Report: Kyrie Irving Breaks Hand, Will Need Surgery And Miss 6-8 Weeks

The WFNY staff has been processing this tweet for the last half hour or so, and has decided to post it to the site. This latest report comes via SLAM’s Tzvi Twersky ‏and it doesn’t appear too good:

Twersky later posted an article to SLAM’s site, citing sources that report the injury took place during a Cleveland Cavaliers summer league practice. They said that the injury is likely a broken bone, but didn’t provide specific details of what occurred.

We’ll have the latest when we actually know some more details in this peculiar late-night story from Las Vegas. No local beat writers have commented yet on Irving’s possible injury.

10:47 p.m. Updates: And finally, we have confirmation from the local Cavs writers. Let’s start off with Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s duo of Mary Schmitt Boyer and Josie Valade also tweeted similar details.

Yikes, yikes. There ya have it, folks. Not really some great news to get on a late Saturday night for all of you Cavs fans out there.

Update #2: Lloyd of the ABJ followed up his initial report by adding some details on just how exactly Irving broke his hand. Apparently, Kyrie slammed his hand against a thinly padded wall in frustration after turning the ball over in practice today. He continued to practice but then came out and was seen with ice on the hand. X-rays later revealed the fracture, which will require surgery and six to eight weeks on the shelf. Here’s what Irving had to tell Lloyd about the accident:

“I’m a little disappointed for a freak accident like that. I have to be more responsible about my health. It was crazy. It happened so fast. That thing I did, hitting the padding on the wall, I’ve done it so many times. This time it was just a freak accident.”

That’s twice in the past two weeks that a Cleveland athlete has been injured taking their frustrations out on insentient objects.

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  • Hurst


  • cmm13

    Bummer…would have liked to seen KI and Waiters start finding their grooves in summer league. Guess that has to wait til October now.

  • Lunch

    Sad panda! But at least the injury occurred now instead of during the season. Still would have been nice to see him during the summer leagues.

  • Lunch

    Now that I think about it, this gives us a better chance to see what Waiters, Zeller, & a more experienced Thompson can do, as well as potentially put the critics & haters in their place.

  • Clay Brown

    whose BRILLIANT idea was it to have the reigning rookie of the year playing in the summer league anyway…kyrie has NOTHING to prove…the risk far outweigh the reward as evidenced by this fluke unnecessary injury..owner,coach,gm,agent–shame on u all

  • FearTheRoo

    If Cleveland fans start calling him “injury prone” now…I’m seriously going to punch something!….too soon?

  • mgbode

    he was keeping in shape and basically practicing. he’d be doing it somewhere might as well be under our coaches watchful eye.

  • friscohio

    They should only let him play regular season games. Put him on the shelf til then. No, scratch that only let him play playoff games. Or maybe we should just not let him play at all and just talk about how good he is? Practice is stupid.

  • Tom Roseman

    Pretty sure it was Kyrie’s idea because he didn’t play in it last year and he wanted to gel more with his teammates.

  • Steve

    Only in Cleveland…..

  • 216in614

    nick hagadone called…

  • Jack

    No one has even mentioned the obvious counter to this “keep your action figure in the box” sentiment–EVERY two years (Olympics and WBC) we hear about how players like Durant via LBJ, or LBJ via Kobe see what it takes to be the best. It’s not like they were pushing Ky 40 minutes in a summer league game. Playing against the absolute best players in the world for a few weeks, working out with them, watching how they go about their business is an extremely unique and valuable experience; one that is sure to elevate his game/confidence level (and by all indications has)…and to suggest that Kyrie should not take part in it (after his rookie season no less!) just because he was on the Select Team is pretty shortsighted…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If the reports are correct he didn’t get hurt playing rather from a dumb overreaction which we all do. He could have done it off the court just as well. Sucks no matter how it happened but I guess now is as good of a time as any if it had to occur. I was looking forward to tonight’s summer league action. Perhaps Waiters might be at the point now.

  • BrownsFanSF

    Practice! We talkin’ about practice!

  • friscohio

    Almost threw that in there.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Amare Stoudamire takes issue with your comment…