others trying to compete.