Uni Watch: Cavs to Reportedly Wear Electric Blues During 2012-13 Season

As part of their plans to outfit the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season, Adidas Basketball will reportedly launch a new Retro Nights “REV30” collection of throwback uniforms for twelve of the league’s thirty teams, one of which being the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Paying homage to the 1990s, the Cavaliers, on these specific retro nights, will be outfitted in the infamous black and electric blue uniforms that are synonymous with the Mike Fratello and Shawn Kemp era of Cleveland basketball. Other kits that will be released include the Barkley era Phoenix Suns, the cartoon Toronto Raptors, and the Glen Robinson Milwaukee Bucks and Dikembe Mutombo Atlanta Hawks jerseys, complete with the cartoon Buck and Hawk, respectively. These jerseys will be (naturally) available for retail purchase as well.

The Cavaliers, having released New Expression uniforms following the summer of 2010, are now beyond their two-year window wherein the NBA forbids teams with new jerseys and/or logos from adding a third jersey to their collective closet. Previous “Cav Fanatic” nights have paid similar homage to the 1990s squads, complete with electric blue and orange piping.

The Revolution 30 name will be popular nomenclature during the upcoming season as Adidas has released a new line of jerseys that are reportedly lighter while having quick-drying technology. They’re made from recylcled materials and will have technology that will decrease rubbing between the jersey and the player.

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(Source: Sole Collector)

  • Chucky Brown

    if only I had hung onto my T.Langdon electric blue

  • BisonDeleSightings

    It’s important to honor the Bob Sura era.

  • Eric D

    The Alaskan Assassin!

  • TC


    here’ a link of the retro unis that will be worn

  • humboldt

    Wow, that was a bad era of jerseys. At least we can look back and have our pro athletes wear them with a sense of irony now

  • thenoclist

    I freaking loved this era. I would buy an electric black and blue jersey with KEMP on the back.

  • BigDigg

    Sweet – can’t wait to dust off my old autographed Brevin Knight jersey. Likely about 3 times too small now, but hey…

  • Kevin B

    It will good to see Chris Bosh returning to the front of the Toronto Raptors’ jerseys, where he belongs.

  • typo

    I loved those uni’s. Makes me think of Tyrone Hill, my all time favorite Cav.

  • mgbode

    careful, I heard they make you gain 50lbs

  • mgbode

    Good ole defensive Bob Sura.

    What I will remember the most from this era is how “advanced” statistics that were just becoming popular demonstrated that Terrell Brandon was the best PG of the late 90s. I would have gotten into the advanced stats at some point anyway, but this “revelation” sure helped push me there faster.

  • mgbode

    well that, and how absolutely wretched those uniforms truly were and how they should never be forced upon anyone to wear them ever again (though I still own a shirt in this design).

  • mgbode

    that’s not Chris, it’s his dad. he was so upset that they removed his dad from their logo that he not only left the team, but the country as well.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    And create children like a Pezz dispenser!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    How many uniform variations will the Cavaliers sport for the upcoming season? Kind of fitting for a team searching for an identity.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I am a big fan of the retro Cavs unis.

    But looking at the image someone posted of all of the retro jerseys, I have to say, the Jazz are the worst. It just doesn’t make sense…the word Jazz in front of a mountain?

    Also, I don’t know why the Bulls ever changed their jerseys. Why would you ever want to leave the legacy of the Jordan era in the dust?

  • Jay

    No doubt. I wonder if I can buy back my Vitaly Potapenko jersey I sold to that one dude at my family garage sale for $4.50……

  • BisonDeleSightings

    It’s still hard to believe that this happened.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    And in my search for that image, I found this gem: a photo of Jay Guidinger, Danny Ferry, (someone), and John Battle with the word “Superteam” laid over top.

  • Hypno_Toad

    When you said “popular nomenclature” it just made me think of this….


  • woofersus

    Holy crap those are bad! At least the Cavs electric blues aren’t the worst we’ll see. I’m torn on which is worst between the ghostly deer on forest green, the snow-capped moutain, and the wierd starry swoop with smiley face on the sixers’ jersey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Forstag/706995181 Max Forstag

    Gotta love the 90s! For all its quirkiness, it was certainly a better decade than the 80s! I actually think those road black and ‘electric blue’ jerseys could look alright with Kyrie and Dion rocking them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Forstag/706995181 Max Forstag

    Mills, Phills and Hill!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Max-Forstag/706995181 Max Forstag

    On a related note, is anyone else a little annoyed at our seemingly endless collection of jerseys? In my opinion, the only ‘Hardwood Classics’ of the Cavs are the ’75-’76 wine n gold jerseys with the piping and awesome lettering. I think those 80s orange jerseys are awful, ditto the majority of the other ‘throwbacks.’ Maybe it’s my childhood bias, but I would be interested to see the 90s electric blue and blacks this season.

  • cal81985

    Am I the only one who actually liked the 90s era jerseys? There was something about all the logos being friggin HUGE on both the court and the uniform that I really miss nowadays.