While We’re Waiting… Cavalier patience, Tribe trade targets and loving Zeller


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“But it casts a light on the difference in philosophies between the two teams. The Nets are trying to win now, in an era dominated by super teams, and they have no fallback plan. The Cavs are trying to win later, and are hoping to give themselves the best chance at a super team, or a way out for the future.

It isn’t that the Cavs have been quiet or in stasis during free agency; they’re just not making moves for the sole sake of making moves (see: the Suns acquiring the amnestied Luis Scola). The club has worked out and talked with free agent point guards Derek Fisher and Jonny Flynn, made its qualifying offers to Harangody, Alonzo Gee (still pending) and Semih Erden (off to Turkey) and is still in talks to bring back Daniel Gibson (who is on a team option for 2012-13). Cleveland has been right in the thick of every Dwight Howard rumor as a third team with open cap space. That space is extremely valuable as an asset right now, and GM Chris Grant knows it.” [Rickman/SBNation]


An interview with Tyler Zeller– “StepienRules: What are your initial impressions of Cleveland so far? Tyler Zeller: The people are fantastic. They are avid fans and they are very, very nice. I haven’t really gotten into the city of Cleveland much, I’ve got two tours of it, but I really haven’t done anything yet. We’ve been more in Independence where the practice facility is. That’s a fantastic practice facility, I went to the Q one time and that’s phenomenal also. So I know I’ll move there in August / September, and I’ll get more experience then.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]

Not Cleveland related, but this is a fantastic quote from Buhner on Ichiro– “Jay Buhner, the man Ichiro Suzuki replaced in right field for the Seattle Mariners more than a decade ago, doesn’t want to see his old team sign him to a contract extension this offseason. Ichiro might be putting together a Hall of Fame career, but Buhner has seen what everyone else has during the past season-plus: Suzuki is in decline, he turns 39 in October and he’ll be expensive to bring back.

When speaking to ESPN radio in Seattle on Tuesday, the man they called “Bone” cut right to it when it came to Ichiro possibly coming back to Safeco Field full time (text via the Seattle Times): “I’d vomit,” Buhner said. “I mean, really, no offense. No offense, we’ve got to get this organization turned around. You can’t be spending all the money on one guy.” [Brown/Big League Stew]


Looking at potential trade options for the Tribe– “Headley was a second-round draft pick of the Padres in 2005 coming out of the Univerity of Tennessee and was fast tracked to the bigs, getting his first cup of coffee with the Padres in 2007 after destroying AA. He didn’t stick until 2009, playing left field while LGFT Kevin Kouzmanoff held down third. Kouzmanoff was dealt in the offseason (with Eric Sogard for Scott Hairston and (wait for it…….Aaron Cunningham!)), primarily to make room at third base for Headley.” [Let’s Go Tribe]


“Chicago is energized by a guy the Indians did not go after, and the Tigers finally are starting to look like the team they were supposed to be, winning eight of their last 10 and moving into the second wild-card spot. The Indians are one-half game back, but when it’s a Cleveland team, one-half seems like seven-and-a-half.” [McManamon/FSO]

  • mgbode

    first, yes I know that summer league is meaningless. this is to help demonstrate that as there is a certain someone who has tried to infer Waiters was a bad pick due to his summerleague performance and was harping on how the Cavs should have picked the below players.

    From ESPN Daily Dime today:

    Biggest Summer League Disappointment:
    Verrier: Thomas Robinson. A large swath of NBA types felt the Charlotte
    Bobcats were foolish to pass up Robinson, who flashed an NBA-ready game as a
    junior at Kansas, for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a hard-nosed player with a
    presumed lower ceiling. But Robinson has been pretty average through four games:
    12.5 points on 32 percent shooting and 8.3 rebounds per game

    Worst of the Night:

    Draymond Green, Warriors: We know he won’t play much defense. So
    0-for-9 nights are especially tough for Green, the Warriors’ second-round pick
    out of Michigan State. The 22-year-old big man also had almost as many fouls
    (five) as rebounds (six) in Golden State win.

  • mgbode

    not sure that acquiring Headley would make Chisenhall offseason trade-bait. we still need a LFer and Headley can play there (as they even mentioned).

    no idea why Headley would cost the same as Quentin though. Q is a UFA w/ no draft pick compensation. SD’s only time to get something for him is now (and his career stats aren’t really better than Chase’s, just this years). Headley is under team control for 2 more seasons.

    if we can get Chase for Jeanmar (we’ll toss in Huff too if they want!), then you do it in a heartbeat (it’ll cost more than that though)

  • Harv 21

    Haven’t seen Zeller play, but seems a shoe-in for Articulate ROY, or maybe Least Likely to Do Something Really Immature.

    Somebody brought this guy up right.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You should check him out tonight on NBA TV if you get that channel… Zeller has been impressive in the summer league so far. Definitely needs to add some muscle, but his overall skillset and basketball IQ has been fun to watch.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    “Bring back Gibson” three words that make me think, “Are you serious?”
    Zeller personifies the mature 4 year college player. Nice to see.
    I’d take Headley but not at a steep price. Really unless the Indians do something dramatic I don’t see much of a point but you never know they might be able to find a minor sort of deal or two that can help.

  • dwhit110

    Yeah, something like the Fukodome deal last year would be nice. Unfortunately I think that may have passed us by when Youklis went to the WhiteSox.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If it is a Fukodome kind of deal I wouldn’t even bother but Youkilis would have been nice. I don’t know why people were down on him he wasn’t done playing I guess they chose to listen to all those media reports. For me Youkilis was a winner and scrappy not to mention he played 3B as well as 1B both positions of need. Of course I like Bobby Abreu way back when noone else seemed to so what do I know.

  • mgbode

    Headley makes more sense because he’s controlled for 2 more years after this one. He could potentially solve the LF slot (or we could shop Chisenhall I guess and try to solve the LF slot that way)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Makes sense I’m sure those extra couple of years are probably more alluring to the Indians rather then the fact he can play two positions. Two positions currently of need. He’d be something for next year but far to little this late IMO.