Report: OSU RB Dunn Arrested

UPDATE: The Canton Rep is reporting that Brionte Dunn was cited, but not arrested, on Saturday for possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, not wearing a seat belt, and a tail light violation. As of Monday morning, Ohio State has still not released an official statement.


According to multiple sources, Ohio State incoming freshman running back Brionte Dunn was arrested over the weekend in Alliance Ohio.

Ohio State University has not released an official statement at this point, nor is there any official word as to what the arrest was for.

Dunn marks the 6th arrest for new Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer. While previous arrests were for players not recruited by Meyer, Dunn was one of the prize recruits in Urban Meyer’s first recruiting class at Ohio State. Dunn was expected to step in and see plenty of playing time right away as a freshman in Meyer’s new offense at Ohio State. If reports of this arrest are in fact true, that now seems highly unlikely. However, at this time these are just rumors and reports as no official statement has been released.

  • simond

    he was CITED (not arrested nor charged) for a seatbelt violation and drug paraphernalia possession

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Pretty bad that some members of the media said “arrested” (WKNR personality), one even confirmed the “arrest”(92.3 THE FAN personality). Thank god Todd Porter actually did some homework and wasn’t just going for the scoop.

  • bcspiel

    This also happened in June, according to the traffic citation issued by the Alliance police department about can found on line.

  • MrNewCastrati

    Drug paraphernalia possession can’t be a good thing. I hope Meyer knows from his research that this kid is a not going to be a druggie problem.

  • rocknrollsoul84

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not arrested. Given a citation for not wearing a seat belt and drug paraphernalia. Repeat, NOT ARRESTED. Poor reporting.

    If you go on a reputable sports news source, i.e. ESPN, YAHOO, they have nothing about this story yet because they don’t want to look foolish.

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Which is why I was clear in repeating several times that this was a rumor and not confirmed. We did not report anything. We just passed along what others were reporting.

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    I believe that was a separate incident. Per the Canton Rep, this incident happened on Saturday.

  • rocknrollsoul84

    Then why does your headline still state, “OSU RB Dunn Arrested”???

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Because that’s what the original headline was. The update is clearly posted at the very top of the post. Once a headline is posted, it’s already disseminated that way. But we can change the content of the body, which is what I did.

    Also, the headline doesn’t read “OSU RB Dunn Arrested”. It reads “Report: OSU RB Dunn Arrested”. That’s a key distinction.