While We’re Waiting… Cavalier Homework Assignments, Dan Fegan, Indians All-Star Game Moments


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Here are some homework assignments for three Cavalier players, starting off with The Kid: “Kyrie Irving is by far the best player that wears the Wine & Gold. Like, from “New York to LA”-far. Like, he is probably a top 20-25 player in the world, right now, without a real ceiling to speak of. But the thing about players’ ceilings, and not having hit them yet, is that it by definition means that the player can still improve.” [David Zavac/Fear the Sword]

A nice primer on one of the under-reported sides of the Dwight Howard trade craziness: “Much has been reported about the proposed Dwight Howard trade to the Brooklyn Nets over the last 36 hours as the Nets and Magic proceed in negotiations. As has been well documented the Nets and Magic need a third team to help facilitate the deal so that Kris Humphries can be traded to allow more salary to be shed by the Magic. At the heart of this deal lies Dan Fegan, super agent, who represents Dwight Howard and Kris Humphries.” [Joe Kotoch/Pro Basketball Draft]

Notable moments in Cleveland Indians All-Star history, beginning with this note: “Cleveland has hosted the All-Star Game five times: 1935, 1954, 1963, 1981, and 1997. The first four were at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium; the 1997 game was at Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field).” [Susan Petrone/It’s Pronounced “Lajaway”]

Concluding with Tribe talk, here’s a debate about whether the team should look for a trade: “Given this, should the Indians make a move to improve the club before the July trade deadline? I have recently moved towards the “YES” view in my own thinking. My view is based in part on the optimists’ case above, but also on the nature of the Indians minor league talent, the likely sacrifice in any trade, at the moment.” [APV/Let’s Go Tribe]

This is a fun post for baseball fans about what a star ace — such as Zack Greinke or Cole Hamels — might be worth in a trade this year. Unfortunately, there are three Indians examples in there, so it might not be that fun for Cleveland fans. [Carson Cistulli/FanGraphs]

Not exactly Indians again in the baseball world, but this is a stellar read by familiar name to the Baseball Prospectus scene about the faults of sabermetrics. I agree with a lot of his sentiments, as I’m also a numbers guy by trade but have already had the privilege of working in baseball for three years. [Russell Carleton/Baseball Prospectus]

OBR’s position-by-position analysis continues with the tight ends: “The Browns tight end position could be one of the deepest positions on the team. With some of the uncertainty at wide receiver, the tight ends could help the passing game significantly.” [Fred Greetham/Orange & Brown Report]

With Storm Klein’s exit from Columbus, what remains for the LB corps? “More importantly, he was the only backup linebacker with any game experience whatsoever and was the lone listed backup to the extremely green Curtis Grant at the Mike. Sure, Fickell’s defensive schemes often call for just two LB’s on the field but I have to believe I’m not the only one nervous about the state of things at what is typically a position of strength in Columbus.” [Chris Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]

  • JNeids

    On what I can only assume is going to be a slow news day, any chance we can get an article with some insight and analysis into the possible Cavs-Nets-Magic trade? I’d love to hear the WFNY take on the addition of Kris Humphries and aiding in the creation of another super team (not to mention helping the new #1 diva get to where he wants to go).

  • Harv 21

    the take on agent Fegan representing both Dwight Howard and Humphries goes right to what I asked here yesterday: why is it in Humphries’s best interest to sign a one-year guaranteed deal with us when he should be looking for his first (and maybe only) big contract? Every UFA is a major injury away from zippo.

    I agree with the writer: Humphries needs to break Fegan’s spell and get a new agent right now, while teams still have room to sign him to a multiyear.

  • Tron

    If the Cavs are really that interested in Humphries, I dont understand why Gilbert just just FUBAR this whole thing and try and sign Humph without the sign and trade. That would pretty much seal the coffin on pouty Dwight getting his way, and we’d still get the player we were presumably interested in.

  • maxfnmloans

    I thought the Cavs were really more interested in the first rounder not so much Humphries, and that Humphries wants a multi year deal while the Cavs were only offering a one year deal. Total hearsay, and I have no proof, but that’s what I heard while in the car for 10 hours yesterday

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The draft pick and Brooks would have been what I was after but it seems now that Brooks is destined for the Clippers. Not sure on Humphries I can’t imagine why he’d sign a 1 year deal either and I can’t see why the Cavaliers would sign him for a 4 year deal. For a year he’d be okay because you can always use big men especially with the way Varejao plays.

  • mgbode

    IMO I think he’s asking for 4yrs to get 3yrs and will probably settle on a 2year contract.

    Looking at the 36min/game figures, Humphries has been consistent throughout his career (14pts/11reb averages). He’s a solid rotational big and that shouldn’t change in the next 1 or 2 years unless he suffers a significant injury.

  • mgbode

    we get a 1st rounder AND get rid of Luke Walton’s contract by “helping” with the trade. those are not insignifcant pieces of this deal.

  • Tron

    I understand the ridding of Walton’s contract, but how interested can we really be in the Nets first rounder? Even tho i don’t realistically see the Nets as a championship team, they will most likely be top 4 in the East and have a high draft slot.

  • mgbode

    well, we just used 2x2nd rounders + #24 to get Tyler Zeller at #17.

    a late 1st round pick + Lakers/Heat 1st round pick could again help us move up into the late lottery/early non-lottery area of the draft. or we could use it in another trade, on a foreign prospect, etc. assets are a good thing (plus, Kris Humphries on an expiring deal is yet another asset).

    Woj is saying we’re out of it now though, so likely a moot point.